May Days Pushing In

Good evening, folks. We’re rolling through the middle of the week with much better weather taking control. Over the next few days, it’s a taste of May temps as the numbers take off. Beyond that, we track a weekend system and the potential for a colder setup next week.

Temps for Thursday and Friday continue to look absolutely amazing. Check out the numbers…



With the cold front holding off until Saturday night, this means our Saturday numbers will also be way up there…

That front may have a line of strong to severe storms along it as it sweeps in from the west…

Temps behind this only come down into the 60s for Sunday and Monday as gusty winds continue.

Once we get into the middle of next week, April looks to start with another potent storm system. This may have some cold air to work with and the EURO is still taking on a very ugly look…


Enjoy your evening and take care.

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