Sunday Evening Trackers

Good evening, everyone. Snow is coming down across areas of northern Kentucky and it’s leading to slick travel conditions. This action increases this evening into the wee hours of the morning. Once we get past this, we focus on a flood threat and the likelihood of some wraparound snow moving back in Monday night and Tuesday.

For more than a week, we have targeted this as an Ohio Valley winter storm and the OV is right in the crosshairs of this storm. Everything from a Winter Storm Warning to a Flood Watch is out…

You can see the Flood Watch out for much of Kentucky as rainfall averages 1″-3″ in that area, with locally higher amounts.

I’m surprised areas of Indiana and Ohio aren’t under a Winter Storm Warning. I’m also wondering if we may also get a few more counties added to the Advisory in the north…

I will have updates as needed this evening, so check back.

Here are your winter weather tracking toys for the evening…

Covington area

No image available.


No image available.

Interstate 71 in Gallatin County



No image available.

No image available.





Make it a great rest of your evening and take care.

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13 Responses to Sunday Evening Trackers

  1. feederband says:

    Sleeting to beat the band in LouMetro at this hour.

  2. Prelude says:

    About 5 minutes worth of flurries in Louisville. Now it’s a rain/sleet mix give it another 5 minutes and it all be rain. The end

  3. Terry says:

    Looks like Jimbo and Marva’s area still can’t cash in on the quick snow before rain setup as the band set up just north of the Tri Region. Anyways, I would rather be all rain in this type of setup as I hate worse than anything to receive snow first and watch rain eat it away, bummer:(

    I bet there will be some flooding but, thankfully, none of SE KY is as saturated (yet) as it was back in February!

    • TennMark says:

      I’ve been reading about the epic January 1937 Flood which was mainly along the Ohio River, but also well north and south of the Ohio. Wow, I didn’t have a full grasp that such severe flooding could happen so far north in winter. Severe weather/tornado outbreaks in January, yes. Extreme flooding in January, no.

      Anyway, with the way things have been going the last few years, watch us have an unexpected but nice White Christmas in about a week in a half. However, my little girl will be a little too young to appreciate it. Then when the next White Christmas happens, my daughter will have gone off to college somewhere deep down South 🙂 .

    • Jimbo says:

      As I said last night, this is a nonevent for my area for frozen precipitation. I estimated about 1% of the precipitation would be be snow/mix. I estimated too high, it began as rain.

  4. TennMark says:

    Weather in these parts sure ain’t boring 😉 .

    A few lightning strikes were recorded in southern Indiana this evening. Apparently thundersnow!

    Tomorrow could have lightning as well, but not from snow but t-storms in KY and TN, perhaps isolated severe storms the further south one is. Not wide spread severe weather, just occasional damaging straight line winds and maybe a twister or two. But as Mr Bailey touched on, watch out for life threatening flooding.

  5. Mark says:

    Probably no warning in IN and OH because it isn’t warranted? Advisories are suffice. This isn’t a crippling winter storm, by any stretch.

    And certainly no need for a flood watch across northern and western KY as most locations here are below normal on precipitation thus far this month (it’s only the southeast parts of the state that are wetter than normal and run a flood risk).

    Let’s keep this “winter storm” in the proper perspective.

    • Andy Rose says:


      • Mark says:

        There could be a small stripe of snowfall across central IN that approaches warning criteria by late tomorrow (with round two), but as a whole, this system isn’t going to produce widespread warning criteria snows for the folks to the north.

        • Mark says:

          New NAM and GFS really crank up the snow totals from St. Louis to Indianapolis tomorrow with wave two. If those totals verify, then it certainly will be warning criteria snow for those areas. Always fascinating to watch the evolution of these systems!

  6. Chris says:

    The radar is looking rather unremarkable right now, regardless of precipitation type. I’m guessing as a layman that the Low will bring more moisture with it at some point.

  7. Mark says:

    Let’s hope the extended is wrong with temperatures approaching 60 degrees on Christmas Eve. We might need a Christmas miracle to salvage this December.

  8. BubbaG says:

    Cold rain for all but the Cincy media market. Slick travel in the morning to work, or cold rain. I choose rain….. as if there is a choice.

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