Overnight Update

Good Tuesday all. Your friendly weatherdude is spending the night in the station and doing updates. You will likely see me on WKYT for the morning show that starts at 4:25am. I would be awake anyway, so I might as well stay here. 🙂

Superstorm Sandy continues to be a monster and delivered a devastating blow to areas of the Mid Atlantic and New York City. This was even worse that many thought it would be for those areas. The storm continues to push westward toward northern West Virginia.

That track is pushing rain and snow westward across Kentucky. Many areas of eastern Kentucky have already made the switch to snow and its sticking in several spots. Black Mountain in Harlan county already has 10″ on the ground. Lower elevations are also starting to get in on the act and I suspect that trend continues overnight into early Tuesday.

The NAM continues to hold strong on to the accumulation idea…

We’ll see how that works out, but I will stick with my lower total map from earlier. Melting should cut into those totals.

Winds have already been gusting to 40-50mph at times. Those winds will carry us into Tuesday and could cause some issues.

Since I will be up all night… I will be tweeting out information : @kentuckyweather. I will also be posting stuff on my Facebook page: Chris Bailey WKYT

I will drop by for another update later tonight. Take care.

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4 Responses to Overnight Update

  1. Char says:

    Chris, I live a few miles north of Hazard. It’s pouring snow and it’s sticking. I went out at 1:30, and my back porch was covered. Now my satellite dish is snowed over, and I have no t.v. Hmmm, I guess I have to go out and sweep it out. LOL

  2. Anthony says:

    Been getting flurries near UK Hospital for the past hour. Very light and hard to see, but I can make it out in the glow of the street lamps — its definitely the white stuff.

  3. Cam the Man says:

    Does anyone live near Middlesboro? If so, could you keep me posted concerning accumulations there? That’d be greatly appreciated…

  4. James Baute says:

    I wonder if Central Kentucky is going to get in on some? How about Williamsburg? I want some of it!

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