A Little Bit Of Snow Starts The Week

Good Monday, everyone. This second day of December is featuring another round of light snow and snow showers. With temps at or just above freezing, this is a wet snow that’s really only sticking to grassy and elevated surfaces. As we track what’s out there today, we are also looking ahead to a few other systems on the way.

Let’s begin with today’s light event and roll ahead. The wet snows will be flying early this morning and that may impact the morning commute in some areas. The accumulations are light with this and are showing up in streaks, meaning not everyone gets in on the action. Pockets of an inch or two will show up, with lots of coatings in between and this goes through Tuesday morning.

The day starts with a Winter Weather Advisory for parts of the region and a Winter Storm Warning for the high ground in the far southeast…

As our northwesterly flow kicks in, snow showers and flurries will likely continue through Tuesday morning across central and eastern Kentucky.

Temps are seasonally cold…

Gusty winds make it feel much colder…

A weak system works into the Ohio Valley on Wednesday and may offer a glancing blow of rain and snow to northeastern Kentucky. That will keep the below normal temperatures going through the rest of the week. That’s when a reinforcing shot of cold comes our way to start the weekend. That will be introduced by a system shearing out as it works east, bringing some chilly showers for Friday…

We will also keep an eye on the setup for early next week…

I will have your usual updates later today, so check back. Until then, I leave you with all your light snow tracking toys…





No image available.

Covington area

No image available.


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Bowling Green


Fort Campbell

Mountain Parkway near Slade

Pine Mountain





Mt. Vernon

Make it a great Monday and take care.

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22 Responses to A Little Bit Of Snow Starts The Week

  1. Mike S says:

    Nothing much going on here in Valley Station.
    Changing the subject, for November, Lexington not only failed to reach a top ten coldest status, but November 2018 on average was colder than this November despite crazy cold from an impressive Arctic blast.

  2. Terry says:

    Ugh, despite some thunder and mix last night and 34 degrees with some fine snow now at 5:30AM, still no accumulation in the valley in Harlan other than a haze of slush on the car and decks:(

    Looks like about an inch or a tiny bit more on Pine Mt and not sure about Black. I say we get more this evening after dark from Lake Effect snow showers but most in East KY stay brown except for over 2,000ft today.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Not a single flake in my neighborhood as of 6am, temp still 37 and raining. I thought there might at least be a little on car tops. Northwest flow even weaker than I thought. Not a good sign heading into December. Terry, I hoped you were gonna do well ok this event. Radar looks better in your area. At least you might get to see some snow on hill tops. That’s not even an option in the tri-state.

    • Terry says:

      It is pretty as it is cold enough for all snow and trying to dust my house and car top now but still 34 degrees. I am getting ready for work and can see the white hills. I hope you get some Lake Effect this evening as it will likely be colder then. We may get more in the valleys after dark this evening as it will be colder.

      • Jimbo says:

        Still not a flake in my area and we are running out of moisture and time. It wasn’t to be. A warm pocket of air has sat in place over the tri-state. Temp never fell below 36. Another Northwest flow failure.

  4. Mike S says:

    This is meant to be constructive criticism, but may sound hostile to some, but too much attention was given to this light snow event with multiple model forecast amounts several days out and not a single map for the widespread heavy rain event until the day of the event. I will guarantee you there will be less issues from this minor wintry inconvenience for most than what many experienced from flooded roads and other travel headaches during the first half of the weekend.

  5. Jared from Letcher County says:

    Looking out the window this morning, only the top 500 feet or so of the mountain has any snow accumulation. Seems like the measurable snow only fell at 2000 feet and above, and anything below that had to deal with a warm ground and temperatures above freezing. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if we got some snow on the ground here later this evening/tonight once it cools off here sufficiently.

  6. Schroeder says:

    I’m not giving up on this Winter yet as far as a big time snow event, but it is getting close to “pulling the plug.”

  7. Winterlover says:

    It’s not even officially winter yet and everybody ought to know we usually don’t get big snow events untill January a and February. Just got to hang tight and see what mother nature will bring us. I wouldn’t mind have a white Christmas but odds are always against in our part of the world here in KY

    • Schroeder says:

      I’ve only seen three White Christmas’s in my 68 years living in southwest Indiana. The one that really shines is Christmas 1969. The deepest snowstorm was Christmas 2004 up to two feet fell in two separate storms. In 2008 here in central Kentucky we had one inch of snow on Christmas morning and was melted by afternoon. February is our month for snow, but also it’s the month where the temperatures begin to warm. It is now when it should be snowing with daylight declining. Hopefully training snowstorms like we had back in December 1969.

  8. Mike says:

    Any Dec snow is a bonus. I’ve only seen more then an inch in November once in my 15 years in Richmond Patience…..

  9. Rolo says:

    Too warm what happen to temps crashing bailey

    • BubbaG says:

      That’s almost always the case. Only areas that got snow were higher elevations. This was not as cold as the previous event. Surprised on the forecast and advisory, but not the result.

      • Jeff Hamlin says:

        Better to be safe than sorry. Some would rather spew gibberish towards Chris, though. Oh well.

        • Troy says:

          Chris is a good Met. but he missed the mark this time as did the NWS…..it happens, and that is not gibberish…

          • Mike S says:

            Correction…Chris is a great Met. You know, Brady did not play as well as usual last night. So what. It still doesn’t take away from the fact he’s one of the best QBs to ever play the game. So what if Chris misses one. He’s still one of the best in his game as well.

        • BubbaG says:

          Nope. All mets said same thing and an advisory. Don’t Ham me! 😉

  10. Schroeder says:

    The upper level low over Ohio that brought a brief snow shower to my backyard is now only a fond memory. Back to gloomy skies and damp cold and brown ground. This upper level low is going to phase and snow buckets in the interior Northeast. Is the NAO and the AO in the negative ? It would have to be for this to happen.

  11. SpaceGhost says:

    Back when it used to snow:

    I remember a VW doing donuts under the Ashland bridge (natural selection in action).

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