A Close Call For Southeast Snowfall

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a nice, crisp February day in progress across the bluegrass state as we turn our attention to a southern system. This will take a snow swipe at far southern and southeastern Kentucky on Thursday. That’s a very close call for a little snowfall.

The models are showing the fine line we are walking with this system.

The NAM is the biggest lover of snow in the southeast…

The Euro is similar but a little farther north…

The GFS wants little part of that and is much wimpier with the entire setup…

The Canadian is caught between…

Areas of southeastern Kentucky can put a little bit of light snow on the ground tomorrow, but this is a super close call with no snow at all.

For the rest of the region, temps will be on the cold side with temps in the 30s and a mix of sun and clouds. That sets the stage for a very cold night with reading in the teens by Friday morning.

Saturday looks like a really good day. After a cold start, temps make a run at 50 with sunny skies. The next system rolls in here Sunday with rain increasing from west to east. That takes us into Monday, with another system rolling in by the middle of next week. That one has more of a winter look…




I won’t have an update this evening because I have to be out of town, but I will update things later tonight. Make it a good one and take care.

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4 Responses to A Close Call For Southeast Snowfall

  1. Cold-Rain says:

    For once let the GFS be right..Donโ€™t want no snow or any kind of precipitation..Time to dry out..

    • TennMark says:

      Two or so weeks of dry weather would be great. One of our neighbors has had to repeatedly delay a construction project behind their home. The ground had been way too soggy to support heavy equipment.

      Even though it’s been a warm, relatively snowless season, still ready for spring. I was recently in Omaha on business. Before arriving, temps were in the 50s. Still reasonable 40s when I arrived. But one night it dropped to minus 4 with gusty winds even if less than a half inch snow fell. I had forgotten how one’s nose hairs freeze in such temperatures ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

      Of course, only after I return home does Omaha quickly get back into the 50s ๐Ÿ˜Ž .

  2. TennMark says:

    NWS Louisville has updated their SkyWarn spotters page.

    NWS Nashville

    As peak severe weather season is just around the corner, area NWS offices continue to seek new spotters as well as keep veteran spotters current. Both online and more traditional c`l`a`s`s`e`s are available. Other NWS offices like NWS Paducah, Jackson KY, Wilmington OH (covers northern KY), Charleston WV (parts of eastern KY) also have their own SkyWarn programs.

    This year already has had a fast start; Kentucky and Tennessee combined already have recorded about 14 tornadoes (almost all on Jan 11, 2020).

  3. Bobt says:

    Still a lot more green than blue on those maps. The line tomorrow should give Middlesboro area a couple of inches with a sharp cutoff. I’ve seen it many times before with them getting a few inches while the rest of the state gets nothing and I’m in the neighboring county. With that said they miss out on a lot of systems the majority of the state gets. Knox usually misses on all of them.. lol

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