Sandy Hangs Tough For Halloween

Good Wednesday and Happy Halloween. Today is the day all the ghosts and goblins have been looking forward to for a long time. The kiddos will be making their rounds through neighborhoods across the land in search for anything chocolate or sugar. I wish I had better news for trick or treaters across central and eastern Kentucky as the ghost of Sandy continues to impact our weather.

Conditions today won’t be as bad as what we’ve had for the past few days, but scattered showers will still be possible. That’s especially true across northern and eastern Kentucky. Some Lake Michigan moisture shows up on the NAM…

Some of those showers could have a wet flake or two… especially in the high mountains. Temps today will range from the 50s in the west to upper 30s and low 40s for parts of central and eastern Kentucky.

Trick or treat temps will be chilly with many areas falling through the 30s. I can’t rule out a shower or two in the north and east, especially.

Thursday and Friday will see us slowly coming out of the nasty weather as partly sunny skies return. Saturday looks like the best day as a few thermometers flirt with 60.

Our next weather maker begins to push in by Sunday as clouds and showers increase. Low pressure will develop across the southern plains and scoot eastward across the Tennessee Valley. That’s a good track for the winter months ahead of us, but not so much right now.  The European Model taps some cold air behind the system for early next week…

I will begin talking more and more about winter in the coming days, so check back. Have a safe and Happy Halloween. Take care.

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8 Responses to Sandy Hangs Tough For Halloween

  1. Andy Rose says:

    actually warmed up a few degrees overnite in knox county

  2. Mark says:

    Clear skies over western parts of both KY and TN allowing temps to plummet, several readings at/below freezing. The rest of KY and TN have cloud cover and are generally warmer (except higher elevations/places with snowcover). Yep, good ol radiational cooling at work.

  3. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Chris how is weather tommorow night in East Ky for Trick or Treaters? For the first time I have ever known of Trick Or Treat In Pikeville City and Pike County has been changed to tommorow night Nov 1st because of the weather.

    • BengalFan says:

      Chris: “Low pressure will develop across the southern plains and scoot eastward across the Tennessee Valley. That’s a good track for the winter months ahead of us, but not so much right now”

      I’ve seen this over and over for CKY in the past many years…In the winter months it will play out just like this one, cold, then warm up with rain, then on backside light snow showers. I wish the PATTERN WOULD CHANGE THIS WINTER. Maybe it will

    • Deb Webb says:

      Is there a lot of snow in Pikeville? I’ve been trying to find out because I have relatives there. If you’re related to any Webb’s you’re one of them (lol)

      • Crystal In Pikeville says:

        Deb we did not get alot of Snow in Pikeville what we got has melted,now up the Road to Dorton and Letcher they got alot.

  4. WXman says:

    Anybody dress their kids up in something weather related tonight? I thought about making my son into a cumulonimbus cloud. LOL.

    • sue(flatwoods, KY) says:

      i work in Ky at a local school, i saw someone today for our Halloween party dressed as a snowman! I really liked her outfit!!!! LOL

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