New Year’s Eve Update

Good evening and Happy New Year! With 2020 fast approaching, I figured I would drop by for one final update of the decade. That update is on, of course, rain. As we wrap up the wettest decade on record, the next decade is picking up right where this one leaves off.

Heavy rain and some thunder will roll across the state from Thursday through early Saturday. With our ground saturated and many rivers still in flood, additional flooding is likely to occur. Here’s my early look at the rainfall potential…

This is backed up by the new European Model…

The ICON is also on board…

The American Models are still too disjointed with the setup.

The rain will end as snow Saturday afternoon into Saturday night. The Euro has better wrap around snows showing up with this setup…

The system early next week is still on the table and the Euro is correcting farther south and east with it…

Here’s hoping you have a great and safe start to the new year! Take care.

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4 Responses to New Year’s Eve Update

  1. Cindy says:

    Have a happy and Blessed New Year, Chris! Thanks for all you do for us weather weenies!!!

  2. Terry says:

    Annual Totals And Comparison to 2018:

    2019 Annual Total: 61.07 in
    2018 Annual Total: 70.05 in; 8.98 in less this year

    2019 December Total: 5.25 in
    2018 December Total: 7.67 in; 2.42 in less this year

    ***I was actually AHEAD of 2018 year-to-date until early August when I started to slip behind. If not for the 10 week period of way below average precip, I could have tied or beaten 2018 for wettest year for my records in Harlan***

    Supposedly, the average annual precip is 48 inches for Harlan. Most all years in both the 2000 and 2010s decade have been WAY ABOVE this amount with many at or above 60 inches!

    Snowfall Seasonal Totals:

    2018/2019 Season: 3.25 in, worst ever for my measurements with 2017 and 2012 close to this amount but still a bit higher

    2019/2020 season-to-date: 3.50 in, most of this was the event a few weeks ago.

    So far, this season stinks areawide but I did BARELY already beat out last season, so I want fully give up until March myself.

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