Monday Afternoon Update

Good Monday afternoon everyone. The big shock to the system is underway as temps continue to drop into the 30s from west to east. Heavy rain is slowly working out and being replaced by a mix of sleet and light snow. That’s a trend that will continue through the rest of the day into the evening hours.

It looks like some light snow showers and flurries will continue into early Tuesday morning. The short range RAP picks up on this lingering moisture…

A coating is possible in some areas. There’s a lot of water out there and with temps dropping below freezing later this evening and overnight, black ice may become a real problem. Keep that in mind.

The next system this works in this weekend and cuts due east across the Ohio Valley. It’s a much colder look than the models had a few days ago and I still don’t think they have settled in yet. What is interesting to note is some of the models try to pop a secondary low just to our east by late Sunday and Monday.

That kind of gets the ball rolling on a series of storms to impact our region next week. The European 500mb map shows that well…

 That is a very active set of maps and one that can really ramp up one of those systems into a Ohio Valley winter storm. What will raise the stakes of that happening is the mega block forming across eastern Canada…

That setup forces systems to drop down the west coast then head eastward under the block. Setups like that can sometimes lead to extreme events as we head closer to Christmas. We shall see.

Speaking of… nothing says Merry Christmas quite like Wham!

I will throw another update your way this evening. Take care.

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18 Responses to Monday Afternoon Update

  1. eyewall says:

    Worst Christmas song ever made. Point. Blank. Period.

  2. Lisa says:

    Oh but I do love that song . . . bring on some snow.

  3. Todd says:

    I’m sure the twitter reports of freezing rain is actually sleet falling but hey atleast it is frozen precip!

  4. WendyT says:

    The cold air moves in….and the moisture goes away. Just look at the radar. All I wanted was some flakes in the air. Oh well…

  5. Debbie says:

    One of my fave Christmas songs…..sleeting here in Nelson Co., btw… YEAH, BABY!!!! 😉

  6. Todd says:

    First snow flakes of the season in Frankfort 🙂

  7. rolo says:

    WHAM, manm we could done without a WHAM song Bailey,

  8. Chris Mercer says:

    SNOW in Lawrenceburg, KY. And temp down to 35 degrees at 1447. Wondering where all the doubters are now?

    • WXman says:

      Here’s one. And I live in the same town as you. 😉

      So I guess what we need to do is define “snow” from here on out…because what happened today (5 minute periods of flakes falling with zero sticking to any surface) doesn’t qualify as snow to me. We’ve actually had this happen already earlier in the season. Today was not the first. I’m looking for our first true snow…that’s what I’m trying to pick out.

      • Chris Mercer says:

        I’m with you man. I didn’t say it was an accumulating snow–far from it. And i saw some snow in late October courtesy of Hurricane Sandy. But some snow was more like winter than the 72 and sunny I had last week.

  9. Christine says:

    Try “December Snow” by the Moody Blues. Justin Hayward’s beautiful, but sad voice, works magic every time! Or, of course, any Christmas song sung by Johnny Mathis!!

  10. Seth says:

    Light snow in nky

  11. Susan says:

    Thank you Chris for all the extra work to keep us up to date with all the possibilities! You are my number one stop for weather all year long and have been over the years!! Thanks again!!

  12. Joey Wilson says:

    Potential storm 5-6 days before Xmas looks promising. It’s ALL I want for Xmas!

  13. Dawnp007 says:

    Sleeting in jc!!!!!

  14. Lincoln says:

    Had about 5 minutes worth of flurries near the mall, nothing since.

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