Monday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a nice and mild day across the Commonwealth, but wet weather is on the way for Tuesday. That’s when a cold front drops in here from the northwest with gusty showers and colder air coming in behind it. That cold air is likely to force the next system to our south later in the week.

Clouds will thicken this afternoon with temps warming into the 60-65 degree range for many. Soak. It Up.

A few showers will be noted to our west and north and some of these may work into areas of Kentucky before the evening is over. Here are your radars to follow along……

Tuesday is a windy day as our front slams in from the northwest with showers and maybe a rumble of thunder. Colder air comes in behind this for Wednesday, pushing our boundary far enough south to likely keep that next system far enough away to have little impact on our weather…

Seasonally chilly air controls the second half of the week with temps climbing this weekend. That’s when we wait and see what a couple of bowling ball looking systems bring our way.

The Ensembles continue to point toward mild going to cold to end the month and kick off March…



I will throw you another update this evening. Have a good one and take care.

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7 Responses to Monday Afternoon Update

  1. Debbie says:

    …..and….how many of those projected ‘bowling ball systems’ have been “gutter’s”?

    {{siggghhh…}} However, Winter isn’t over yet, and things can still change, even though it doesn’t seem likely at this point in time, but we have to hold on to something!

    I was reading back on the Feb. 15, ’15 storm yesterday. Good memories, and I have some good pics, too. I think we had like 13-15″ here in Bardstown. But something continues to puzzle the heck outta me?! LOL! I made one(1)(Uno)post at the very beginning of the storm, and I went back and read(ok…skimmed over some…)entries through the duration, and never saw another comment of mine? WHERE WAS I???! I know I didn’t lose power, and I most def would have been here, and know I didn’t say something stupid or derogatory to get banned, etc….smh….???!! Hmmm…

    • MarkLex says:

      Maybe you were reading but just not commenting? I know for a long time a lot of the regulars from early on just disappeared then years later come back or at least start commenting randomly again. You’re right, all hope not lost quite yet. But after about mid-march, 99.9% likely we can stick a fork in it. So still a month left! The cold air pushing the storm/moisture to south makes me laugh and cry inside at the same time because that doesn’t happen anywhere but here, or at least it feels like it.

      • Debbie says:

        Nope,Mark…if I was here making even ONE comment during a big snowstorm, I would have been making a lot more, I’m sure! LOL! 🙂 Snow excites the heck out of me, I think you know that, because you’re one of the “regulars” that I remember very well from the onset of the blog. I know for certain I wouldn’t have let that one slip by me! 🙂

        I’m still holding on for a late-season snow. If it happens, I will be happy, and if it doesn’t, ohhh, weelll…?! I know last year we had some nice snows here, underneath those nice heavy bandings, but even if it didn’t last the whole day before melting, I was happy! 🙂

  2. DJC says:

    Glad colder weather is coming toward month’s end. It’s been too warm this winter, and many local species of trees here in east TN are showing signs of budding. A cold snap now will hopefully slow the progress of buds trying to open to early.

  3. Putz says:

    Cold = Dry Warm = Wet.. There’s your forecast for the remainder of your winter…

  4. Ray says:

    I hope this isn’t one of those winters where we aren’t getting any snow , and mid April comes, then BAM, we get a snow fall…Mother nature says…”Here’s you a sample” Ugh!!!

  5. 37.89*N 84.36*W says:

    The dread is building – Dread of an awful smack down of true winter weather with freezing temps for days in March or April. That means the bulbs whose growth is already a full 6″ and other spring flowers and vegetation will be frozen and ugly-even harmed. Sigh.

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