Thursday Evening Thoughts

Good evening to one and all. WKYT may be the starting point of the zombie apocalypse as everyone around here is walking around with some type of sickness. Yes, that has now carried over to your friendly weatherdude and my eyes certainly show it. Regardless, the weather never stops and neither do I. Let’s roll.

The system moving in for Saturday night and Sunday continues to look like a light snow producer. Here’s the GFS…


That may put down a light accumulation … especially later Sunday into Sunday evening.

Temps are going to warm early next week, but that warming trend looks wimpy and very short. Many of the new models bring a stout cold front in here Tuesday night and Wednesday morning…


When you see models advertise a big warm up, then see them take it away as we get closer… that’s usually a sign a cold pattern is locked in. That pattern is VERY likely to go into the tank by next weekend through the rest of the month. This has the potential to become a memorable period across much of the country.

The European Model is on board with one heck of a pattern kicking in by next weekend…

EuroLook out below!!!

Make it a great evening and take care.

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12 Responses to Thursday Evening Thoughts

  1. KC says:

    Oh yeah, talk winter to me!!!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for taking timeout from being sick to keep us up to date. I truly appreciate your dedication.
    Feel better!

  3. Joe T says:

    What Chris didn’t say was all the southern systems will stay suppressed to our south and we may end up with another situation where north Georgia Alabama and southern Tennessee get the snow and we get a cold dry pattern.

    • MikeM says:

      Normal weather for us. 🙁

    • Mark says:

      If so, this would be similar to early January 2011. One storm dumped, IIRC, up to 16 inches snow along the Tennessee/Alabama line (same storm that shut down Atlanta for days with 6 inches snow and even worse, ice). Places like Huntsville and Chattanooga had around 10 inches.

      Meanwhile, much of Kentucky failed to see a single flake from this storm except for some minor accumulations along the Tennessee border.

  4. weather blog troll says:

    Thanks Chris. Get some rest my man and feel better soon.
    We’ve got more Winter coming!

  5. Matt says:

    That is one BEAUTIFUL looking upper level pattern shaping up. Glad to see the Euro now on board with the rest of the gang. Makes me feel MUCH better! Hope you feel better Chris.

  6. Trudy Kelly says:

    Hope your feeilng better soon. :O)

  7. bjenks says:

    Chris B….Thanks for the update. Hope you feel better soon. That is some serious cold heading south. 1985 comes to mind, but that was only for a few days and very dry. I still think it will be more like 77/78 cold and snowy for and extended period of time. We are way overdue for some fridgid temps. Take care everyone have a good evening.

  8. Ben C says:

    Hey CB,since it will be so cold,what are the chances of big snows to go along with that cold air here in Lexington? Fell better soon my fearless forecaster and God bless.

  9. rolo says:

    I will say there a CHANCVE one this southern storm might hit, fact is OLD SCHOOL comes from that way and u dont need much of a NE trend with one to get cranking, so ur SAYING THERE A CHANCE!! ohh riddy mid atlantic etc. OLD SCHOOL is riding were the cold meet the warm, and us in bout the low 30s BAM!! its like winning the lottery but when it happens again, like 87 a year to remembner then KATIE barr the door.

    I do think there chance, fact is if we do go COOOLD actual COLD as Bailey is saying, there be a MONSTER storm to bring it in and usually another one riding the jet stream were the cold meets the warm, so there is indeed a chance. once u get that OLD SCHOOL then some u really see REAL WINTER tempsd below ZERO

  10. Shawon says:

    Chris, if you’re under the weather get over it! 😉

    Scattered light flurries for this weekend says the #1 met in Cincinnati IMO.

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