Friday Evening Quickie

Good Friday evening, folks. I wanted to drop by for some quick thoughts as we say goodbye to November. Things continue to progress nicely toward the ideas I’ve been yapping about for a while. A winter pattern looks to kick in during the… wait for it… wait for it… December 7th-14th period.

In the short term… it’s mild and windy. We should also see a shower or two by Sunday and early Monday.

A cold front swings in here on Tuesday and will have a wall of water along it. Gusty rains and a clap of thunder will work eastward across the state…

That’s a quick shot of cold diving in behind the front for Wednesday. That shot gets booted out of here very quickly because a stronger front arrives by the following Friday or Saturday. The GFS likes Friday…

The middle and end of December has a very interesting look to it.

Have a great evening and take care.

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14 Responses to Friday Evening Quickie

  1. Coffeady says:

    Thanks, Chris! Have a great evening! I hear Christmas Vacation calling!

  2. BubbaG says:

    They used foam for most snow scenes in that movie, but did get some snow while filming. If you play the movie in hidef, you can see where it is snow or foam.

  3. Seth says:

    We should start naming our upcoming winter storms just like the weather channel will be this year!

    snowstorm Bubba, snowstorm Rolo, snowstorm Gillispie (for the storms with a seemingly perfect track that the dome kills)

    Anybody got a good list for storm names?

  4. Aaron C. says:


    Suggestions—-heh. I wanted to use Alabaster for the first one, but it’s not really a good place name. 😛

  5. Todd says:

    Here’s some name for ky winter storms

    Mist- us
    Northern exposure
    Close but no cigar
    Southern Bell
    Western Shift
    East bound & down
    High & dry
    Summer breeze

  6. jeanette says:

    How about these storm names:

    ye of little faith
    eat your words
    bubba buster
    everywhere but wxmans backyard
    Chris’s revenge
    Hush Your Mouth

    Those seem a bit better to me.


  7. Tyler says:

    well maybe we should “play a game” and see who wins…….I bet jeanette wins!! lol. both are good though!

  8. Tyler says:

    wow, GFS 2m temps are extremely cold for 12/14…..and there are several shots of moderately cold air before that………..also on the 14 a storm is brewing on the GFS!!!

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