Monday Evening Thoughts

Good evening, folks. It’s a pretty wild setup we have over the next week or so and it’s kicking off with a light snow maker for some. Beyond that, the setup for late this week into the weekend is looking a little crazy with flooding rains, strong storms and high winds.

Let’s start with the light snow maker. A Winter Weather Advisory is out for a number of counties into early Tuesday…

There’s only a narrow window for some sticking snow with anywhere from a coating to 2″ showing up in a narrow corridor. The models differ on where this is…



Hi Res NAM


The setup from late this week through early next week is likely to feature a ton of rain around here. It may even produce high winds and strong storms.

I made this map a few days ago to highlight the potential…

The Hazards Outlook from the Weather Prediction Center is similar and shows the different systems and threats…

You can see the initiatl storm producing heavy rain all the way through the northeast, with the next system producing heavy rain around here early next week. You will also notice the severe threat just to our south. The SPC has areas just to our south on alert for Saturday…

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that severe risk all the way into the lower Ohio Valley Saturday into Saturday night.

High winds are likely to be a big player. Check out the highest gusts from the various models…



This is a potent storm system that may cause all kinds of issues in our region. From flooding to severe storms and high winds… We may have it. Areas of central and eastern Kentucky may also be near record highs on Saturday.

The next system will need to be watched for Monday and Tuesday.

I will have another update later tonight, so check back. Have a good one and take care.

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5 Responses to Monday Evening Thoughts

  1. Terry says:

    Harlan is somehow in the Advisory but no model support 🙁

    Chris didn’t even give a final call either. What a lousy storm for a lousy winter, lol

  2. Jimbo says:

    My local forecast has me at 75 on Saturday. An 80 might not be out of the question if there is any sunshine. Kinda fits the general trend the last 3 years.

  3. Andy Rose says:

    Spits of snow in Knox county atm

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