Watching Several Systems Ahead

Good Thursday, folks. It’s a good looking day taking shape, but some big changes are on the way starting tomorrow. That’s when the first of several systems rolls into the region. Each of these systems will have a winter weather component to them, but the late Sunday-Monday system appears to be the one to watch.

Let’s begin with system number one moving in from the south late tonight and Friday morning. Temps will be near the freezing mark Friday morning so this could cause some areas of freezing rain to develop, especially in the colder valleys.

Chilly showers take over from there across central and eastern Kentucky during the afternoon and evening. That system moves away by Saturday morning, but another system dives in from the northwest with rain and the potential for a little snow.

The NAM is showing a little better snow chance than most…

Meh, we shall see about that.

Colder air comes in behind this, setting the stage for our next system set to impact our weather from late Sunday through early Tuesday. All modes of precipitation are on the table for Kentucky. I’ve said that for days now, but the only thing some folks will take from that is the word snow. Yes, snow is possible as it is a mode,but I don’t think that’s the sole precip type.

The European continues to show this setup well…

This is like a low that runs toward West Virginia and may even trend a bit south as the models pick up on some blocking.

The Canadian Model is similar to the Euro, but a bit north…

The GFS continues to be the GFS  with the low going to the Great Lakes…

Again, that’s not a likely scenario as of now.

I will have your usual updates later today. Have a good one and take care.

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12 Responses to Watching Several Systems Ahead

  1. SouthernWVaWildcat says:

    It’s the flood threat that concerns me more than the snow right now. I know most everyone here focuses on snow, but it’s usually flooding here that causes the most damage and destruction, and we have been waterlogged since the beginning of October, and with two more 1+ inch rainstorms predicted through Tuesday, on an already soaked ground, we had better watch the next week very closely. We would be in big time trouble if it weren’t for a bone dry August and most of September.

    • Terry says:

      Same in SE KY. We are okay right now as we were the driest of region from July through September but starting to get saturated again. We have had several inches of rain recently since the second half of November. I am closing in on 60 inches for the year-to-date. At least, I am not nearing 70 inches at this time like last year, LOL

      • Jimbo says:

        Just rain for the foreseeable future. Looks like another brown Christmas around here. I think the last white Christmas for me was 2010. I think the historic average for my area is about 3 in 10 years.

  2. Jim B says:

    Rain, rain, rain…..trends, trends, trends haha

  3. Andy Rose says:

    Looks like rain to me not snow

  4. Jason says:


  5. Terry says:

    If we could have only cooled this month down by about 10 degrees on average from what we have had and look to keep having temp wise but keep the same amount of precipitation, it could have been an epic December:)

    Looks like almost all rain only in the south, even if the EURO works out. Best chance of accumulation of snow and mixed precipitation with a west/east set-up will be north of the river but far northern KY above I-64 could get a good mess out of this and is worth watching!

  6. Bjenks says:

    Wow! The comments section is so predictable over the past few years especially. We all know the models will change over the next few days, and yes we may get all rain, but what are we to do. Besides that any snow we get here in December is bonus snow. Typically here in Louisville we get most of our winter average (12.2 inches) Jan-March. So quit model watching a week out and just let Mother Nature do her thing. For all you snow lovers out there, we will get our snow, as we are way overdue for an old skool thumping, but as for now just expect rain and there will be no disappointment. Thanks CB and I hope everyone has a great day.

  7. Schroeder says:

    I’m sorry Debbie for calling you out. I don’t know what got into me for lashing out like that. Could be the full Moon, which is beautiful this morning, but I think the real reason is that we miss the snow Tuesday which always upsets me. Your right I am an ” armchair meteorologist ” that just likes snowstorms and that’s it. Prelude, you are right about me too, however I don’t have multiple personalities lol, but I do take medication for anxiety disorders. Hope we can continue to talk back and forth as I enjoy reading everyone’s comments and I appreciate both of yours. You two have a great day and everyone else. Signed by a former Hoosier. PS : I hope we all have a foot of snow on Christmas Day.

  8. Mr.Peabody says:

    Please Mr.Bailey if you get your site back and do some redesigning please add a ignore button.All this kiddie stuff is giving Sherman a headache.He needs to concentrate on the weather patterns and predict our best chance for our next snowfall like he did the last one.Update on the pattern.Sherman believes we may start warming up going into Christmas.We may get a -Nao/-Ao but the pacific may not cooperate.A hostile pacific will reek havoc on a good pattern.

  9. Schroeder says:

    Use the ” Way Back Machine ” LOL

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