Saturday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a very blustery day in the bluegrass state with a few passing flakes. As we head into the evening, we will see a little uptick in the flurries and snow showers, with the greatest potential in the north. After this, we have to more systems potentially impacting our weather in the coming days.

Temps are generally in the 30s with wind chills in the 20s through the rest of the day. As mentioned, some hit and run snow showers will be noted this evening…

A few morning flurries are possible Sunday, then we may catch a small amount of clearing. Following that, a weak system moves in late Sunday into early Monday. This can bring a little light rain and a touch of light snow with it. The greatest chance is across the southern half of the state…

The Wednesday system also looks fairly weak and may only impact areas of southern Kentucky. The Canadian likes a stronger system farther north, though…

The EURO does not agree…

The GFS is more of a middle ground solution between the two…

A larger system tries to come out of the Gulf of Mexico late next week into the weekend. Where this goes remains to be seen, but it’s part of a very active storm track which you can see on the EURO into the start of February…

Enjoy the rest of your day and take care.

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11 Responses to Saturday Afternoon Update

  1. Rodger in Dodger says:

    Maybe the worm is turning. We can hope so, snow fans! Rodger in Dodger

  2. Which Way is the Wind Blowing says:

    The Euro track is perfect right now regarding the upcoming storm for next weekend.
    Because we know that storm is going to shift northwest.
    Hopefully not to far northwest. (fingers crossed)

    • Jimbo says:

      Definitively need a little more northwest movement and a little more cold would help out. That’s a perfect track for a decent storm for us. Might be the only chance we get. Hope it comes a little more west and doesn’t disappear.

      • Terry says:

        Other than some small hope with signs of changing teleconnections for February, bigger hope in my opinion is seeing a low coming from the Gulf running east of us instead of the Pacific lows running hundreds of miles NW of us. I hope this is the first of many chances for App Runners and a change from this horrendous West to Great Lakes tracking storms 🙂

    • SkiWi says:

      I think the model is seeing a double barrel low pressure storm? A low to the east and a weaker one on the Ohio River. That always kills the snow chances.

  3. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris, I keep looking out my hospital room window hoping to see a few flakes. Finally going jexaftec165 days in the hospital. If Croat next weekend system should turn into something good it would be a good homecoming present’.
    Fellow snow loves, handguns on there. There may be hope doe is. Yet! Have a great ecening’

    • Scully says:

      Coffee lady, so sorry u have been in the hospital! Hope u r getting well. Maybe the good Lord will give u some snow as a homecoming present when u get loose from the hospital!!

      • Prelude says:

        Good grief!!! Coffeelady you’ve been in the hospital for 165 days!?! That would be if my math is correct and it probably isn’t, late July? Either way that’s way way way too long. I hope you get all the snow that one could handle and then some you definitely by far deserve it. Keep getting better thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  4. Coffeelady says:

    Apologies for the mixspelled words. Means hang in there. Isn’t predictive text fun?

  5. retro fetch says:

    Coffeelady! So good to see your writings. Your kindness and good spirit have always been an inspiration to me. I am praying for you!

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