Tuesday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. Pesky snow showers and flurries are STILL going across parts of the region. This action is winding down as our temps slowly recover over the next few days. From there, we turn our attention toward a storm system moving in late this week into the coming weekend.

Let’s begin with the remaining flakes. These are putting down some hit and run light accumulations, even coating a few roads. This slowly tapers off this afternoon across the southeast…

Temps for the afternoon will range from the upper 20s to the middle 30s. Lows later tonight drop back into the upper teens and low 20s but recover nicely on Wednesday.

Clouds increase on Wednesday as we gear up for our slow-moving storm system. Those clouds will continue to thicken on Thursday with rain and a possible light mix arriving Thursday night. This will be ahead of the lead low that works right on top of us and into the Ohio Valley. As this weakens, the main low develops to our east and then works north. As that happens a slow-moving upper low spins over us.

The end result may go like this:

Thursday Night: Rain arrives from the west, but this could begin as a brief mix of wintry precipitation. That’s especially the case across the north.

Friday: Rain is likely with winds that should be rather gusty.

Friday Night: This is still mainly a rain event.

Saturday: Rain mixes with some snow with the potential for a switch to wet snow at some point.

Saturday Night\Sunday: This is our best chance for some snow as colder air comes in behind the low to our east. Any potential accumulations continue to look light, but will depend on how strong that northwest flow is.

Here are the midday model trends…



I will have another update this evening. Until then, make it a good one and take care.

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12 Responses to Tuesday Afternoon Update

  1. Schroeder says:

    Looks like something to tract. Hopefully, maybe a heavy wet snow event for eastern Kentucky ?

  2. Virgil E says:


  3. Jimbo says:

    I suppose somebody in the area might see another dreaded backside backside flurry.

    • Terry says:

      This type of setup this weekend can deliver a good wet snow for the high elevations like Black/Pine Mt. Unfortunately, so few people live above 3,000ft and those elevations are only in Bell through Pike Co on east into VA/WVA. I could predict a 6 inch snow event this weekend way up there and likely in WVA mts too but us valley people may see next to nothing due to those dang warm temps! I hope some miracle 1987 event saves this three year snow drought but before April.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a rare cut-off low hammer KY/TN/VA/WVA again like that system did 33 years ago but in February or very early March before spring?

  4. Cold-Rain says:

    Ah yes the ole cold chasing rain scenarios..Man I hope next winter is a full blown La Niña..Need something to shake things up..My thinking is the waters in the pacific is just to warm and needs to change..We may drought in a strong La Niña but who knows as wacky as weather has become..

    • Mike S says:

      Go easy on the terminology. Real drought, old school measure, won’t show up here until we have at least 5 months of little to no rainfall, because I’m sure we will still be moist by the official reading if we received no rain through April.

  5. Terry says:

    I ended up with two Trace amounts for Jan 20th and 21st. I couldn’t officially measure 1/10th or more on either day but did write down a trace amount for each day. This weekend has that high elevation look where only a tiny few above 3,000ft may get a decent hit but us valley folks may not see accumulation or do get a little only. Hopefully, we all see a little but I really could see the highest peaks getting up to 6 inches out of this…. If it happens, I will have to use my binoculars and look up, LOL.

  6. Troy says:

    We all know the song and dance of the models….by the time the weekend gets here there likely wont even be flurries. Haven said that, I still wont say “winter is over” or “winter is AWOL”, etc., etc……my thermometer simply does not agree with that rubbish.

  7. Putz says:

    To the snow lovers, Hang on tight, It’s going to change for the end of the month and Feb.. This will happen slowly but a couple storms down the road look a bit interesting.. Stay tuned.!

  8. Russell says:

    I stand by it. RIP until we get a real snow.

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