Snow Showers Kick In

Good evening, everyone. Snow showers and flurries are ramping up just a bit this evening as our northwest wind kicks in. This will lay down some hit and run coatings across central and eastern Kentucky, with some better action in the southeast.

As temps hit freezing or below, watch for a few slick spots on bridges and overpasses.These flakes are likely to continue into Tuesday morning

Southeastern Kentucky continues to be in the Advisory/Warning area.

. Here are your tracking toys…

The late week system continues to look fairly weak, but could spit out a couple of chilly showers on Friday…

That’s a nice shot of cold coming behind that for late Friday into Saturday. Morning lows on Saturday are quite cold…

The next system is set to roll our way by early next week. This is a modified arctic front that may have a wave or two of low pressure along it. A lot of rain is likely from late Sunday into Monday, with the potential for some snow to show up behind it on Tuesday. Here’s what the Euro is seeing…

The Euro temp drop is big time and takes us from near 60 to the teens…

The GFS blows that through here with a bitterly cold air mass invading the country behind it…

Enjoy your evening and take care.

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4 Responses to Snow Showers Kick In

  1. Terry says:

    Well, I just picked up a quick 1/4 inch:) Heavy snow squall in progress here. I hope I get more and temps are freezing now.

    • Andy Rose says:


      • Terry says:

        Sad I know…we nickle and dime to try to reach an inch these days. Add them all together, lol.

        • Jimbo says:

          I didn’t receive a flake at my home. The weekend system looks much like this past weekend, heavy rain then a few flakes if your lucky. Maybe a bit colder for a day or two next week till it warms up to rain again. I am glad you got some accumulation Terry.

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