Showers and Storms Rumble Through

Good evening, folks. Showers and a few thunderstorms continue to roll from west to east, but a taste of May is on the way. This will bring near record high temps to the Commonwealth later this week. Bigger changes could be lurking next week.

Storms are rolling across the southern and southeastern parts of the state. A few are strong and may put down enough heavy rain to cause quick rises on creeks and streams…

Clouds slowly clear on Wednesday as temps hit the 60s.

Temps by Thursday and Friday will be in the 70s with the potential for low 80 degree temps for some. Check out the numbers showing up through Saturday…




Wow, that’s some warm stuff on the way!

Scattered showers and storms will be possible by Friday, but many areas remain on the dry side. Thunderstorms will move in as a cold front sweeps in late Saturday…

Temps will come down behind this, but how much of a drop is still in question.

The models diverge greatly into next week with the European Model actually showing some ugly to start April…


Enjoy the evening and take care.

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2 Responses to Showers and Storms Rumble Through

  1. Which Way is the Wind Blowing says:

    I don’t care what the temperature is all I want is a few sunny days in a roll.

  2. William Webster says:

    YESSSSSSSSSS, it is to darn early for it to be 80 degrees, considering that may through September will be hot and humid in 90s which I cant stand. Let’s have some more 50s or 60s before the stupid summer heat gets here.

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