Friday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s another super soaker of a day across the region as we continue to monitor areas of southern and southeastern Kentucky for local high water issues. By the time we get into Saturday, the focus is on rain changing to snow. The system behind that as an interesting look for Tuesday.

You know the drill with today’s weather. Much of our southern counties have picked up 1″-2″ of rain and this is an areas likely to get another 1″ or more of rain through the rest of today…

Wraparound snow develops behind this departing system on Saturday. Getting any kind of accumulation will be a titanic struggle, but the models suggest the chance for some slush building up…



The mountains of southeastern Kentucky have the best chance at picking up on a light snowfall Saturday night.

Our next system moves in here by Monday night and Tuesday, bringing a swath of snow and some rain…



Here are your tracking toys to get you through this soaker of a Friday…

Have a great afternoon and take care.

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10 Responses to Friday Afternoon Update

  1. Mike S says:

    Something you won’t read what CB will say here, or possibly hear from him on any other media is that most NWS observations in Kentucky finished December in a top ten warmest category…Lexington, Bowling Green, Frankfort, Jackson, London, and Paducah. Louisville and Covington did not make the list.
    In addition, temperatures for December were higher than November’s. Paducah, Covington. In fact, locations in central Kentucky were some 1-2 degrees warmer than November’s readings. Then, Jackson and London.

  2. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Any signs of sustained cold anytime soon? Ned has temps for my area headed back up by late next week, not that they will be anything less than seasonable before then.

  3. Jim B says:

    Bigger swath of rain and a little wet snow to be more accurate…..trends

  4. Terry says:

    Finally getting some heavy rain Harlan. I might make it to two inches but barely crossed the 1 inch mark, so far.

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