Friday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a cold, but sunny day across the Commonwealth. This sunny weather carries us into the weekend as temps begin to climb. Things change quickly next week as two different systems look to impact our weather. The first is a rain maker on Monday, with the follow up bring winter weather for the middle and end of the week.

Temps this morning dropped into the low and middle teens for much of the state but should make a run at 40 this afternoon. The sun sure helps.

Saturday continues to look awesome. Readings are around 20 to start and will push 50 by the afternoon as sunny skies continue.

Clouds increase on Sunday as temps hit the 50s. Rain arrives Sunday evening and takes us through a very soggy Monday… The next system is likely to bring a winter weather threat to our region. Low pressure develops and works up the eastern slopes of the Appalachian Mountains. The exact track of that low will determine how much winter we get around here. It’s still way too early in the game for the models to get a firm grasp on any of that…



I will have the latest on WKYT starting at 4pm then again on KWC this evening. Make it a good one and take care.

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9 Responses to Friday Afternoon Update

  1. BubbaG says:

    Thanks CB!

    Looks interesting at least.

  2. Jimbo says:

    Most likely rain. Somebody might see a flake as the rain ends. Wonder if Terry got any snow yesterday?

    • Debbie says:

      Terry hasn’t been commenting the last several days. I was wondering more about the flooding than anything? Hope all is well with him.

      • TennMark says:

        IIRC, he lives above the flood plain. That of course doesn’t necessarily mean he and others aren’t dealing with the flooding aftermath in southeastern KY.

        Terry, like many of the rest of us (including me), has parenthood and work going on as well.

  3. Illinois Mike says:

    It got down to a very cold 11 degrees here in the SW suburbs of Chicago early this morning. Pretty impressive considering there’s no snow cover here, as the 3 1/2 inches we got last Thursday already melted. Just a few dwindling piles of snow left from where it was shoveled or plowed.

    Even though it’s going to get close to 50 here Sunday, there actually looks to be a pretty decent chance of a measurable snow here Wednesday… Kentucky too, for that matter. That system and how the computer models handle it is going to be interesting to follow in the coming days.

    • BH says:

      I had 12 degrees at my house here in Southern Ohio with no snow on the ground..

    • TennMark says:

      Last week, I was in Omaha for business. Only as an afterthought did I check the forecast before I left and so glad I did. One night Omaha dropped to minus four not including wind chill, although only about half an inch snow fell.

      I haven’t gone on many business trips, but my “wonderful” luck continued as it was 50s in Omaha before I arrived and temperatures shot back into the 50s after I got back home. A few years ago, I arrived in Philadelphia shortly before an ice storm commenced so had to largely stay in the hotel/convention area. Another time, Orlando had almost nonstop rain/t-storms which among other things delayed my flight big time.

      Maybe eventually a nice warm dry business trip will happen 😉 .

      • Illinois Mike says:

        I know that minus four must have been a shock to your system, good thing you checked the forecast so you could at least prepare yourself for the cold.

  4. Ray says:

    The question is, how much rain are we going to get out of this winter system? Lol

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