Sunday Look Ahead

Good afternoon, everyone. A weak system is pushing across the state today and it’s bringing a shower or two along for the ride. As we roll into the week ahead, we find a stronger system set to impact the region by Tuesday with colder air moving in behind it. There’s still a low chance for a second system to work from west to east and impact our region later in the week.

Here’s your regional radar to track any Sunday shower…

Temps range from the upper 40s to middle 50s.

Monday will feature mainly dry skies with temps pushing 60. Our cold front arrives late Tuesday with gusty showers and a few thunderstorms ahead of it. This will bring some decent rains in here and I could see a few spots closing in on an inch.

This front presses to our south and we should see a second system develop along it. Where is this front when the next system develops? If you’re a snow lover, you want this front to slow down farther north.

The models are still showing this happening too far south for much in the way of winter weather…




The GFS Ensembles are actually farther north than all the operational models…

So, I’m not saying this is a full blown miss by any means, but the odds favor this staying to our south. It’s worth watching, though.

Make it a great day and take care.

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4 Responses to Sunday Look Ahead

  1. BubbaG says:

    CB, betting you will not have to worry about that too much this March. Not much to get us out of the cold = dry, warm = wet mode. Will take something big to offset this. Anything less, Nope.

  2. TennMark says:

    It’s getting to be that time of year.

    Kentucky (and Illinois and Missouri) will have their 2020 Severe Weather Preparedness Week activities this coming March 1-7. The date of Kentucky’s tornado drill was yet to be determined.

    Tennessee Severe Weather/Flood Preparedness Week (kind of ironic with all the flooding that has already occurred this year in this part of the country) is this Feb 23-29 with a tornado drill Feb 26.

  3. Which Way is the Wind Blowing says:

    It is ironic that it is not going to snow here because the front will be push to far south due to the cold air. Go figure.

  4. Ray says:

    I’m now on board for #TeamSpring. I hate this dry cold with no snow or a ton of rain. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!

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