Weekend Storms To Increase

Good Friday, folks. Typical summertime air is back in the bluegrass state and will take up residence here for the longer haul. This is pretty much a normal temp pattern over the next few weeks, but it’s also one turning stormier than normal. That kicks off with an increase in thunderstorms over the weekend.

Highs today are well into the 80s as humidity levels climb. By the afternoon, we will watch for a few storms going up…

A front drops into the region this weekend and slows down. Once it slows down, it may hang around into the first half of next week. That boundary will be the focusing mechanism to get showers and thunderstorms to come at us in clusters.

This is a setup that will last through much of next week…

Heavy rainfall and a few strong storms may show up during this time. Overall, we continue to see the potential for a wetter than normal pattern through the next 10 days. The EURO Ensembles show the above normal numbers during this time…

As far as temperatures go, this looks like a fairly normal setup for us into early July. As we have talked about several times, the heat is to our north. Here are the Euro Ensembles average temp anomalies for the first 7 days of July…

Have a great Friday and take care.

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  1. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris, Was just outside and I believe the dust from the Sahara Desert is in our atmosphere. I hope it doesn’t rain mud. Not looking forward to the humid rainy days ahead for the weekend. Always options stay indoors that’s what they want right.

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