Wild Temp Swings Ahead

Good Saturday and welcome to the weekend. Things are off and running with clouds and scattered showers on the increase out there today. This is ahead of a fast moving system rolling across the Tennessee Valley. It’s all part of a pretty active pattern that will feature some major temperature swings in the coming week and change.

Clouds will roll into the region early today as a weak area of low pressure works through the Tennessee Valley. Scattered showers will develop as the day wears on. This action will carry us into the evening hours before tapering off overnight. Temps today will be all over the place. 40s in the north with near 70 across the far southwest.

The chilly air wins the battle for Sunday and Monday as we clear the skies out. Temps in the upper 40s and low 50s will be common for highs.

The jet stream takes another big dip by the time we get into late Tuesday and this will allow for a storm system to develop to our south. That low will continue to develop and may become a nor’easter. The European Model is impressed… 

That’s a shot of some cold air coming in behind that storm. As of now… it looks to bring only a glancing blow of precipitation to the state…

That storm looks to have a big impact on the hard hit areas of the northeast. This may deliver some big time snows to some areas across the interior northeast and Appalachian Mountains.

That cold shot will be short and sweet around here as our temps get set to soar by next weekend. I can see thermometers hitting 70 degrees for a few days ahead of a big storm system coming out of the west. Just check out the amazing temp gradient across North America on the European Model… 

That should make that storm a powerhouse and it could mean some decent thunderstorms for us as it drags a cold front through here late next weekend or early the following week. All that cold air is poised to overwhelm the pattern across the lower 48 as we get toward the middle and later part of the month.

Can you tell I’m becoming pretty bullish on the cold potential this winter?

Have a great Saturday and take care.

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18 Responses to Wild Temp Swings Ahead

  1. weathertree4u says:

    I think you are bullish on the cold but it is hard to say since I am always reading that you are going to provide more specifics on your Winter forecast but all I ever seem to read are comments like in your previous post, enough with the teasing!

  2. LD says:

    Where do the 3rd and 4th radar images originate (purple tinted)? I understand they are of the Euro model but what sort of radar. They’re very visually striking.

  3. Andy Rose says:

    “This may deliver some big time snows to some areas across the interior northeast and Appalachian Mountains.”I hope this doesn’t become a brokent record i know its still early.
    I was really hoping somebody else besides the mountains would get snow this time

  4. RhondaB says:

    The “S” word doesn’t seem to be used in abundance with our area…

  5. Todd says:

    Some sleet and snow pellets mixing with rain in Frankfort this morning, 36 degrees

  6. sue(flatwoods, KY) says:

    at 9 am this morn it was 28 deg, not sure what that actual low was but we had a very heavy frost this morn!!!!!

  7. Mark says:

    When CB said there would be big temperature contrasts, he wasn’t kidding 😉

    Northern KY currently in the low 40s and even a 39 degree reading with thunder sleet, while parts of western KY and TN in the sunshine with 70s, even low 80s. Hopkinsville KY now at 77.

    Nashville TN currently 81 (after I had to scrape frost off my car Friday morning).

  8. feederband says:

    Nice thundershower in the metro now. Like a spring afternoon only cold.

  9. Todd says:

    Crazy day of weather in Frankfort, woke up with ice pellets, then a little sunshine, now heavy rain with thunder and lightning, COOL

  10. Momom says:

    Pea sized hail in Burgin, Mercer County

  11. Joe in Clark CO says:

    Pea sized hail just past on US 60 Right on Clark CO line ? Fayette CO Line

  12. sue(flatwoods, KY) says:

    nasty cold rain here this eve!!!!!!!

  13. Char says:

    Thank you Chris. Earlier we had heavy rain with thunder and lightening here in Perry County.

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