Tracking A Blast Of Winter

Good Friday, everyone. Old Man Winter FINALLY makes a return visit to the bluegrass state in what is our most widespread snowfall since early November. And guess what? He throws a little more snow at us on Saturday. What in the wide world of weather is going on around here? 🙂

A Winter Weather Advisory is out for most of the region to start the day…

Here’s a quick update before we get your tracking toys:

  • A healthy swath of snow will be with us this morning across much of central and eastern Kentucky.
  • Snowfall totals are lighter in the west and heavier in the east. Areas of central and eastern parts of the state fall within the 1″ and 4″ range.
  • There’s the potential for a few areas to overachieve.
  • By afternoon, light snows taper to snow showers and flurries.
  • Travel will be rather messy this morning with some black ice under any snow that falls.
  • Another light snow maker will roll in here early Saturday and should be able to drop some additional light accumulations.

I will have updates later today so check back. Until then, I have you all set to do some Friday snow tracking…

Bowling Green



No image available.

No image available.


Covington area


No image available.






Mt. Vernon


Mountain Parkway near Slade

Have a great day and take care.

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23 Responses to Tracking A Blast Of Winter

  1. Virgil E says:

    2-2.5 inches fell in Richmond by 4AM when I got up this morning.

  2. Terry says:

    I got a dab in Harlan…will measure in a little while but looks to be about 1/2 inch, some not on the ground evenly due to water/temps. It was too warm and took to long here to cool down but still some snow showers to come. 🙂

    I hope Jimbo (radar looks great) and Debbie plus others got more than I did up north from me 🙂

  3. Bjenks says:

    Meh!!! 1/2 inch on deck rail here in Schnitzelburg in Louisville. Dis use little salt.

  4. Terry says:

    I don’t care what anyone says or thinks of this comment, but I still think the biggest snow for my location and maybe many on here will come this year between Feb 15th and Mar 15th. I know, it may not happen at all, but there are still subtle hints of a pattern change and those dang wolly worms had some black in their tail ends 😛

    Jimbo, I think you are now ahead of me on this season and hope to here from you later today. I will give my measurement later but I think I stay under 1 inch on this one as it took too long down here to change from rain to snow and actually got less precip FOR A CHANGE. Still, I will be into the 4 inch range on this season and only need a dab more to beat out 2017 and 2018 seasons with 2019 surpa$$ed already 🙂

    • Andy Rose says:

      It won’t take much as there is basically nothing to see here yet again and the radar does not look promising. You squeaked by me on the rain total 5.3 here. I hope to get out from behind water by Saturday sometime.

  5. alison mcarty says:

    I think my little corner of Menifee County has overachieved! We had over 2 inches when I left for work at 5 a.m., and it was still coming down hard! Not a fun drive today!

  6. Bobt says:

    Knox County once again high end of the rain forecast and low end for the snow..

  7. Jimbo says:

    Hi Terry, glad you got some snow, at least to look at. I have 4 inches as of 8am and still lightly snowing. I am now around 8 inches for the season, a little more than last year. I am stunned to get this especially during such a dreadful and warm Winter. But all it takes is one decent hit. I wish I could post pictures, it looks like a holiday movie the snow is stuck to everything. I hope you get your decent snow in the next month. I will update later when it stops but I don’t expect much more since it is daylight and temps will rise.

  8. Jim B says:

    Snowlovers, 36 to 48 hrs of winter weather is better than none! Enjoy it!

  9. justin says:

    dusting on the ground here in Pikeville, but the mountains look as if they went through a blizzard. they do look beautiful.

  10. Tom N Lincoln says:

    We got 2.5 inches of the white stuff here in Lincoln county. It’s still snowing too.

  11. Debbie says:

    A little over 1″ here in Bardstown. Meh, beggars can’t be choosers when it comes to pathetic little winters like this! I’m just happy to get what we have! 🙂
    Jimbo! You did good(so far!)in this! Let us know your final measure!
    Terry! You’re thinking along the same lines as me. I know that our wx ppl are calling for a semi-warm/rainy week ahead, but I also think that we will see quite a bit more snow towards the end of the month and into March! We can at least be hopeful. It’s like my Granny used to say, “if you ain’t got hope, you ain’t got nuthin’!

  12. Mike S says:

    A top ten historic crest along the Cumberland river at Barbourville, just under 40 feet, at major flood stage.

  13. WM says:

    1 1/2 – 2″ at my little farm near Salvisa.

  14. Bus Haynes says:

    I’m around 8 inches here where I live in Southern Ohio for the year.
    Now ready for the warmer temperatures to come.

  15. Ricvice says:

    A tad under 3″ here in southern Fayette co. Concerned about all of the flooding in southern Ky. Some of my family are effected by the Cumberland river flooding. Terry I agree with you, finally the teleconnections are showing some signs of favorable movement towards more winter parameters.

  16. Some snow is always better than none! Nice way to end this week with a little snow and a 2 hour delay for school that doesn’t have to be made up!

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