Frost and Freezing Temps Possible

Good Tuesday, everyone. The upcoming pattern continues to look more like something from the heart of winter than it does the middle of May. A deep trough is forecast to dig into the eastern half of the country and will give us the potential for record lows. Green Thumbs need to be on high alert to the potential for frost and freezing conditions. 🙁

As always, let’s start with today and hit the fast-forward button. We are seeing one heck of a north-south temperature spread today and, at times, it may be greater than a 20 degree difference. Showers and thunderstorms are rumbling through, with the heaviest action in the first part of the day…

Chilly temps take control tonight into Wednesday as skies clean up a bit. There’s still a slight chance for a stray shower on Wednesday as highs stay in the 50s. Wednesday night into Thursday morning will bring the first chance for frost across central and eastern Kentucky. Lows look to drop deep into the 30s…

Thursday looks ok with temps in the upper 50s and low 60s with a late day increase in clouds. Those clouds are ahead of a very ugly looking system for Friday. This rolls in with chilly rain and unleashes cold air for the weekend, with some snow showers flying not to far from us…

Saturday will find a drying sky from west to east, but my goodness it’s cold for this time of year. The day may start out in the 20s for many areas. The GFS is forecasting the coldest temps ever recorded in May…

This could be historic cold, folks. Highs on Saturday struggle into the low and middle 50s with gusty winds making it feel colder.

Sunday morning may also see temps drop back into the upper 20s and low 30s across central and eastern Kentucky.

The next system zipping in here by Sunday night and Monday should bring more chilly showers with it…

That keeps temps below normal into the first half of next week, but it shouldn’t be nearly as cold as the weekend. I’m finally seeing good news on the ensembles as they are trending warm late next week into the following week…

Yes, please!

Have a great day and take care.

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4 Responses to Frost and Freezing Temps Possible

  1. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris, As I’m typing this post we are experiencing a “break” in the rain train that has been going on since 4:00 am. Earlier we had vivid lightning and loud thunder and very heavy rain. A bolt of lightning must have hit the water tower as we have no water at present. I will have to call the water company to see what is going on with the pressure. As we get closer to the weekend the NWS is holding on to a frost/freeze event for my area of central Kentucky. Ugh! I’ll be glad when July gets here then we can complain about the heat and humidity and hopefully no storms and flooding rains. lol

  2. Shawon says:

    Lightning can be the worst. On Sunday a bolt of lightning hit a tree on a farm near Mt Auburn in Pendleton County and 13 cows were killed.

    • Schroeder says:

      Good Lord, I never heard of such a thing. That must have been some bolt of lightning to electrocute thirteen cows. A once in a lifetime event for sure. Very unfortunate for the owner of the cattle. Sad……

    • WM says:

      That’s a tough loss for sure. Unfortunately it does happen to horses and other livestock as well.

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