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Good evening gang. The winter storm has arrived here in Kentucky and the colder scenario appears to be working out. Moderate to heavy bands of snow have developed across central, western and northern parts of the state.

This is going to be a nowcasting storm in which we fine tune snow totals on an hourly basis as we see where the magical rain/snow line sets up.

This is where you come in handy. Help us out by posting how the weather is playing out where you live. You can also tweet me information or pics: @kentuckyweather.

Thanks a bunch and take care.

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179 Responses to Post Your Weather

  1. Daniel Clark says:

    Sleet/light snow – North Mercer County

  2. Chris Mercer says:

    34.1 in Lawrenceburg with all snow now at 2020

  3. Chris Mercer says:

    I will add, I see the great big dry slot headed for the Lexington Metro. The dome is alive and well!

  4. james says:

    Moderate snow SE Lexington.

  5. Pharmist says:

    Sure wish the temps would drop…. wasting this snow that is falling in Louisville. Coming down at a decent clip, but above freezing and not sticking.

  6. Jp says:

    Big ole wet flakes at Tates creek area around manowar. Ground seems to be too warm to stick right now….Just drove in from Frankfort and the snowfall was pretty steady but no accumulation yet…

  7. Miss Kate says:

    big flakes starting to mix in on the Fayette Co side of the river. hey Bubba, what are you getting? you can come play in my yard if I get snow and you don’t.

  8. Andrew says:

    Big flakes mixing with rain around Palomar in Lex

  9. krismill8 says:

    I live half way between Richmond, and Berea off US 25. Snowing here now with huge flakes!

  10. je22 says:

    Starting snowing in Owenton around 5 minutes ago. The more the merrier. 33 degrees right now

  11. Ali says:

    Snow and ICE in Berea

  12. UVATEXN says:

    Just started snowing big flakes in E Fayette, E of I-75

  13. Sam says:

    Sleeting at a good clip in Eastern Powell County in the Natural Bridge area!

  14. Wayne says:

    37 degrees and dry in Flatwoods

  15. BubbaG says:

    It must be upper central Kentucky ATM, since north Madison has a mix and not all snow. Yet……….

    Not seeing any ice, probably due to the surface being above freezing. Nothin’ sticking. Yet………

  16. Dale says:

    36.9 degrees and sleeting in southern Pike County.

  17. Marie says:

    Huge fluffy flakes flying in Clays Mill area of Lex

  18. Babs says:

    32.6 degrees and snowing steady and sticking here in Floyds Knobs, Indiana. We are just across the river from Louisville!!

  19. Jen in Sadieville says:

    And yes, I’m shouting!

  20. Neil says:

    The line must be set up between Jessamine and Fayette. A depressing cold rain with the odd flake mixed in in Wilmore…36 degrees… πŸ™

  21. Andy Rose says:

    Had cold rain now we have nothing just like the other “winter storms”
    whats the name of this monster?

  22. DrummermanDan says:

    Hamburg/Andover Hill area switching back to light rain w/some light flakes.

  23. JJTeach says:

    Mostly rain with a wet snowflake or two mixed in here in Lawrenceburg as of 8:30 πŸ™

  24. spencerlady says:

    Currently misting outside in Taylorsville…liquid precip at this time. Not quite freezing yet.

  25. sue(flatwoods,ky) says:

    37 deg and nothing here yet!

  26. turner says:

    41 and light rain/mist in SW Breathitt.

  27. Damaged Goods says:

    Currently 36 degrees in the Highlands area of Louisville. We’ve got a mix of rain, snow and ice falling. Howver, nothing is sticking yet.

  28. KP says:

    Big flakes pouring down in eastern Bourbon County.

  29. Lincoln says:

    Snowing pretty hard in Lexington. I’d imagine roads will get bad tonight.

  30. Cosmokramer says:

    Slush and 41 degrees in Morgan County at 9:00pm…..need a new thermometer…..has been stuck on 41 degrees for last 10 hours!

  31. Todd says:

    Frankfort 32.9 very light snow, dry slot coming in. I see where it is snowing heavy northwest of Indianapolis, they don’t have any kind of advisory their, is the moisture moving farther north?? Chris?

  32. Susan says:

    Snowing big flakes south of Sadieville since 7:00 p.m. Looks like sledding tomorrow.

  33. David Mather says:

    Nothing happening on SE side of Elizabethtown.

  34. Weatherdadof2 says:

    London = snow then sleet then rain then all the above then repeat cycle.

  35. weather blog troll says:

    Beautiful big wet snow in downtown Lex!

  36. BubbaG says:

    CB, perhaps you need to subtitle: Upper, upper central Kentucky as far as snow fall πŸ˜‰ The only thing heavy we are seeing is rain and sparse sleet/snow so far.

  37. Snoluvr says:

    Very light sleet west of Etown. Temp at 35.

  38. Jim says:

    Sleeting pretty hard in Grayson, Carter County right now.

  39. Go Cards says:

    Got one pocket of heavy precip moving from West KY. If you don’t catch that well I’m sorry. Storm is a dud.

  40. Kelly in Louisville says:

    I live near Bowman Field in Louisville, between the Highlands and St. Matthews and at a little after 9 in the evening just light rain. Had a few wet flakes earlier but now just plain rain. I see another 2-4 inches of mud in my backyard tomorrow morning. I am officially over this and ready for the first day of spring. If any met mentions snow in the next two months I’m just going to laugh at them. Strong, the dome is.

    • Lauren says:

      Kelly don’t give up hope. The local meteorologists (I am in Louisville as well) have been very consistent in stating that areas south of the river, Louisville included, would start out as all rain and wouldn’t transition to snow until much later, with the best chance of accumulating snows occurring in the overnight hours. Lauren Jones from Wave3 has just put up on Facebook that the winter storm warning might need to be extended farther south to include Louisville! She said that she isn’t forecasting that necessarily, but she doesn’t disagree either. I can still see us getting in on some action, especially considering it wasn’t supposed to transition to snow here until later. We shall see!

      • Kelly in Louisville says:

        I read Laurens post but I just don’t know. I hope you are right but so far not even much rain (which is good I guess). We’ll see. I guess I’m just tired of having to clean all the mud off my dogs every time I let them out to go to the bathroom. I’d like a day or two break from doing that.

        • Go Cards says:

          I do not know how Lauren Jones could even say that. Has she not looked outside or at the radar? Snow is not sticking. Precip will be out of here in few hours. No way Louisville needs a WSW.

          • Kelly in Louisville says:

            I know…they are going down with the ship. I refuse to ever believe another snow forecast. Not one.

          • Lauren says:

            Honestly if I wake up with 2 inches on the ground, I would be thrilled. Any more is just icing on the cake. I just want enough to be able to take my girls out to play in. It is hard to stay positive, especially after so many near-misses, but eventually the snow will find us. I am hoping this time. Kelly—I, too, am so sick of this cold, miserable rain. Go Cards—that want her forecast, sh just pointed out that there was data suggesting it should be. You guys may be right, this might be a bust for us—but I won’t give up until it is over.

  41. Todd says:

    DRY slot has arrived in Frankfort, Beginining to have doubts about any significant snow in Frankfort, hey what else is new right!

  42. Danville says:

    Big wet flakes here in Danville

  43. Emc says:

    If I understand this correctly any totals before midnight is a bonus because changeover was not to occur until midnight. Agree?

    • Todd says:

      Agree, but if radar south west of here is correct we might have another 4-5 hour window of good moisture left, this stuff has much more of a north movement than east at the moment?

  44. Carrie says:

    It is sleeting in Grayson KY!

  45. Esther says:

    Big snow flakes with some rain, Madison co, just across the I-75 bridge.

  46. Sandman says:

    Few wet snow flakes in Morehead, and 34 degrees..

  47. RunningRyan says:

    37 and steady moderate rain in Bowling Green.

  48. Kathy in Richmond says:

    Big flakes falling in Madison County (close to Union City).

  49. Aaron C. says:

    Rain mixed with bigger flakes of snow in Richmond. Yes, that is a POSITIVE reaction. πŸ™‚ Thinking snow.

  50. spencerlady says:

    Sleeting now outside near Taylorsville. Wind has picked up.

  51. Tabitha says:

    Just barely started snowing in Northwest part of Lexington. We never fail to miss out on the rain but somehow we miss out on the snow.

  52. Tonya Harris says:

    Great big snowflakes in Richmond, but it’s not laying on the ground yet. Currently 34 degrees–let the temp drop just a little bit more!

  53. UVATEXN says:

    Coming down hard again in east Fayette

  54. sue(flatwoods,ky) says:

    36 deg and a rain sleet mix

  55. WXman says:

    00Z NAM initialized great with the precip field…even shows the dry slot punching into western KY at this hour. For the rest of the night, it holds surface temps. where they are as of 22:00 and takes the precip. out of central KY before dawn. It had looked like that with temps falling rapidly, the accums. might be higher than predicted. But now it’s looking like initial totals forecasts from this afternoon may be correct afterall.

  56. Miss Kate says:

    flakes as big as dinner plates. and they are starting to stick!!!!!!

  57. Todd says:

    Rain sleet snow very light in Frankfort dome, temp holding now at 32.9, Big winners are Indiana again, see a pattern here?

  58. james says:

    Snow really coming down good SE Lex out Todds rd.

  59. Aaron C. says:

    Back to rain again. Hopefully not for too long.

  60. Mike says:

    Not a flake in my part of Madison County. 8-6-24 IWBIWISI.

    Good thing I don’t believe any winter forecast. (No offense. I just don’t believe the science / modelling / math is there yet.) I think it is all guestcasting or pastcasting.

  61. BubbaG says:

    Big flakes now in north Madison, but they are spread apart by a few feet. Kind of like light snow flakes, but the flakes have joined together to make big flakes so spread more apart.

  62. Carbon says:

    Rain-very cold-Laruel/Clay.

  63. mcftlf says:

    Lex Mesonet is 32 degrees..everybody else around is above freezing

  64. 3789N8434W says:

    Klumps at Clay’s Ferry….big, beautiful bloby things with an extremely light breeze but still it is air movement…..will be interesting to see what the morning brings as I have the final Christmas family thing at Ft. Thomas tomorrow.

  65. pizzaman says:

    i am in northwest illinois and it missed all of me and i am so thankfull

  66. Neil says:

    Portions of the Indianapolis area have picked up close to 4″ in the last 3 hours! Man I wish we could get that to come this way! They’ve already got plenty of snow up there anyway. BTW, temp finally dropping with big fluffy flakes in Wilmore temp at 33.8, down almost 4 degrees in last hour. Please overachieve, snow!

  67. Aaron Carrington says:

    It’s been snowing in Winchester for about 10 mins and ground is already covered! I hope it doesn’t change back to rain.

    Is this what is known as “dynamic cooling” because it is 34 degrees?

  68. james says:

    I think the lex area has an over achiever going on πŸ™‚

  69. Todd says:

    It is snowing more south and east of Frankfort in areas that are forecast to have less than Frankfort, Proof that Frankfort really is dome central!

  70. THE ROOSTER says:

    All snow in Lawrenceburg, but melting on contact. Temperature 34*

  71. Emc says:

    Just watched news in Louisville and it was nice flakes starting to cover things. Ver frustrating as i am only ten miles south of live shot and mostly sleet here. They mentioned increasing totals for Louisville.

  72. spencerlady says:

    Still sleet near Taylorsville.

  73. turner says:

    38 and a light rain in SW Breathitt.

  74. james says:

    Still coming down at a good clip and looks like some even heavier precipitation heading toward Lex. On the radar. That doughnut hole filled in nicely.

  75. Aaron C. says:

    Oh, if only the snow of 5 minutes were enough to lift the spirits for a lifetime….

    Guess we’ll see what is on the lawn in the morning.

  76. sue(flatwoods,ky) says:

    just changed to snow here! Come on SNOW!!!! keep it up please!!!!!

  77. BubbaG says:

    Nothing but sleet in north Madison. Our 4M old kitten was outside seeing his first frozen precipitation. The sleet was bouncing off him and instead of “meow”, he did a big “mehh”. I am serious.

  78. Aaron Carrington says:

    It’s changing back to a mix here in Winchester. πŸ™

  79. Dodie says:

    Snowing in Garrison, Lewis County

  80. Marsha says:

    Chris pouring snow here in Morgan co….

  81. Ryan says:

    It’s been snowing in Shelbyville for over 3 hours with no accumulation so far. The temperature has dropped to 33 though so hopefully we are close to getting some accumulating snow.

  82. Ben C says:

    Moderate snow and sticking near Fayette Mall in Lexington

  83. Kim says:

    Roads are very slick coming from Lexington to Nicholasville.

  84. Chris says:

    Cold rain in Barbourville (Knox Co.) πŸ™

  85. momx3 says:

    Snowing in Ashland local weather said no snow here till after 6am reason we still follow Chris

  86. Fred says:

    Snowing like crazy here in Winchester,KY. Saw a sign that said watch out for deer when I was driving home, I drove for 10 miles and never saw a deer. Then saw another sign that said watch out for falling rock and when I was watching for fallin rock I hit a deer….

  87. Todd says:

    deck duster in Frankfort, temp 32.7

  88. Amandanlouisville says:

    snowing pretty hard in western Jefferson county ( Louisville) . it just starting to stick .

  89. Kevin says:

    Finally have light snow falling in Lewis Co., KY. Radar has showed rain for a while but it never made it to the ground.

  90. spencerlady says:

    Flakes are coming down and sticking to my deck near Taylorsville!

  91. Bam!! says:

    In Union Co. It’s old school down here right now! Pouring huge flakes for hours now on top of the previous six inches.

  92. LD says:

    Cold rain still falling in Berea

  93. Fred says:

    Can’t get the matches to lite,they lit yesterday……..

  94. Rachel says:

    Ugh… so what the heck? It snowed hardcore here in Lexington and then… it rained? And melted it all away. :/

    • james says:

      Not in SE Lex out Todds rd. Its still snowing and everything is covered. Streets even have a slushy amount on them.

      • Rachel says:

        I’m in SW lexington — it rained for a short spurt around the time I posted earlier and then within 15-20 minutes started snowing again… who knows what that was about! It’s sticking well now though πŸ™‚

  95. Todd says:

    Moderate SNOW in Frankfort, starting to stick to everything πŸ™‚

  96. Ryan says:

    Starting to stick in Shelbyville. Weather stations in Louisville are calling for 3-6 inches in Louisville and surrounding counties and 6+ from Paoli, IN and northeast.

  97. mcftlf says:

    Huge flakes west Franklin County…no more rain. Ground almost covered in the last few minutes. Traffic on I-64 has slowed way down.

  98. momx3 says:

    Starting to stick on elevated surfaces in Ashland

  99. JJTeach says:

    At least a half inch in Lawrenceburg and accumulating FAST. Heavy snow now falling and roads are quickly gaining accumulation as well.

  100. Linda in McCreary says:

    Not doing anything down here on the border….36* and cloudy.. no rain or snow at least none that I could see!

  101. james says:

    Heavy band moving through SE Lex again.

  102. Todd says:

    HUGE snow flakes in east Frankfort. WOW this is cool, I hope this can keep it up for a while! Maybe 1/2 inch, temp 32

  103. BubbaG says:

    Slowing out now (snow/sleet). About 70% sleet.

  104. christy says:

    Quarter size flakes in Lewis County right now.

  105. Braden Petry says:

    SNOW STICKING IN MASON WV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Paul says:

    Light rain and 33 degrees in Maysville at 23:23

  107. SarahH says:

    Beautiful snow falling in Fleming County!

  108. Todd says:

    About 1in. Of snow in Frankfort, temp 31.7, sticking to roads and getting slick, be careful out their !

  109. BubbaG says:

    If a little snow like this gets people silly, Chris will need a bigger server if there really is a big snow. You know, considering the odds, he is probably OK with what you have now. No point in wasting money πŸ˜‰

  110. james says:

    Well this forcast from the NWS for Lex tonight is already a bust. Overnight Snow, possibly mixed with rain. Low around 32. Light and variable wind. Chance of precipitation is 90%. Total nighttime snow accumulation of less than one inch possible. Just measured about an inch on the deck with moderate snow still falling and more coming in on the radar.

    • tommy says:

      well the i wouldn’t go to far into that…lmk has chronically underdone snow for lexington even for the events for which things have worked out…several times when i lived there lmk would record lexington for getting 1-2 inches of snow when we got 4 or 5 inches, really going to affect long term averages…

    • BubbaG says:

      It stopped snowing and is light rain with fine sleet mixed in north Madison. If south of the river gets little to nothing and north of it averages 2″, that is still about an inch.

      The coverage of the snow seems too sporadic, so the edge must be around south Lexington and across the river is where snow likes to usually die.

      • Rachel says:

        BubbaG — that’s exactly what it did here in my area of Lexington around an hour ago. It rained/fine sleet for maybe 15 or 20 minutes, enough to melt what had already fallen, but since then it’s been snowing pretty heavily nonstop.

  111. Jen in Sadieville says:

    It is a winter wonderland here in Northern Scott Co. Big, Fat, Wet, Christmas snow!

  112. Go Cards says:

    Even if it is a little snow I will go ahead and say it. DEFINITELY NOT LAST WINTER! Ok so I screamed it.

    • BubbaG says:

      Hmmmm. Perhaps it will snow a foot and cancel the game. Can we flip for the victory?? I do not want Ricky to get the satisfaction of a more likely than not win.

      • Go Cards says:

        I think Rick is a scumbag. Should’ve been fired no doubt. I do not support him,I support the players. That’s what a real fan does.

  113. Craig says:

    Not even a trace in Bullitt County yet

  114. Todd says:

    About 1.5 in. In east Frankfort, snowing moderate, Don’t hate πŸ˜‰

  115. Miss Kate says:

    raining on the north side of the river too. boo hoo hoo.

  116. Jen in Sadieville says:

    our satellite is out from the heavy snow…didn’t get to see Chris on air tonight. I bet he was cheesin!

  117. weather blog troll says:

    Just took a walk with my wife . Great snow stroll.

  118. MarkLex says:

    Intense snow falling and 32 degrees in northwest Lex. It’s snowing hard at the moment! Enough so that the streets are becoming white slowly. How long the intense rate will last I don’t know.

  119. KYgal says:

    Started snowing around 10:30 here in Maysville… Approx an inch of accumulation and its coming down pretty good.

  120. Cmon Man says:

    Monster Flakes falling in Cynthiana right now, roads in town are covered.

  121. Andy Rose says:

    well as with all the other “events” we have had this yr the only thing the knox whitley border has received is a coating of rain.

  122. Sarah says:

    Snowing large flakes and sticking in Grayson!

  123. Jenn says:

    Snowing hard here. Small flakes, already covered roads & the places that snow had melted today. 31 degrees in Crittenden County.

  124. rakat says:

    The NWS changed our forecast. Earlier this evening, they said we would see less than an inch. Its been snowing for 3 hours now. A bit ago, they changed the amount to 1-3 inches. I’m in NW WV, a hour from Parkersburg. They also extended the WWA to include Parkersburg.

  125. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Just a cold rain in Crab Orchard right now, while I see pics from a friend in Danville and they have what looks like a decent coating.

  126. RunningRyan says:

    36 degrees and the rain just changed over to sleet in Bowling Green! Maybe we will pick up a little bit this time.

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