Tuesday Midday Update

Good afternoon, everyone. Our latest round of heavy rain is moving east of the region after leaving behind another 1″ of rain. This caused high water issues well north of where the watch was. As we roll into Wednesday, we have a more potent system in store for the region.

This will bring a more widespread threat for flooding and the possibility for strong to severe storms.

The future radar from the Hi Res NAM shows this well…

A general 1″-3″ of rain will be possible Wednesday into Wednesday night. That would bring the threat for flash flooding and general flooding with it.

Some of the storms by evening may be strong or severe. Here’s the latest outlook from the Storm Prediction Center…

Much colder air comes in behind all this on Thursday and there’s an arctic front slamming in here in the afternoon and evening. That may bring a squall line of snow showers and squalls along it. Check this out on the same future radar…

Arctic air comes in for Friday, but it won’t stick around very long. As of now, the weekend looks mostly dry, but another wet setup appears to be taking shape next week.

As always, I will have the latest on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm then again on KWC this evening. Here are your tracking tools for the rest of the day…

Make it a good one and take care.

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9 Responses to Tuesday Midday Update

  1. Lisa says:

    So d@mn tired of rain

  2. Prelude says:

    This is exactly why I’m no fan of winter it’s cloudy and rainy there’s nothing enjoyable about a cold rain day in and day out, miserable. At least in the late spring and summer months there is weather to enjoy and actually do things outside.

  3. Terry says:

    Yeah, a few flurries after all of this rain, so excited with my eyes rolling so far in my head that one can’t tell that I have them. 😛

  4. Jimbo says:

    It looks like 2020 is on track to be like 2018 when the all time record for rainful in my area was set. Reason it looks so much alike is the heavy rain comes in waves about a day or so apart. So the previous one just has time to run off. Preventing major river flooding in my area. Which is a good thing. But it makes for just plain miserable weather. This miserable Winter can’t end soon enough. But I think the rain train will continue to roll.

    • Terry says:

      I missed most of the rain so far this week and look to see the least tomorrow compared to most areas. Granted, I still topped 7 inches already on the month, LOL, and super saturated with waterfalls everywhere here. I may set a record for most precip in a month, at least since I have been alive! This should be (at least 90 % chance) I set a third consecutive year with a February with a foot plus rain…I mean, that is astronomically unlikely but happening since monthly average is 4 inches!!!

      Feb 2018: 12.24 inches

      Feb 2019″ 12.83 inches

      Feb 2020: Unknown but insane?!

  5. Bobt says:

    I love how a slither of snow follows day after day of huge amounts of rain. Gotta love Kentucky winter’s. Only 26 days until DST and only 2.5 weeks until meteorological spring.

  6. WM says:


  7. Terry says:

    Looks like Illinois Mike may get a few more inches of snow and zero! Not that big a deal up there but it has been a few years now since I have had zero and obviously not much snow. Only a few teens so far this winter and even not even a 10 degree low here!

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