Rounds Of Light Snow Continue

Good afternoon, everyone. Rounds of light snow continue to fall across many areas of the bluegrass state, but this will slowly wind down into the evening. After that, we will be looking at another light snow maker zipping in for Saturday.

The forecast worked out like a charm with widespread 1″-4″ snows for much of central and eastern Kentucky. I had a few 5″ reports out of northeastern Kentucky, so the overachiever showed up in a few spots. Hopefully, the kiddos of the weather world learned snowfall rates overcome ground temps every single time, especially with temps in the 20s.

Local accumulations this afternoon can reach a half to one inch in some of the heavier bursts of snow. As this tapers off, snow flurries will continue this evening. With temps below freezing and back into the 20s this evening and that will lead to another ice up of roads.

Winter Weather Advisories continue for some..

The setup for our next system isn’t as potent, but can throw down pockets of up to one inch of snow into Saturday…

Temps recover on Saturday with another rain maker dropping in from the northwest. That pushes a front to our south and this looks to hang around into next week. The cold air looks to be a little stronger than I originally thought it would and that could mean additional snow chances showing up…



I will have the latest on WKYT starting and 4 and on KWC later this evening. Until then, here are your Friday afternoon snow trackers…







Mt. Vernon



Mountain Parkway near Slade


Make it a great one and take care.

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11 Responses to Rounds Of Light Snow Continue

  1. Troy says:

    Only a dusting of snow in Middlesboro….. All hail the infamous warm nose. Anyway, hopefully some of you will stop complaining since you got some snow

    • Terry says:

      Warm nose in Harlan too but a little more than you with some snow showers still. Looks really dangerous next week with additional rain and hoping we see the UNDER on the rain as well…no complaints on that 😛

      • Troy says:

        Amen! I honestly didn’t care that the snow forecast didn’t work out (it never does here anyway)….I’m just over this incessant ridiculous rain pattern

      • Jimbo says:

        I ended up up with 4.25 inches. But the meltdown has begun. Hope to keep a little around till tomorrows rain. Would be nice to more before Winter officially ends. But I ok now, would like to have an extended stretch of dry days in the 40’s to slow the greening and budding process a little.

        • Terry says:

          Thanks for sharing! I loved the setup and almost was a good snow here but the warm nose didn’t leave fast enough on this one here. Ground was also too warm/wet for consistency to look like a solid inch; however, by correct measurement, I do record 1 inch on solid surfaces this evening. I underestimated today’s cold and poor palms are a tad frozen with snow, lol. They should be okay but maybe a tad damaged on the new growth, especially the Sagos. Looking ahead, I still see more snow opportunities and maybe we can somehow approach an average season by end of March?

          I got some catching up to you to do as my season is now 4.62 inches. 🙂

          • Jimbo says:

            I can’t believe we are both ahead of last years snow total. As warm as it has been.

            • Terry says:

              It is not heavy, but I have some pretty fat flakes falling right now. It is a very low chance, but wouldn’t it be something to remain a top 10 warmest winter but somehow get a big one or a few more good hits at the end of season and be at average or above?!

  2. Andy Rose says:

    You are fortunate to have received 4+ inches for the season

  3. Terry says:

    GFS, ICON and EURO are still spitting out 3 to 5 inches of rain in southern KY next week and over 6 + south into TN! If that verifies, we will be in historic flood territory. I am now almost at 6 inches for the month and on the 7th day, WOW….almost an inch a day average.

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