Breaking Down The Weekend Action

Good Friday, folks. We’ve made it to the end of the week and our weather pattern is getting a little active. We have three different systems working into the region between now and Monday. These will bring quite the spread in weather with all modes of precipitation possible at one time or another across the region.

A touch of freezing rain is possible early this morning across the colder valleys of eastern Kentucky. It doesn’t take much of a glaze to cause slick travel, so keep that in mind this morning.

Temps will rise as the day wears on with showers giving way to steady rains across central and eastern Kentucky later this afternoon into the evening. That will continue into tonight as low pressure wraps up just to our east. There’s the chance for a period of wet snow to develop across areas of central and eastern Kentucky by early Saturday. The NAM keeps seeing a little something…

That action slowly clears the region, but a few rain or snow showers may continue to show up through Saturday evening.

The next system finds the GFS coming south with this system and becoming weaker. This run certainly makes more sense…

The Euro is similar to prior runs, but is just a touch stronger with the low…

That’s like a function of the model holding more energy back. This should trend weaker and farther south again.

The air behind this is showing up colder and colder, especially on the GFS. Check out the lows by Wednesday…

Wind chills at the same time…

We will see how all this plays out, but we are still likely to see a system with all modes of precipitation Sunday into Monday. The best threat for accumulating snow appears to be across the northern half of the state, particularly along and north of the Interstate 64 corridor.

I will have updates later today. For now, I have you set with some early day weather trackers…

Pine Mountain

Mt. Vernon



Mountain Parkway near Slade


WYMT-TV Hazard

WYMT – Stone Crest Golf Course Prestonsburg

Enjoy your day and take care.

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27 Responses to Breaking Down The Weekend Action

  1. Which Way is the Wind Blowing says:

    Cold rain is coming to your town.

    • BubbaG says:

      Seems a done deal. Cold air and precipitation doesn’t want to get together over Kentucky long enough to get er’ duuuuuun.

      Not seeing any outlook that even suggests any frozen accumulative rendezvous in the next few weeks. Cherry picking for false hope, or cold rain reality……. The former is more fun 😉

  2. Jim B says:

    Trends, not gonna change. Prepare for another soggy winter folks… it’s as simple as A B C, or in this case T-R-E-N-D-S haha

  3. Terry says:

    I am glad I got to cash in on a few inches of snow while I did. The high elevations still had some yesterday but my ground is bare again and looks to stay that way for a while to come. The rain today will eat away at the leftover snow in the high mountains. A lot of rain coming, especially for SE KY. I am glad, however, it was a lot milder than it could have been this morning. I have 40 with plain showers and no ice!

  4. BengalFan says:

    I still remember when I was young and wanted to listen to mom and dad‘s record player. I had my favorite record that I love to listen to and it played for a little bit and then of course got to the best part where I wanted to hear and it skipped skip skip skip. I eventually had to get up and turn the Record player off. The broken record got pretty old.

    It wasn’t the record players fault it was the record. So I’m telling you now it’s not Chris’s fault it’s this awful weather that we seem to be stuck in. Of course the record I want to hear is snowy and cold. But I guess if you like the record that’s plays cold rain…enjoy

  5. Russell says:

    RIP winter. At least for WKY. Rain train takes over again.

    • Jeff Hamlin says:

      It’s not even winter yet. 😉

      • Schroeder says:

        Yes Jeff you are right, Winter is not here if you are on the Sun’s clock. For me December first is the start of Meteorological Winter, and so far it sucks. Seems like we are in an early Spring pattern. Maybe we will have a heavy wet snowstorm for Christmas like the ones we have in March. I’ll take it !

      • Russell says:

        You’re right Jeff but this sure feels like a replay from this past winter. I’ll try to deal with it better this time around but no promises;-)

  6. Winterlover says:

    One of these days. Lol

  7. Bjenks says:

    Is it winter? I thought It started Dec 22nd and ran through March. Bengal Fan, it is not the weather that is a broken record, it is the comments section. Same ole, same ole, every year. Hear comes the rain train, winters over, it never snows here in (insert part of Ky lived in), trends, a week out storm that doesn’t deliver. Most of you act like Kentucky receives 50 inches of snow a season and that it never snows anymore. An average of 4.1 inches a month for Louisville and we actually get most of that Mid January to Mid Feb. Hang in there peeps and give winter a chance. We are so overdue and if not this year, oh well, it is not the end of the world and if your that upset about it move North. Thanks Chris for all your hard work.

    • Troy says:

      You’re completely right and I’m guilty as well. However, my feeling is that most here are lashing out aren’t doing so strictly because of the lack of snow, but because they are sick of their yards being inundated with mud. Rain 3-5 days every week gets extremely old.

      • Terry says:

        We lucked up at least. Two small, but pretty snows this early is better than the past few years in our counties. The rain, however, is another story. We are “drier” than last year but still above climatological average by a good 10 inches over the past several decades of data for an annual average anyways. I should crake the 60 inch mark by next week on my year-to-date precip total!

      • WM says:

        Exactly, it’s the cold rain every few days that I hate. My farm is nothing but mud, just like last winter.

    • LOU snowlover says:


    • Schroeder says:

      Yes we want snow and we want it now ! A month ago I had two inches of wet snow on the ground, and it was my birthday. First time in 68 years. That tells me that November is not usually snowy in Kentucky.

  8. Schroeder says:

    Looking at lots of weather models and maps and believe me there are many. The Arctic along with most of North America has been in the control of a huge Anticyclonic system that extends from the North Pole region into the Gulf of Mexico. In Siberia there is the presents of a huge blocking Cyclonic system and as well just to the east / northeast of Greenland. These two systems ( Cyclonic ) have been holding the Anticyclonic system over the entire North American continent for the past month preventing Arctic air moving south into the lower forty eight. It has resulted in a build up of some of the coldest air that I have seen in years in the north / northeast in the Arctic and Siberia. Temperatures of -50’s to -65 degrees are common in both regions. Will this very frigid Arctic air finally make it’s way south this Winter is dependent on the Arctic Oscillation becoming weaker and the westerly aloft subsiding. If the Arctic air comes into our region will there be a positive Subtropical jet to make training snowstorms in the Ohio Valley and southeast or will it just result in Alberta Clipper systems on a regular bases, or it may just bring cold waves without any snowstorms except on the lee side of the Great Lakes and eastern West Virginia mountains, or Nor’easters. The above is just one weather scenario why are Winters are the way they have been since 1976-78 in my opinion.

    • winterlover says:

      Good observations Schroedor!!

      • Schroeder says:

        Thanks Winter lover for reading my observation on why our Winters are not what they use to be. One theory out there, is that in the Autumn of 1976 the Earth tilt was a little,( very little and not noticeable) a fraction closer to the Sun ( southern hemisphere ) and caused the very severe Winters from 1976-78 in the northern hemisphere. Weather is all dependent on our day time star the Sun and of course the tilt of the Earth.

    • LOU snowlover says:

      Interesting info. Thanks for sharing!

  9. WestKyGuy says:

    Chris, you need to set up an account with Sucuri.
    They will monitor your website for malicious software and wiould prevent your site from future attacks.
    It does have a fee however but you would have the peace of mind knowing your visitors are safe from malware and attacks.
    Anyways thanks for all your blog work, it is VERY much appreciated.
    BTW, Western Ky is waiting for some snow if you get a chance!!

    • Schroeder says:

      I just been X ing that garbage out and Chris’s blog site is fine from where I’m at. Of course I have an old lap top computer.

  10. Mr.Peabody says:

    Had some hope for something around the 22nd.Unfortunately looks to be dwindling.Pacific looks to flood us with warm air.Could change but doubt it.We’re about to enter our climatology in a few weeks so hopefully the cold will return with an active STJ like currently.In the meantime we wait.After all that’s what it is in KY with winter,a waiting game.Hope everyone has a merry Christmas.

    • Schroeder says:

      Merry Christmas to you too Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Take care of the ” Way Back Machine ” We all may want to go back to January 1977 if this Winter doesn’t play well for snowstorms. LOL

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