A Brief Shot Of Cold and Snow Showers

Good afternoon, everyone. We have a small taste of arctic air pushing into the region as flooding continues across several areas of Kentucky. Rolling into the weekend, our weather looks MUCH better, but that changes in a hurry by early next week. Ugh.

Let’s begin with the flooding. Several roads are closed at different points across the state. We’ve had several mudslides, with one even leading to a train derailment in Pike County. Flooding along our rivers will be an issue for days to come as all the high water slowly flows downstream. Here are your current Flood Warnings…

Colder air continues to filter in with a modified arctic front sliding in this afternoon. That leads to even colder air for tonight through Saturday morning. It may also spit out a snow shower or some flurries by evening…

Lows tonight drop deep into the teens for many…

Single digit wind chills will also be noted for some…

Temps behind this will climb into the 50s by Sunday as we wrap up a dry weekend. That changes by Monday as a cold front drops into the region. Showers and a few thunderstorms increase along the front before another blast of cold comes in behind it…

We will see if some shots of winter weather can accompany the pattern behind that!

Enjoy the day and take care.

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  1. Virgil E says:


  2. Illinois Mike says:

    We had our heaviest snowfall this season here in the Chicago area last night, overnight, and into this morning, as the snow came in waves. The NWS forecast office in Romeoville in the SW suburbs wound up with 3.8 inches of snow, while O’Hare Airport came in with 3.5 inches. Most if not all of the Chicago area got between 3 and 4 inches.

    It was a powdery type of snow, and not hard to shovel. It stuck to a lot of outdoor objects, like trees and wires, so it definitely looks very picturesque.

    The Arctic front came through this morning, and now temps have dropped into the teens (currently 14 degrees here in the SW suburbs), with wind chills slightly below zero.

    Overnight tonight will be our first night below zero this season with the fresh snowcover.

    We could have a major storm coming here next Monday night/Tuesday according to some of the local forecasters, followed by more cold air after that.

    We’re finally getting our snow now in February that we rarely saw in December and January!

  3. 37.89*N 84.36*W says:

    Please a touch of WINTER! No promises or suppositions or perhaps!

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