Sunday Afternoon Look Ahead

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s an absolutely amazing afternoon here in the bluegrass state as temps hit the 60s. As we roll ahead,  rain is ready to roll across the state to begin the first work week of the new month. The good news continue to be that the heaviest rain is now targeted to be well south of the state.

Showers and a few thunderstorms develop from west to east this evening and tonight. Here are your radars to follow along…

Showers and storms will increase on Monday and there’s even the chance for a strong storm or two in the west and southwest. The SPC continues to watch this area…

The rain continues into Tuesday, but the front moving in has enough push to take the heaviest rains well to our south for Wednesday and Thursday…

Much colder air does come in for the end of the week and start of the weekend, but the ensembles continue to point to a milder than normal pattern through the middle of March…

Get on the #teamspring bus before it runs you over! 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day and take care.

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8 Responses to Sunday Afternoon Look Ahead

  1. Andy Rose says:


    • BubbaG says:

      Fantasy is a good word for it. The blizzard of 93 was talked about and watched well ahead of time and stayed the course. Catch is nobody believed it until just before it hit.

    • TennMark says:

      Oh, how I remember the March 1993 blizzard as a kid. No power for days, everyone huddled around the otherwise rarely used fireplace, seeing snow drifts almost up to window sill level. As much of a wild adventure that storm was for me, we can’t forget that many (hikers/motorists) were caught by surprise and did not survive the 93 blizzard.

      Even if there’s nothing close to snow for us this March (which would suit this warm weather fan just fine 🙂 ), March needless to say can pull big surprises. Besides March 1993, the record Blizzard of March 1888 crippled the northeast including Philadelphia and NYC; 1887-88 overall still remains one of the warmest winters in that area on record IIRC. Surprisingly, Memphis’s top two single biggest snows have come in March including an 1890s event that also gave Nashville its biggest single snow ever.

  2. TennMark says:

    Severe Weather Awareness Week dates this week for Kentucky (and MO, IL).
    (courtesy NWS Paducah)

    Kentucky – Severe Weather Awareness Week is March 1-7; Tornado Drill Wed. March 4 at approx. 9:07 AM CST

    Missouri – Severe Weather Awareness Week is March 2-6; Tornado Drill Tue. March 3 at approx. 10 AM CST

    Illinois – Severe Weather Awareness Week is March 1-7; No formal Tornado Drill (part of weekly test only)

  3. William Webster says:

    Yeah let’s get a early spring so in april a killing frost can take out all flower buds. #lovemywinter

  4. Virgil E says:

    #TeamSpring 100%

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