Crashing Temps Start The Week

Good Monday and welcome to a rather wild day of weather across the bluegrass state. A powerful cold front is sweeping eastward today and will bring gusty showers one heck of a temperature plunge. This may also give some areas the chance for some light snow or flurries mixing in with the tail end of the showers.

Temps today will be something to behold. Central and eastern Kentucky will start things out with low and middle 60s as showers arrive. Some areas of the east may spike to 70 degrees at some point. Western Kentucky will be in the upper 30s and low 40s to start and that cold air will QUICKLY spread eastward. Temps behind the front will drop into the high 30s to around 40 degrees.

Here’s how the timing of the front looks to play out…

Throw in wind gusts of better than 30mph and you may get wind chills in the mid and upper 20s.

The cold air looks to catch the back edge of the rain shield and that means some wet snowflakes may mix in with the rain for some folks. The action will slowly come to an end this evening and our skies will clear out overnight with readings heading into the low and middle 20s for many.

Tuesday will see a mix of sun and clouds with lower 40s. Wednesday morning looks pretty darn cold and could give a few spots a taste of the teens.

A seasonal chill remains for the rest of the week.

The outlook from this weekend through Thanksgiving week is rather murky. There is actually a lot going on in the atmosphere and the models will struggle on which feature to key on and when to do it. The east coast storm idea continues to show up on several models right as we roll into late this weekend into next week. The Canadian Model is going nuts with the storm…

The European Ensembles also have a wound up storm…

As always, let’s wait and see how this whole thing plays out in the coming days.

The pattern for the next week is rather odd as we have a lot of blocking showing up… it’s just not the kind that usually brings stormy or chilly weather across the eastern part of the country. Yet, the models look chilly and offer the storm threat.

The favorable blocking pattern that delivered the big time cold of the past few weeks looks to show back up Thanksgiving weekend and beyond…

If you’re a cold and snow lover, you have to love the look of those indices as we head toward the end of November into early December.

Have a great Monday and take care.

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8 Responses to Crashing Temps Start The Week

  1. Thanks for the update, Chris. Looks like Lexington will get it right around noon.

    Thought you might be interested in a very strange cloud formation that I was saw around Morehead, KY this Saturday. Have you ever seen anything like this before?

  2. I have a trip planned to NYC this weekend. Could any one tell me what the weather will be there? Thanks!

  3. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks, Chris. Looks like we need the winter duds for the rest of this week. Next week certainly looks interesting, for sure. Of course, the crazy weather has been more the “norm” this year, so , why stop now? 😉
    Appreciate you, sir. Everyone have a good Monday, and stay warm and dry!

  4. Todd says:

    Temperature in Frankfort down to 39, light rain still falling maybe a slushy flake mixing in at times, wow what a difference a day makes!

  5. Marsha says:

    Why all the hype on this weather stuff I am 49 years old I have see snowstorms in November many thunderstorms and yes earthquakes I remember a couple 2 or 3 years ago my daughter was up one early morning we had a small quake that rattle the dishes in the cabinet mind you it didn’t shake the house liked the one Saturday did but still why all this warm weather being talk about as weird we have see many warm spells like this for many years….

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