Let’s Play A Game

Good evening gang. With December and the start of meteorological winter just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to play a little game. Let’s call it: “What winter am I?”. It’s time to fire up the DeLorean and take a trip back in time to find the winter I’m talking about.

Here are your clues…

– High temps for the first 5 days of December:ย 60,61,55,50 and 53.

– December 13-16th high temps: 51,64,57 and 50

– January 14-18 high temps: 50,46,51,60,69

– Some high temps from February: 50,51,66,51,57,61,60,79,60,64 and 68

So, if you only had those numbers to go by, would you take a repeat of that and everything that happened in between for the winter ahead?

Think about that one before you answer… this could be a setup. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, put your detective hat on and see if you can come up with the winter I’m talking about. I’ll give you guys the answer with my overnight update. Don’t forget to make sure your Flux Capacitor is… well…ย fluxing…

Have a safe trip and take care.

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31 Responses to Let’s Play A Game

  1. Jacob says:

    Is it the winter of 93

  2. Person says:

    Was it the winter of 1985-1986??

  3. Virgil says:

    Winter of 1978

  4. jeanette says:

    Yes…because some of the best snows in my life have come right after a warm spell! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Aaron C. says:


  6. Mark says:

    Winter 2009-10?

    Or 2010-11?

    OK, OK, I guessed twice, but I’m in Tennessee so my area’s temps might differ at least somewhat. But I have hunch CB’s winter was cold overall (despite the warm spikes) and recent.

  7. Seth says:

    Let’s all go back to the “dusting” of February 1998!

  8. scully says:

    Well, I think he is talking about 1985 and I remember that year well. I was a senior in high school. We got out for Christmas that year and it snowed so much that we didn’t go back until after Valentine’s Day. We ended up going to school on Saturdays that spring to get our days in.

  9. KP says:

    I’ll say the winter of 77/78 because that is the one y’all talk about a lot. I was in Houston at the time, probably swimming every day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Todd says:

    Who’s drinking the coolaide?

  11. Linda in McCreary says:

    Okay..I am probably wrong but I am going with 2011 !!!

  12. Jen says:


  13. Susan says:

    Found this on youtube sure brought back some memories

  14. Bengalfan says:

    Totally agree bout nd Lovefest that espn did..espn and nbc just love nd…….however, ky got whipped, that was a very bad game..I hope we can start playing better together….i

  15. Chris Mercer says:

    1995-1996 had big snows, arctic outbeaks (-10 in Lexington ) and 80 degrees in February. That’s my guess.

  16. Bengalfan says:

    Look at kyt 7day,,bumped up wed. High by 15 degrees from this morning. Then 50 for next Thursday, which is the 6th….. 7th – 14th window is open for business I hope

  17. Dave L says:


  18. Chris Mercer says:

    I think one of your February temps is wrong. The only time it has ever hit 79 or higher in Lexington was in 1996 and it hit 80 on 2/23/1996. This must be from the winter of 1995-1996.

    Just so everyone knows–here is how that winter went:
    Average temp 33.2
    Snowfall Fall of 1995 1.1 inches
    Winter of 1996 22.0 inches
    Spring of 1996 8.3 inches

    Total snowfall 31.4 inches

  19. BubbaG says:

    Well, if it takes a bunch of little snows to get us to good total, give me rain instead. All that little snows are good for are accidents and salt crusted vehicles. Statistical fact more accidents happen with the smaller snows.

    I would rather have a few real good events in a winter like the 70s, 80s and 90s rather than the “death of a thousand cuts” little snows to get the same total. North Madison has seen two snows around six inches (one seemed bigger due to drifts of very dry snow) and that is it besides all of the other snows that would not even intimidate a six month old Chihuahua.

    I stick by the convention of trend that we are more likely to get big ice events rather than big snow events. We need a big event trend buster in central KY. Heck, western KY has become deprived as well over the years.

    • BubbaG says:


      I agree 100% with CB’s tweet and said the same thing while watching the game. I hope ND gets absolutely throttled in the Championship.

  20. JJTeach says:

    I’m thinking that its a setup. So….I want a repeat of THAT winter. I have a feeling that some BIG snows came after those warm spells ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Tyler says:


  22. MarkLex says:

    I definitely don’t think 76’77 or 77′ ’78 had those mild of temps. I think those two winters stayed cold constantly! I could be wrong. So it would be 85, 94, 95, 96. But I’m thinking 93-94

  23. ohiospin says:

    I shouldn’t give a flux, but I do. I’m just guessing that was a hint, so 85 has to be involved, I’ll go with 85 86!

  24. Chris Braley says:

    Gonna guess, Novemeber 5’th, 1955 since that’s when Marty goes back to. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Char says:

    I’m guessing 1993.

  26. Go Cards says:

    It has got to be 95-96 right? Proud of Bridgewater and the Cardinals. I hate Rutgers.

  27. Lona Rorer says:

    It is the winter of 1997!!

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