Record Cold and Widespread Frost Tonight

Good Sunday evening. Frost was fairly common across the bluegrass state this morning as temps dropped into the low and mid 30s in several areas. Lexington tied a record low with 36 degrees and a few other cities were very close to records. Many of those cities will set new record lows Monday morning as frost becomes widespread.

The NWS is playing catch up on the depth of the cold and have finally put out a Frost Advisory for parts of the state. They have elected to get cute with the advisory instead of blanketing the entire state with an advisory as is needed. Again guys… THIS IS THE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER and the growing season is still going strong. I’m going to refrain from going off on another rant. I have to pace myself so early in the cold weather season. 🙂

Let’s put the cold in perspective. Monday morning temps are likely to be the coldest readings EVER recorded this early in the season in many cities. Yep… another extreme and historic event here in Kentucky.Don’t be surprised if some spots dip BELOW freezing!

As our wild weather rolls on… we will go from frost to thunderstorms this week. I will talk more about that and an interesting looking pattern for early October with my late night update.

Enjoy the rest of the evening and take care.

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2 Responses to Record Cold and Widespread Frost Tonight

  1. MIke says:

    More proof of global warming, er, global cooling… wait we had loads of days over 100 this summer so it must be uhm, uhm… Hold on while I go watch An Incontinent Truth, I mean Inconvenient Truth again…

    • Jessica says:

      I always thought that global warming was based on the yearly average. I always see talk of how the global average is increasing especially in recent years. And I read a science article that said that models indicate that all indicators of global temperature show that the Earth should be cooling instead of warming except when you take into account the increase co2 levels.

      But I guess if this year shows a higher global temperature we could always find someplace that was slightly cooler and just use that. Really, for as warm as it was last year I think Alaska was a little colder and snowy.

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