Rolling Into The Weekend

Good Friday evening to one and all. I don’t have a whole lot to talk about this evening,but I did promise I would stop by for another update.

The late afternoon runs of the NAM and GFS continue to beef up the secondary low on Monday. Here’s a look…



The NAM is a colder, quicker and has gives us a better shot at period of light snow as the cold air sweeps in. That drop in temps will be fairly dramatic and I would imagine everyone has finally jumped on our bandwagon for the 30 degree temps showing up by Monday afternoon.

See you guys later tonight. Have a great evening and take care.

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12 Responses to Rolling Into The Weekend

  1. Joey Wilson says:

    That’s a close call for most of KY on Monday but I’m guessing what happens 98% of the time with these events will occur again: Rapid cool down behind the front with precip quickly exiting stage right. πŸ™

  2. Joey Wilson says:

    …and models pointing to back to normal temps by mid-late week. That’s hardly a “start” to winter. πŸ™

    • TONEY says:

      remember what chris said, you can’t go by individual model runs…..chris is already targeting next weekend into the week of the 17th for fun and games… patient , my friend…….3 months of this stuff left…..lets not rush it.

  3. BubbaG says:

    CB, not sure I like the multiple posts, since not easy to maintain continuity of discussion πŸ˜‰

    Perhaps limit to a breakfast, lunch and dinner post πŸ™‚

    • Tyler says:

      thats all he is doing breakfast, lunch and dinner time!! I happen to like the multiple post thing as i’m sure a lot more do as well!

  4. Todd says:

    Most forecast after Tuesday have us right back to the 50 degree weather, that is not the winter stuff I was thinking we were being hyped about, hopefully Mother Nature gets a hint of the calendar next weekend??

  5. rolo says:

    good work Bailey. all I know is watching weather in the STATE OF KENTUCKY is 100 times better than it was a year ago.

    remember this is Bailey first WINTER back on the air in KY. so the BEST is yet to come as I mean get ur POPCORN ready. OLD SCHOOL storm actually hitting with Bailey baack on TV. I think we could get,,, how they say it TRENDING! lollllll

  6. Coffeady says:

    It’s not officially winter yet and some are already throwing in the towel? Come on, fellow weather lovers. Waaaay too soon to write it off already.❄❄❄

    • BubbaG says:

      In folks defense, they did last year too and were right that time. I will be bold to say that IF next week were to push out, they would be on to something.

      Not likely to happen. There will be a drop but what temp will it be relative to? If 65 degrees, a 30 degree drop is still above freezing so cold rain πŸ˜‰

      I still stick with two wimpy winters in a row is unlikely, so nowhere to go but UP πŸ™‚

  7. Bengalfan says:

    Kyt has temps high starting next tue, 35, 38, 47 hen 50 on Friday…ugh I thought it was supposed to b cold,, say what jack,,

  8. Honestabe says:

    Remember…..some of us are reading this to find out how long it will stay warm……come on sunny 70 degrees!!

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