Great Weather Before Big Changes

Good Saturday, folks. Today is a flat out gorgeous day across Kentucky and surrounding states. This nice weather will also come with an increase in temps right on through Sunday. As we wrap up the weekend and head into the final week of February, big changes show up. Ugh.

Let’s start with our Saturday forecast. It’s awesome! 🙂

Sunday doesn’t look bad at all as clouds increase and temps reach the 50s. Those clouds are ahead of our next wet weather maker slated to arrive in the west by Sunday evening. From there, this overspreads the rest of the state and continues through Monday and Monday night.

Rainfall numbers may reach an inch for some…

The second system follows that up with more of a winter look as we get into the middle and end of next week…

That cold air will be with us to close out February and kick off March. How long can this hold? The various ensembles suggest it won’t stick around long. The GFS Ensembles are showing a similar milder look developing compared to the Euro Ensembles…

Bring it! 🙂

I will have another update later today. Make it a great day and take care.

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5 Responses to Great Weather Before Big Changes

  1. BH says:

    The National weather service in Charleston WV who gives the weather for my area is not mentioning anything about real cold or snow at this point in time for all of next week. I guess these weather guys live in different worlds.

  2. Andy Rose says:

    Colder this morning for me than yesterday

  3. Bobt says:

    RIP the winter that never happened. Team Spring with the win. Two weeks away from DST.

  4. Ricvice says:

    Been the most disappointing winter I can remember since back to the 60’s. Record high+ AO, NAO values. No really measurable snow at all for Jan. All the arctic locked up at the pole tighter then a snare drum. Oh well now we will have to get ready for the severe weather in the spring which I’m afraid will be bad.

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