Planes, Trains and Automobiles


Good Wednesday and happy travels. Today is the busiest travel day of the year and it’s also the day we pay tribute to one of my favorite movies… Planes, Trains and Automobiles. We’ve been doing this for many years now and it’s become a blog tradition. This movie is a classic for your friendly weatherdude and I highly recommend checking it out.

Let’s get into the weather part of the program and start out with the short term headlines…

– Today’s travel period looks nothing short of great with temps in the low and mid 60s under a partly sunny sky.

– Thanksgiving Day will look and feel about the same as what we have out there today. Maybe a little turkey from the grill?

– A strong cold front blows in on Black Friday. This front will feature a quick hitting band of showers that move through here late morning into the early afternoon. Our temps start out in the 50s and then fall quickly into the 30s by evening. Check out the numbers from the GFS…

– The cold blast really kicks in for Saturday as our highs stay in the upper 30s for much of the state. A northwesterly wind flow should be just enough to send a couple of snow flurries flying… especially in the north and east.

 This brings us to the storm system early next week. This one will take on a more wintry look to it and I expect the area of low pressure to develop to our southwest on Monday and work right on top of us on Tuesday. The track may look something like this…

That scenario should mean a rain to snow scenario as very cold air pours in behind the low pressure. There may also be a system diving in from the northwest by late Wednesday into Thursday.

I will try to get you an update later today, but Wildcat Central at Rupp Arena will keep me busy this evening.

Sticking with the spirit of the post… I leave you with this:

 Safe travels and take care.

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19 Responses to Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Started to ask about Planes, Trains, and Automobiles yesterday, Chris. Glad to see the tradition continues…as for the weather, well, we SHOULD finish getting our outside decorations up today, hopefully. ( Its okay to decorate inside when its cold.) 😉 Thanks for all you do, and we will be watching you at Wildcat Central tonight!
    Safe travels to all who are out and about on this holiday weekend.

  2. jeanette says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Chris & weather junkies!
    May God bless you soon with snow that you can be thankful for. 😀

  3. rolo says:

    whats sad is its not been on TV all week, I mean must be one majior networks going shjow it tomm maybe and got it locked up? its sad as I had to pull the DVD out last nite watch it.

    its a HOILDAY must movie.

  4. rolo says:

    I was thinking bout it all day yesterday, then on the WEATHER BAILEY gives the movie a SHOUT OUT on TV and I came to tears, u know those HAPPY TEARS were u like to grab hold ole BAILEY and give him ole BEAR HUG!!!

    im tearing up as I type, wooo..

  5. rolo says:

    a movie field with great laughs and tears. the scene when he goes back to train station after relizing whats going on is AWESOME. I mean then we they are walking home if u aint in tears by then folks u have NO PULSE!!

    another underrated HOLIDAY flick is DUTCH as well.

  6. gtwister says:

    Anybody remember this infamous Thanksgiving NFL game?

  7. Cameron Fry says:

    Don’t mean to be a Debby downer, but outside of the NE quadrant, I’d be surprised if anyone in KY sees snow. Models trending warmer and more north with the low track for the 11/27-11/29 storm.

  8. Momom says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Chris and everyone on the blog. Planes, Trains and Automobiles is one of my favorite movies- along with Groundhog Day. Enjoy the weather tomorrow as Friday temps look set to crash!

  9. Todd says:

    Chris is all alone with his chance of snow for next week, all other folks calling for just rain with temps cooling off after the rain, but we have seen this before, lets hope Chris gets to say I told you so!

    • WXman says:

      Chris isn’t all alone. I have been talking about snow for a few days. But…with the recent trends I’m backing off to just flurries behind the front. In December it’s going to be wild though.

      • Aaron C. says:

        If by “wild” in December you mean heavy flurries and wind gusts of 15 MPH, then yeah…I guess that’s wild by Kentucky standards.

        But yeah, this IS the winter. 33 inches of snow. My prediction.

        • Aaron C. says:

          December 21, 2012

          The first time in fourteen years the computer models start hinting at an actual snowfall of over 10″ for central Kentucky that actually verifies from several days out.

          Yes, folks—-then you’ll know it’s the end of the world. 😛 haahhaha sorry couldn’t help myself on that one.

  10. Mark C says:

    Accuweather also gives chances of snow early next week.

  11. Danny says:

    There is not going to be anything worth talking about with the next week system it will be rain and maybe a sleet pellet or flurry on the backside as the storm departs and by the end of next week we will moderate the temps as the jet stream goes zonal, blah blah blah blah blah. That means no real cold air and no storm systems. December could be interesting but ive heard that same song and dance way to many times. Ive become one of those when I see it I’ll believe it.

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