Thursday Light Snow Potential For Some

Good Wednesday, folks. Colder air is showing up today, but this air only grows colder over the next couple of days. That’s also when a southern system tries to bring a little snow to parts of southern and southeastern Kentucky.

As all of this is happening, the pattern is threatening to take on a full blown winter look as we wrap up February and roll into March. 🙁

Let me begin with today and push forward. A mix of clouds and sun will show up as temps reach the 40s. If clouds are a little thicker in some spots, temps may struggle even more.

The Thursday system zips by to our south, but comes just close enough to throw a little light snow into far southern and southeastern Kentucky. It looks like the far southeast has the chance to put a little snow on the ground.

The NAM and GFS are very similar in showing this area getting the best shot at some snow…



The EURO is also on board for a little light snow in the south and southeast..

Folks, that’s a really close call for the southeast, so it wouldn’t take much to keep all the snow to the south of the state line.

For the rest of the region, a mix of sun and clouds will be noted with temps in the 30s for highs. That sets the stage for a cold Friday morning as temps reach the teens.

Saturday’s weather looks really good as temps make a run at 50 with a mostly sunny sky. Clouds roll in Saturday night ahead of our next system. This brings rain in here on Sunday, but there’s a small chance for a bit of a mix. This takes us into Monday and will be followed by another system a few days later. That one may take on more of a winter look as it unleashes a really cold pattern…

The end of February through the first part of March can feature more winter weather than we had the entire winter. Because… Of course it can! 🙁

I will have another update later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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7 Responses to Thursday Light Snow Potential For Some

  1. Bobt says:

    If we can get a 1/4 inch of snow in that stretch I will have more winter than I have all year. I don’t care what the models that have been wrong all year say, spring is near and outside of the usual couple of cold and dry days, we are getting close to some warmer days. Keep the faith CB, outside of a few near misses we have nicer days ahead. Those two week snow maps have shown snow on the ground all winter long.

  2. Bus Haynes says:

    I do not like winter weather when it is getting closer to spring. I hope this is the last of it and it is short lived.

  3. Troy says:

    Pretty to look at, but zero chance that GEM model map plays out…just not gonna happen.

    • Which Way is the Wind Blowing says:

      Actually I think there will be a few hit & miss snow storms, after all it is March.
      I am on the team spring bandwagon ,but if temps. are going to be below normal I am okay with a snowfall.
      Any accumulating snow will probably melt the next day anyway.

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