Sunday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a much cooler and calmer day in the bluegrass state as lots of people get out and clean up after Saturday’s high winds and severe storms. The damage is pretty extensive, but these things happen when it’s warm in the winter. Can we change that up going forward? Yep.

We know today and Monday and calm, but a southern storm system will throw some showers and storms into southern and southeastern Kentucky Monday night and Tuesday. There’s even a low-end risk for strong to severe storms. Here’s the Tuesday Severe Weather Outlook from the SPC…

You can see the storms showing up on the Hi Res NAM…

A cold front moves in Wednesday, bringing more in the way of a few showers and storms to the entire region. Colder air comes in behind this for Thursday, but the system right behind this looks pretty potent for Saturday…

Temps will spike ahead of the front and we could even be talking about strong storms again. Oh yeah… high winds may also become an issue…

A much colder pattern follows this up and the GFS Ensembles continue to show well below normal temps…

I won’t have an update this evening as I need to recharge the batteries a bit during a three day weekend for your friendly weatherdude.

I’ll see you guys later tonight. Have a good one and take care.

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18 Responses to Sunday Afternoon Update

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Despite the boohooing of naysayers, winter is not over by any means.

    • Rodger in Dodger says:

      Hope you’re right. Haven’t had winter in Rodger’s backyard since mid-November. Rodger in Dodger

    • feederband says:

      Agree but just hope it’s brief. Could be a very cold winter period coming up.

    • Jimbo says:

      This is true. However something (Winter) has to start first before it can be over.

      • Terry says:

        LOL…Back to what I said days ago, we have those of us who feel cheated out of winter, and we complain. Then you have those who are tired of us complaining, and they complain, yet more complaints.

    • Prelude says:

      Yeah ok keep the faith! Winter is always a week away. That saying is worn out.

      • Jeff Hamlin says:

        Mindless complaints are the real worn out statements.

        • BengalFan says:

          I wouldn’t call it mindless. Many people put a lot of thought in their complaints!!!
          I seriously have a question. If most glaciers around the world are melting, year after year temp seems to be getting warmer on a yearly basis….then why are we surprised that our part of the world winter weather is warmer and wetter???
          I guess I’m not happy about it, but nothing I can do about the weather!!

          • Winterlover says:

            And yet no coastal cities are under water like they have predicted it 30 years ago. This type of winter that we have last year and now is nothing new we have experience this before and will so again it all comes in cycles. From 2010 through 2018 we experience some snow and cold that’s call winter.

            • Bob says:

              Stop it, they never said coastal cities would be underwater. Global climate change is real. Might as well deny the earth is round.

    • Jim B says:

      Nope, the winter season isn’t over, just the winter type weather is over, or never really started….. new norm

  2. Russell says:

    Hope you’re right Jeff!

  3. AC says:

    I’ve also seen spring in winter and winter in spring. Sometimes in the same year.

  4. Terry says:

    WPC is now showing 3 to 4 inches of rain in East TN and Western NC from this east to west disturbance for Tuesday. I bet we get a decent soaking in SE KY, if we get any training t-storms that is.

  5. Mike S says:

    Two confirmed EF-1 tornadoes in Christian County in western Kentucky.
    Straight line winds approximately 80 mph overturned mobile home in Madison county, courtesy of NWS Paducah and Louisville.

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