Saturday Evening Thoughts

Good evening, folks. I wanted to drop by to share the late day runs of the GFS and European Models. Both of those decided to trend closer to what the Canadian was showing earlier as they start to see the wave of low pressure idea a little bit better.

The earlier run of the European Model had little if any snow across Kentucky on Tuesday, but I pointed out how it did not match the Euro Ensembles. Well the very next run of the Euro decided to surpass the Ensembles…

The snow map from that run of the Euro is closer to what the Canadian was showing..

The new average snowfall from the Euro Ensembles is more expansive…

The GFS also decided to deliver a little better shot of snow than it’s last run and is even trying to fire up a separate behind the Tuesday one…

Here’s the snow map from the GFS…

The takeaway from all this is we are seeing the models trending toward a better organized system that’s farther west. Is this a trend that will continue? That’s a question I cannot answer as of now. It will be fun to watch the overnight and Sunday runs to see how they roll.

Could this be our first WST of the season for a part of Kentucky? We shall see.

I’ll have the latest with my next update. Until then, enjoy the evening and take care.

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7 Responses to Saturday Evening Thoughts

  1. Rolo says:

    Saw u on weather channel talking bout the tornados and there will be a 4 inch snowfall in AE Ky Wathreat for sure bailey bou

  2. Terry says:

    A little more west and SE KY is out of play as usual. We shall see what happens with the snow but I am not happy with how warm it looks just two days after this brief snow and cold shot. Bummer!

  3. Magda says:

    Another system that’s going to miss northern Kentucky. I swear it’s always just a little too north or just a little too south. I feel like winter cheats us all the time. My husband is Canadian and misses snow!

  4. Jenn says:

    Do these storms do a north west trend?

  5. Mike S says:

    Still not a good teleconnection favoring a significant winter storm. AO, NAO, EPO not in. If this is not going to be a big deal for most, can we focus on heavy rain threat as well? That looks like more of a given for most than a couple of inches snow, unless you live in the higher elevations.

  6. Jimmie says:

    Let’s hope that ice storm that GFS is predicting for North Carolina doesn’t do the ole northwest shift thing and wind up in Kentucky…

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