Strong Storms Kick Off A Stormy Setup

Good Sunday and Happy Father’s Day! We have a pretty active storm day taking shape across the region as we go into a pattern loaded with storms. This action is ahead of another deep trough digging in here for the middle and end of the week. That will bring much cooler air back into Kentucky.

There’s a weak low spinning into the region from the west today. This will bring bands of showers and storms from west to east across the state. These bands may even be spiraling around this low, so that will be interesting to see.

Strong to severe storms will also be possible for much of the area. Here’s the latest Severe Weather Outlook from the Storm Prediction Center today…

Damaging winds and large hail are the main threats. We will also be mindful of the very low-end potential for a spin up.

These storms may also produce flash flooding as they work through. A quick 1″-3″ of rain can fall in localized areas, so we will watch for that. Remember the cloud burst potential talked about here several days ago? That’s the setup we see our there today through Tuesday night…

A few strong to severe storms will still be possible.

All of this is being pushed by a the deep trough arriving from the northwest. That will be followed by another trough next weekend…

That takes our temps back to below normal with a few days in the 70s.

Beyond that, we find a continuation of the stormy pattern pattern through the first few weeks of July.

Here are your tracking toys for the day…

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible Watch Areas

Current MDs

Make it a fantastic Father’s Day and take care.

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15 Responses to Strong Storms Kick Off A Stormy Setup

  1. TennMark says:

    A happy first day of astronomical summer to all weather weenies at KWC!

    1976 style! 😉

  2. TennMark says:

    Happy first day of astronomical summer!

    1976 style! 😉

  3. TennMark says:

    Happy first day of astronomical summer! 1976 style! 😉

  4. TennMark says:

    Happy first day of astronomical summer! 1976 style 😉

  5. TennMark says:

    Happy first day of astronomical summer!

    I’ve posted summertime songs on this date each year for a while. However, my posts this morning won’t go through 🙁 . Perhaps with the recent malware issues, website links are blocked(?). Anyway, feel free to look up a summer song of your choice to play.

    I tried posting the 1976 song “Summer” by War and the 1972 hit “Summer Breeze” by Seals & Croft.

    What can I say, I love the 70s!

    1976 style 😉

  6. TennMark says:


  7. TennMark says:

    Happy first day of astronomical summer! 1976 style 😉

    • Schroeder says:

      Mark, Chris is delaying the post for security. Which I like. This is part of his new design of KWC. Happy Fathers Day to you. I always enjoy reading your post.

      • TennMark says:

        Whoops, a little red faced here…! I thought the automod kept deleting “bad” words I didn’t notice but were buried within longer words. Even tried a different browser.

        Understandable if Mr Bailey will want to remove some of the extra posts.

        Anyway, thanks Schroeder. Awesome being a Dad, even if one of my uncles (also a father) likes to say everyday is fathers/mothers day!

  8. TennMark says:


  9. Schroeder says:

    Happy Fathers Day to all. I’ve been liking the weather pattern this Summer so far. Not too uncomfortable as far as temperatures go and the rainfall just about normal for some areas.

  10. MarkLex says:

    I’m looking forward to storms – as long as they aren’t severe

    • TennMark says:

      A little rumbling is good to hear. At least we’re not hurting for rain yet there have also been enough dry periods for the ground not to be soggy.

      Thankfully, our area is well past the (on average) peak tornado months of March, April and May. Places like the Great Lakes and the northern sections of the Great Plains are more likely to have large tornadoes this time of year.

      But still nervous about flash flooding and damaging t-storm winds. I recall the fascinating but destructive summer 2012 derecho across Kentucky.

  11. Debbie says:

    And the one in mid-June ’04, I think it was. That was a wild year for Wx for sure. Derecho that night and no power for several days, then the big snowstorm just prior to Christmas that year. Well, SOME of you got a big snow. Us here in Nelson Co. got an ice storm….of course….

    And my garden plants were just sunk into the ground the 3rd week of May, latter part, and I’m already reaping the benefits! Gr. Bell peppers, Anaheim peppers, Jalapenos, and looks like the tomatoes(all the varieties we went with)will be a success, too, here before real long! The plants barely had the baskets over them before they started producing….this is definitely the EARLIEST I’ve ever gotten anything out of a garden…and off such small little plants, too?! A few ppl from hubby’s work said theirs were doing the same. I’m thrilled to death, because we just moved in Oct. and I was thinking, man, I bet our garden here (just up the road, really…)will really suck….we didn’t even till…just sunk ’em in via post hole diggers after clearing w/ a weed whacker….whatever works, right?!

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