Ugly Weather Before Historic Cold

Good Friday, folks. We have some VERY ugly weather out there today as a winter looking system rolls across the region. This will unleash one of the coldest air masses ever recorded this late in the season for the coming weekend. This historic air means records are going to be shattered by Saturday morning.

Let’s begin with the rain out there today. Heavy rainfall is likely for much of the state, with some areas picking up on 1″ or a little more. That could lead to quick rises on creeks and streams, especially in areas hit by flash flooding earlier this week.

Here’s your regional radar…

The rain quickly ends from west to east late this afternoon into the evening. That rain may end a few flakes across the mountains in eastern Kentucky.

Historic cold is on the way behind this tonight and early Saturday with readings deep into the 20s…

That’s literally as cold as it can get around here for this time of year. Lexington has been at the center of this historic run of record cold…

5 record lows in less than a month is pretty darn impressive.

Sunday morning won’t get to the record, but a light freeze and frost is likely once again…

Sunday temps respond into the low 60s in the afternoon as clouds increase in front of another ugly weather maker…

That knocks the temps back into the 50s for highs Monday and Tuesday with another frost and light freeze a good bet by Tuesday morning…

This is likely to be our last go at frost and freezing conditions of the spring, so all you green thumbs can finally get after it.

Temps by the end of the week start to really warm and we could be around 80 as early as Thursday…

That warmer pattern is likely to be accompanied by an increase in thunderstorms!

Enjoy your ugly Friday and take care.

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5 Responses to Ugly Weather Before Historic Cold

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    I spy a 2002 or 2007 summer repeat.

    • Schroeder says:

      Only if we switch over to ENSO- El nino like we had in those hot Summers you mentioned Jeff. Could happen ?

  2. Bus Haynes says:

    Those computer models did a complete flip flop when it comes to showing snow. Its seems they are like people they don’t know what there talking about most of the time.Lol.

    • Schroeder says:

      We might as well have a May snowstorm to go along with the predicted hard freeze. Actually that might save our plants as snow is the best natural insulator.

      • Schroeder says:

        Adding to the above, that a snowstorm now would wreck a lot of leafed out trees along with the hard freeze. A double whammy ! In reality the snow will not happen but a hard freeze may. No pun intended.

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