Next Round Of Cold Coming Sooner?

Good Saturday to all my fellow weather lovers. Our weekend is off and running on a very nice weather note across the commonwealth of Kentucky. This nice trend will carry us through the start of Thanksgiving week. It’s the end of the holiday week that’s getting more and more of my attention as the cold pattern we’ve been advertising tries to crash our Black Friday party.

Let’s start it off with what’s going on in the short term. Temps today through Monday will run in the 50s with a 60 possible across the west and south. Skies will be partly sunny.

A weak system rolls our way by Tuesday and Wednesday with a scattered shower threat. Temps may come down a few degrees because of the increase in clouds and any shower action that forms. Thanksgiving Day continues to look mild with temps around 60 and a fair amount of sunshine.

The weather for the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend continues to look colder and colder on many of the models. They are now bringing a pretty stout cold front in here on Black Friday and that looks like a warning shot to the pattern we’ve been talking about developing for the final week of November into early December.

Check out how the GFS plays this first front…

The numbers from the model suggest temps fall into the 30s by late Friday afternoon then struggle to get to 40 on Saturday. The Canadian Model looks very similar…

That model run is actually a little colder than the GFS and produces some flurries and snow showers behind the front on Saturday. I’m not overly excited about the flake threat with this front as I see it more of an appetizer to a much more wintry pattern that follows.

The GFS doesn’t take too long in going toward that wintry pattern. Here’s what it shows by the middle of the week after Thanksgiving…

That particular run of the GFS then goes toward a mega block as we head into week one of December. Check out how the NAO is forecast to literally fall off the charts…

That would be one amazing block if it comes to pass and would likely give us some wild weather. As usual, let’s see how it all plays out.

To show you my excitement level about the upcoming pattern… you will get another update from me later today. Have a great Saturday and take care.

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11 Responses to Next Round Of Cold Coming Sooner?

  1. karen says:

    Chris got to hand it to u. u come closet for weather forcast i have ever see. keep up the good work.

    weather buff nghtdrmr43

  2. james says:

    The GFS is serving up waffles for breakfast this morning. The 6z run of the GFS lost the cold air that the GFS Chris posted for week after Thanksgiving. The flip flopping has begun. I’m sure it will be on again, off again several times before then.

  3. Ready4Snow says:

    Looks like the GFS had a few drinks before the 06z run..

  4. Cam the Man says:

    Don’t forget the more reliable runs of the GFS are 00z and 12z…

  5. Ready4Snow says:

    Ensembles says a different story..

  6. jeanette says:

    We will have snow on December 1st. Its my birthday.
    My gift from God 😀

  7. Joey Wilson says:

    I’m a big fan of Chris’ enthusiasm for winter and snow, but long-range predicting is a pig in a poke, at best. The tanking of the NAO is encouraging, but it takes so many pieces to line up for our part of the world to get anything more than flurries. 🙁

  8. Robert says:

    I know nothing about wx forcasting. All I want is a snowy winter. Haven’t seen one really since I was a kid and I’m 46 now.

  9. Coffeelady says:

    Looks like some interesting weather over the next couple of weeks, for sure! Looking forward to see what Chris says about it in the later post. Chris,. I still think that you should share your winter forecast on here before you share it on WKYT! 😀 Have a goreat weekend everyone, and GO CATS!!!!

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