This Pattern Looks Nasty For Spring

Good Thursday, everyone. It’s a much different weather world over the next few days as a warning shot of cold air sweeps in. I’m calling it a warning shot because the setup next week looks even colder. In between the two comes a big weekend storm system that can produce strong storms and heavy rains.

Temps out there today are in the 50s on a gusty wind.There’s a little system diving in from the northwest this evening and this may bring a few showers. Now, can we get a touch of sleet or flake action to mix in? What?!!!! I can’t totally rule that out in the north and east.

That wind is ushering in cold air with temps heading toward the freezing mark or a little below for Friday morning…

Gusty winds may help us out in the frost department, but cover the plants! That same gusty wind gives us a wind frigid wind chill to start Friday…

Similar temps will be possible by Saturday morning before a nice recovery in temps by the afternoon. A stray shower or storm will be possible, but the rain and storm threat increases big time for Sunday and early Monday. That’s when a powerhouse storm cuts across the region. This may bring high winds and strong storms in here…

Flooding rains will also be possible across parts of the region, especially the east and southeast.

Cold air comes in behind that with well below normal temps through next week, at least. These cold temps mean frost and freezing conditions will be likely from time to time.

Can we get some snowflakes over the next few weeks? The short answer is… YES! Here’s hoping we don’t but the Ensembles are ugly looking and show the flake potential…

GFS Ensembles

EURO Ensembles

I will throw you another update later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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  1. Illinois Mike says:

    Today is the five-year anniversary of the deadly EF-4 tornado which struck the communities of Rochelle and Fairdale (about 90 miles WNW of Chicago) in Northern Illinois, killing two people and injuring 22. This was one of seven tornadoes to occur in Northern IL that evening, and the first EF-4 or stronger tornado to occur in the NWS Chicago county warning area in 25 years.

    The Weather Channel was broadcasting this tornado live, as it was occurring, courtesy of a storm chaser.

    The complete summary of that tornado event, along with some amazing photos, is available at the following link:

  2. Schroeder says:

    Thanks for sharing Mike. Seems like “long tract” tornadoes are becoming more numerous. Why is this ? Great Photos of the aftermath, but sad for those who were affected. In my opinion “storm chasers” are very very necessary along with meteorological coverage to save lives.

  3. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris, Well it looks like our Spring here in the Ohio Valley is turning towards the negative side. This is what happens when Winter weather is absent during the Winter months. I refuse to cover any plants. If the plants can’t take the climate it doesn’t pay to plant any number of plants that are not “hardy.” Applies to landscape plants. For your vegetable and fruit garden, a good rule to follow is to plant after mid- to late May, but this depends on your location. I always planted Tomatoes when the soil temperature approaches seventy degrees in May and in raised plant beds with deep rich soil and great drainage, very important to a successful harvest. The best Tomato is a Non – GMO ( Genetic Modified Organism ) named “Brandy Wine.” You may collect the seed from this particular Tomato and sow the seed next Spring with much germination success. I forgot this is a weather blog and not a garden chat room. OOPS I mess up again, sorry folks. LOL

  4. MarkLex says:

    Yep – thunderstorms starting pretty early. The last few years it’s been a huge lack of thunderstorms, so much to the point that it would be rare for me even to hear thunder…….but this year, we’re only at April 9th and I’ve heard thunder several times.

    Earlier this week (Tuesday, I think) I walked out to my garage and noticed water on the floor. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Yes, My AC was on because it was so humid. After a few moments, I realized it was coming from the air handler in the attic. The air handler sits on a drain pan and from what I understand if the main drain line gets clogged water goes into the pan and drains into the garage. It’s fixed now but we went 24 hours without running AC. I had the windows open and it has NOT been remotely what I would call HOT but the humidity made it so uncomfortable. At least now I know how to fix that if it happens again. I’m sure some of you haven’t even considered turning your AC on yet, but we start the AC very EARLY

    • Shawon says:

      I turn on my AC if the thermostat reaches 78 degrees (if I’m home) so it has run a little bit the past few weeks. However I do not bear the great expense running my AC like I do when I run my furnace.

      • Schroeder says:

        My Air Conditioners come on when the humidity gets above 50% in the house no matter what time of the year it is. I remember once I had the units on during Christmas.

  5. Chris Mercer says:

    For those who like cooler weather, this is a nice, real, nice forecast for April. I hope it continues into May. April/May of 1997 were glorious. Had to mow the yard in a jacket on Memorial Day weekend.

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