Frost Threats Through Early Next Week

Good Saturday, everyone. The day is starting with a hard freeze and one of the coldest May morning’s ever for the state of Kentucky. As a matter of fact, all time monthly cold temps are possible in several cities. This continues to be part of an historic cold pattern that will keep frost threats in here through the first half of next week.

Hang in there, May finally shows up by the end of the week.

Temps start today in the 20s and end in the upper 40s to middle 50s. This high temps come with full sunshine and will be roughly 20 degrees colder than normal. Folks, this is astounding.

Another light freeze/frost will be with us across the eastern half of the state Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon, clouds are increasing as another cold weather maker moves in. This brings a few showers before the day is finished…

This air behind this system is trending colder and we could have another frost threat Monday morning. Afternoon highs on Monday are ridiculously cold on the Euro…

That sets the stage for another light freeze/frost to begin Tuesday with temps around the freezing mark. Highs Tuesday stay in the 50s.

Wednesday starts with patchy frost across the eastern half of the state as the readings are again in the 30s. More record lows are possible for some areas Monday through Wednesday. Wow!

By Wednesday afternoon, we are beginning to warm things up. Most areas return to the 60s with a small storm risk. Those numbers then really jump for Thursday and Friday with upper 70s to low 80s for most…

Humidity levels will come up and that will lead to rounds of showers and storms kicking in through next weekend…

Make it a great Saturday and take care.

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20 Responses to Frost Threats Through Early Next Week

  1. Illinois Mike says:

    As of 4 AM local time, it’s 32 degrees at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and 30 degrees at the NWS forecast office in Romeoville in the SW suburbs. This is Chicago’s first May freeze in 16 years, but just above record-low temps for the date (27 degrees) and month (also 27).

    I see that it’s 31 degrees currently in Louisville, but Nashville escaped the worst of the cold, as it’s 42 there.

    • Bus Haynes says:

      I had it a lot colder a week or so ago where I live in Southern Ohio. 31 degrees right now here. For keeping records hot or cold they need to take the temperature out in the country in the wide open spaces. To many buildings in the cities effect the temperature.

      • Schroeder says:

        Bus, I don’t live in any city. I live in the “middle of Nowhere” Right now the temperature has drop to twenty five degrees and it been below freezing for many hours.

        • Bus Haynes says:

          Schroeder you said it was 28 at 7:00 and at 7:12 you said it has been 25 for several hours. 12 minutes is a long time I know. Have a fun day.

    • Schroeder says:

      Mike, The winds should back today in your area to the west so your area will warm quickly.

    • TennMark says:

      Nashville’s temperature kept dropping until just before dawn. The low of 35 at the main airport (BNA) beat the old record of 37 set in 1960. As I let the dog out to do her business, frost covered the shingles on top of the unheated garage.

      The higher elevations on the Tennessee Plateau dropped to the upper 20s.

      • Illinois Mike says:

        Yeah, I guess I spoke too soon about Nashville escaping the cold. I looked at the overnight hourly weather observations on the NWS Nashville web site, and saw that the Nashville Airport went from 44 degrees at 1 AM to 35 at 6 AM.

  2. Schroeder says:

    Twenty eight degrees right now in my backyard. Won’t know how much damage this freeze has cause for at lease a week on the native trees and shrubs and landscape plants. I would say that gardens will have to be replanted whether they were protected or not. Now, I would’t replant until the first week of June on crops like tomatoes and green beans when the soil becomes warm enough for rooting and germination. If the wet weather pattern continues it is going to be tough to garden this year. Sorry to be such a downer, it’s just been a bad year all around. Hopefully, next Spring will be better ?

    • Bus Haynes says:

      Schroeder they can handle 28 degrees. They talked like this was going to be really bad. You have to get to 25 or below to really kill trees leaves. Now tomatoes that’s a different story. Back when I talked about the cold we had in the 60’s it was a lot colder than this.

      • Schroeder says:

        Twenty five degrees right now Bus and it’s the duration of temperatures below freezing that really does the “major damage” to trees and shrubs.

        • Bus Haynes says:

          If you just reached 25 it hasn’t been there for a long period of time. You should start warming up soon. Last night here where I live
          we had cloudy skies. The radar showed snow flurries at 1 o’clock and I was up but I never saw any hitting the ground. The clouds held are temperature up. That’s why you have a colder temperature than I do.

          • Schroeder says:

            Yeah, Anyone that had cloud cover last night was really lucky “nature’s blanket.” I don’t know, but I think western Kentucky escape the hard freeze , but maybe not the frost ?

      • Schroeder says:

        If memory serves I think that year was 1961 ?

        • Bus Haynes says:

          I’d say you are right. It was a bad freeze.
          I had some ice this morning after it cleared up.

  3. Mike S says:

    This has been my most challenging year for gardening since I started 25 years ago. Yes, I’ve had to deal with drought and high heat over the years, but never for the kind of cold we’ve seen recently. A lot of work. 30 degrees at my place this morning but was at or below freezing for about 4-5 hours. So far, no apparent damage to my peppers, tomatoes, squash, and spinach. But one has to wonder what long term effects this will have on my harvest for the upcoming season.

    • Schroeder says:

      That depends on the growing season ahead on how your harvest will turn out. I hope you have tons of tomatoes to harvest plus some green tomatoes this Fall before it freezes again. Nothing like “Fried Green Tomatoes” from the garden, that you have grown on the supper table.

  4. Illinois Mike says:

    It was several degrees colder well away from the urban heat island of Chicago this morning… it got down to 31 degrees at O’Hare Airport and 28 at the NWS forecast office in Romeoville in the SW suburbs. The coldest reading was 24 degrees near Rensselaer, Indiana.

    Here’s a rundown of area lows this morning across Northern IL and NW Indiana.

    It did warm up nicely, as it’s 53 degrees under sunny skies at the NWS forecast office in Romeoville with a dew point of just 24.

    • Schroeder says:

      Illinois Mike, It bottom out at 25 degrees here in central Kentucky. It was a beautiful Sunny day after all the frost melted, with a high temperature of 59 degrees thanks to backing southwest winds ahead of a very unusual Alberta Clipper expected to arrive here tomorrow. More like January during an ENSO-La nina Winter than May.

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