Rounds Of Rain Roll On

Good Friday, folks. It’s another soaker of a day taking shape as we continue to watch the potential for local high water issues across the south and southeast. The rain rolls into Saturday, but looks to change to snow before the day is finished. Does this mean we are locking into a winter pattern? Not so fast, my friend.

Let’s begin with today and roll it forward. Temps will be in the 50s as rounds of rain continue. Many areas are already over an inch of rain and another inch or two will fall through tonight across the far south and southeast. If you live in a low-lying or flood prone area, keep a close eye on water levels.

I’ll have all your tracking toys in a bit.

Rain will be with us early on Saturday, but cold air crashes in behind the departing storm system and changes the rain to wet snow…

Some light accumulations will be possible on grassy and elevated surfaces.

Another system will follow that up from Monday night through Tuesday night. The track of this system will be the determining factor on rain or snow where you live…

The dominant pattern through the middle of January is a trough in the west and a ridge in the eastern part of the country. Throw in an active storm track and precipitation is likely well above normal around here…

Given our wet ground and swollen waterways, additional high water issues may develop.

I will have updates later in the day, so y’all come back. Until then, here are your tracking toys for the day…

Have a great Friday and take care.

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13 Responses to Rounds Of Rain Roll On

  1. Ricvice says:

    As well as the Temperatures. All aboard for the January rain train!

  2. Marsha says:

    What happen to the we are settling into a winter pattern guess not

    • Jim B says:

      Listen to ol Jim B, don’t fall for that, there is no winter pattern haha..well, there is a pattern alright, and it is Winter Season haha

      • Terry says:

        50 shades of rain, lol! 🙂 🙂

      • Prelude says:

        Marsha, it’s been a pretty rough start for CB this winter season. Old man winter is refusing to show up doing a complete number on CB’s annual winter forecast.

        • Terry says:

          If he gets February correct with mild and increased severe storm threat, this winter is dead! Hopefully and no offense to Chris, February ends up wrong on his forecast as we get a dab of back loaded winter. As of right now, there is nothing to indicate this will happen, however, and Chris may get February right in his forecast.

        • BubbaG says:

          Three years in a row! I don’t cast stones though since FWIW, I agreed with last year. Made sense and seemed good.

  3. Terry says:

    Well, you didn’t really comment on the temps for January?! The precip, I have been yapping for weeks now since late December. I saw this ugly month coming 🙁 I myself predict a top 5 warmest by month’s end. Of course, this will depend on if we can catch any late month warm break to knock the average down.

    As far as this current system, the precip seems overall much farther west than most of the models predicted, and much lighter overall. I think south central KY will end up with more rain than SE KY as it hasn’t done near as much here as to my west, so far. Not reached one inch in Harlan yet.

  4. Andy Rose says:

    1.18 so far at my location and it looks like we are fixing to get a break maybe the NWS knows what they are doing after all.

    • Terry says:

      GFS looks to be the best model on this system afterall, even though it sort of caved towards the Canadian and EURO early yesterday. Looks like NWS did pretty good and I am willing to admit that I was wrong in thinking it would be a lot of rain.

      Only 0.85 in Harlan with the highest totals, still under 2 inches, right in south central KY.

      • Troy says:

        Still under an inch in Middlesboro as well. Radar last night looked as though the heavy rains stayed well south of the TN/KY border

  5. BubbaG says:

    Looking like winter threat modes will probably be Wet Threats this winter. When the cold air is finally unleashed from the home of Bryan Adams and Rush, it will push the precipitation out of the way like a big bully.

  6. BengalFan says:

    One weather term that has been thrown around that actually gets on my nerves is “blocking”. The reason my Bengals won only 2 games this year was NO blocking. The reason UK football was real good at running the ball even when every team knew they where going to, good blocking!
    And the dominant pattern has been the same for the past 2 winters!

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