Snow Kicking In This Morning

Good morning everyone. Snow is just starting to kick into high gear across parts of eastern Kentucky. The Storm Prediction Center is highlighting those areas for the possibility of 1″-2″ of snow per hour:

I still suspect a lot of melting, but those snowfall rates could put down a quick, slushy accumulation for a lot of folks.

Take care.

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45 Responses to Snow Kicking In This Morning

  1. Andy Rose says:

    Gonna be kind of hard to get accumulation and it 40 degrees this morning ๐Ÿ™ so much for a snow day for the kids

  2. blizzardtim says:

    Kind of disappointed to see just rain here in barbourville so far

    • Andy Rose says:

      Should have been expected been a while since anybody has accurately predicted a rain to snow system and that what it would have been for us IF we had gotten snow. Good news is its just October

  3. Mark says:

    Dry but thin clouds (and very windy) in my area. Local Nashville morning news showed a viewer pic of the moon barely visible through the cloud layer – with a halo. Hmm, what does that moon halo mean? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Going through all the reports is fascinating (got to do it now, will have too little time to do so today at work). 10 inches snow at both KY’s Black Mountain and at Newfound Gap on the TN/NC border. Meanwhile, severe t-storm warnings this morning in Maine (yes, Maine). The SPC is looking at issuing a tornado watch for parts of New England. It’s as if the mid-south and New England have been switched!

  4. James Stamper says:

    7:40 a.m.
    Ground is now covered here at my home in Perry Co., and I am located in a valley, not on a hilltop. Snow is really coming down.

    Some of the trees here still have quite a few leaves on them. This could increase the problem of snow load on trees if it snows very much.

    This is indeed a strange sight for the month of October.

  5. Dara says:

    Snow is coming down at a good clip here in Johnson County this morning. It began about 5:45 and is putting down accumulaions pretty quickly. The temperature has dropped since the snow began so I’m hopeful that we’ll see some decent amounts soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Snow is coming down currently in Pikeville.

  7. tom says:

    Nothing here in Breathitt Co. I am in southwestern Breathitt. Has been rainig steadily we had some mixed precip. for maybe 10-15 minutes but have not seen a flake of snow which I am thankful of. It is ZERO fun losing power.

  8. Cam the Man says:

    Does anyone live near Middlesboro? If so, could you keep me posted concerning accumulations there? Thatโ€™d be greatly appreciatedโ€ฆ

  9. KP says:

    The wind blew leaves against the side of my house all night but now it is really much calmer. I thought today was supposed to be the worst day for the wind?? NOT complaining, just wondering if I can relax a bit.

  10. Ready4Snow says:

    Just arrived at my mothers home in knott co…She Lost power for about 3 hrs overnight…Looks like about 2 inches on her deck and still snowing ..Also can hear a few limbs breaking higher up in the mountains…

  11. EasternKymom says:

    Pouring snow in Raceland Ky. 7:00 am was just a mix and changed over by about 7:30. Sticking to rooftops and cars but roads are just wet. Too bad it isn’t December! Then we definitely would have had a major accumulation! Staying hopeful for the rest of winter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Cam the Man says:

    Despite the melting factor, looking at the hourly reports at Julian Carroll Airport, it’s been snowing good for several hours there…seems like maybe 1-2″ already?

  13. Cliff says:

    Hype as usual . When will you all catch on?

    • Jrahn says:

      No hype here in Wallingford: Woke up to winter wonderland. Earliest I’ve EVER seen accumulating snow.

      Comparing Bailey’s map with actual reports, look like he pretty much nailed it. 14 inches at State Line gas station, KY/VA. A right good thumping.

    • greg says:

      4 inches of wet snow 1 mile from Pikeville at about 900 feet elevation. Downtown Pikeville very little accumulation. I believe downtown is about 720 feet elevation.

  14. Adrienne says:

    Just measured here in Milton, WV and there’s about 4 inches on the ground with snow still falling. It’ll be interesting to see what happens as the day progresses!

  15. rolo says:

    ok to u DuMMIIES ragging HYPE AS USUAL etc, have u got 2 eyes????

    there snow in morhead, JOHNSON CO, Hazard, KNOTT, Breattit, Pike,Floyd,LETCHER, Leslie, Lawerence shall i name more.

    last time I check BAILEY nailed this, for the counties on western edge had coating to 3 inch. futher east u go better chance. its snow in ALOT other areas but the melting is too strong because of the warm/ not heavy enough to EVAP COOLING.

    so SHUT UP!! forcast nailed, also anybody that got all GIDDY bout snow in forcast that great, but if u expected anything much to stick then shame on you.

  16. Mae says:

    Not hyped here, I caught on a long time ago. We don’t get much snow here in London. If I want to know what the weather is I just look out my window.

  17. GG says:

    Chris, many of us WSAZ viewers enjoy reading your blog and thank you for always including our area in your maps. While Ironton, Ohio is not getting any accumulating snow, 7 miles away in Kitts Hill we have 2 to 3 inches on the ground so far. The temperatures dropped lower than what was predicted and much sooner, allowing the snow to start sticking as soon as it switched over. Because everyone but you predicted just a dusting for this area, the roads were not prepared at all and road conditions are very hazardous here. The snow is also weighing down tree branches and the power is flickering. While this is a spotty snow that may be temp and elevation driven (we’re at about 1,000 feet), we listened to you and prepared ourselves. Glad we did.

  18. rolo says:

    beautiful pics coming out of PERRY County. its great to see such a early snowfall round here.

    gets me excited to see what the rest of winter holds.

    I shouldn`t said DUMMIES, so Bailey I apologies for the dummy comment towards cry baby posters.

  19. rolo says:

    u got to relize this was a OLD SCHOOL type set up, precip comeing from east., rememmber the 1987 storm we was getting it from the ATLANTIC throwing moisture back to the west.

    some snow falling in E KY is unreal, this is how u get big snows in KY, coastal storms that throw the moisture back into the cold air.

    • Jrahn says:

      Also you got to realize it’s October. A few days ago it was shorts and t shirt weather. Ground is warm, sun is still pretty strong. To see snow come out of the sky much less stick is amazing.

    • Aaron C. says:

      U also got to realize that Kentucky is not just the easternmost 75 miles of the state. I for one, however…won’t get my hopes up this winter like the past few….hope the folks don’t have to worry about power issues—but there is never a good time for snow smack dab in the central parts of the state.

      You’re all like “see u have two eyes and how they nailed this 4 days ago” true but every time it shows a good thumping for this area, 4 days turns into 3 or 2, or even 24 hours out and then it moves somewhere else. Snow dome or not Rolo, you move here—you won’t see a thumping, ever. And I guarantee it.

      • Aaron C. says:

        One thing that would prove this “dome” thing is someone to compile a total snowfall amount (accumulated) for the past 10 years and put it into a graphical perspective. Let’s do a little look see and see who has gotten the most, and who has gotten the least. That will quiet the folks like me who think there’s a lot less snow here than in areas 50 miles around us in every direction.

        • Danny says:

          Never say never when it comes to weather,I guarntee that. I get it that the commonwealth of KY is not in a snow belt region. Being that said KY has had its fair share of ice storms snow storms etc etc. Old school thumping hell why not its possible. Rolo go with it brother. Snow dome metro dome who cares its just weather its just fun to watch it unfold. But never ever say never in the same sentence as weather.

  20. Laura Rimer says:

    Light snow here in Waynesburg Ky. Wet snow but still pretty.

  21. Todd says:

    A cold 38 degree rain in Frankfort, not my idea of anything good, we have had this kind of stuff even in the middle of winter while we get watch video of it snowing somewhere else, hoping this upcoming winter has something better to offer than snow in the mountains as usual??

  22. danny may says:

    we had about 4” this moring but now it is mexed with rain.

  23. tom says:

    Still nothing hre in SW Breathitt. Have a friend atNWS in Jackson and they have none reported either. Has been misting a little still not a flake of snow. Low temp this mornign was 34 right now it is 38 Also saw where NWS in Jackson cancelled the Lake Wind Advisory we were under. Peak wind gust at my house was around 7:30 last night it was 24mph. I sat up all thru the night last night and no wind what so ever. Seeing what is happening on the east coast and in the higher elevations in Far East KY and WV I thank God we did not see anything or at least not yet NWS is saying rain the rest of the day for my lcoation which I hope is true. Snow is OK but the heavy wet stuff I can do without. It is ZERO fun going w/o electric for days and days and even weeks. .

  24. jim says:

    9in on 80 in knott co . still snowing a little

  25. blizzardtim says:

    no snow here in my area of knox county either…but those that did get it…wow…. now if this had of been feb. or march I might have been ready to pull my hair out…but since its only OCTOBER! Its a LONG WAYS>>>>>>>>>>>> TO MARCH……

  26. Dara says:

    Wondering if the precipitation will changeover once again tonight and if so do you see any accumulation in EKY?

  27. sue(flatwoods, KY) says:

    was 33 deg this morn ground had a good coating of snow, was very pretty on the tress, It has been snow or mix all day here, our high was 37 deg!!!!! Thanks for your hard work Chris!!!

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