Winter Storm Warning

Good Tuesday evening. A nasty mix of freezing rain, sleet, snow and rain is rolling across the state this evening and will continue overnight. The ice is the greatest concern and that has prompted a Winter Storm Warning for parts of central Kentucky.

Here’s a look at the warnings and advisories…

Winter W A

Post the weather conditions from where you live and take care

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160 Responses to Winter Storm Warning

  1. Weatherdadof2 says:

    Again, is Laurel Co. Going to stay in the land of no advisories while the ice piles on on trees and power lines start to lean?

    • Andy Rose says:

      I will give you a flood watch hows that 😉 seriously best thing to do is call the NWS since that is who issues the advisories and tell them of your conditions

      • Weatherdadof2 says:

        I suppose that since we’ve stayed colder than model projections, they didn’t put us in an advisory…? Now casting should be taking over by now. We’ve got icicles of about 1/2 inch on deck and trees are making that lovely cracking sound in the wind. What a lovely evening:)

  2. Dale says:

    Pouring rain in pike county, 34 degrees.

  3. Coffeady says:

    Rain and 33 in Somerset with a few flakes mixed in

  4. Aaron C. says:

    Advisories/warnings may need to be extended from reading some of these comments.

    Icicles starting to hang from my car mirrors here, so the ice is starting to build up.

  5. Mandy says:

    CB is not in charge of the advisories and warnings. That is the job of the NWS. He just reports what counties they have listed.

  6. chrisbEtown says:

    wonder why chris bailey isnt giving much info on amounts, types, etc? its already began and nothing still. guess he isnt sure himself? or maybe just busy today, who knows

  7. Chris Mercer says:

    32.4 in Lawrenceburg (in the WSW warning area) and light rain. Nothing freezing on contact. Unless the temp falls or the dry slot fills in, we will not meet WSW criteria, which is FINE by me.

  8. Char from Hazard says:

    Raining in Hazard.

  9. Stacy Phillips says:

    Ice is forming on lawn furniture. The rain has picked up here in Burgin, Mercer county!

  10. Pharmist says:

    Nothing at all going on in Louisville, except for a heaping spoonful of virga.

  11. Kelly in Louisville says:

    At 6:45, I have sleet and freezing rain mix with a temperature of 32 degrees in the Highlands area of Louisville. The fence and other elevated surfaces are already iced over but the sidewalks and road are just wet. The precipitation began about 6:25. Went from nothing falling to a steady sleet/rain mix in a matter of seconds. Based on the radar, it took a long time for the atmosphere to get moist enough to actually hit the ground. The city was out pre-treating the roads with brine today so they seem to be on top of things.

  12. gsprink says:

    ice coating on patio furniture in versailles.

  13. Joey Wilson says:

    Moderate freezing rain and sleet in Owensboro at 5:50 pm CST. Seems there’s a heavier band of precip working its way up the Ohio River. Wish it would change to SNOW!

  14. drummermandan says:

    In NE Lexington, freezing rain on raised surfaces, wet on concrete so far.

  15. Connor says:

    Moderate levels of sleet coming down in Eastern Jefferson Co.. Can see a glare on my subdivisions road which is not the glare of rain but of mixed precip. Careful everyone.

  16. Nate in Nicholasville says:

    Raining at a good clip just west of US 68 close to Wilmore. No ice on the roads right now however trees, power lines, and my back deck have a nice glaze on them.

  17. Pbooth says:

    My hubby will be driving from home(nicholas county), thru Bourbon and then into Lexington between 9 and 10 tonight, how are conditions in that direction.

  18. JJTeach says:

    Rain has just started in Lawrenceburg. Not even sure if it’s freezing on contact yet. It’s extremely light. Dry slot is inching closer from the southwest. Will it fill in??

  19. BubbaG says:

    Rain at the moment with no further accumulation in north Madison. Fences if anything seem to have less than they did (partial coating).

    If this event does not point out my delusional rants for years that the only events southern feds gives us is ice, nothing will. Warm air even ALWAYS wins out as far as precipitation for these systems. Boo!

    Vanilla Ice and Kentucky winter weather sux.

    • BubbaG says:

      BTW, seems the river effect might keep the ice down for us southern side folks. If so, this would be the third ice event since 1987 to do so.

      Everybody be safe!

      • Tonya Harris says:

        Here just off Irvine Road in Richmond, I’ve got a glaze of ice on a little bush next to my door, and a coating of ice on the chain link fence. Looks like it might be sticking to the power poles a bit, too. The driveway still seems to be in good shape, though. Let’s hope it doesn’t start sticking to the roads and power lines!

  20. themotownmama says:

    Freezing rain and sleet in Leitchfield in Grayson County.

  21. Ben C says:

    Just left Olive Garden by Fayette Mall on Nicholasville Rd in Lexington and ice is hanging from road signs and traffic light. Moderate freezing rain.

  22. Marsha says:

    Raining still 34 here in Morgan co no ice…

  23. Mike says:

    Steady freezing rain downtown Richmond. Ice is forming on the trees and power lines.

  24. Michael P. Boyle County says:

    Beware much of the ice accum currently elevated. Right outside your door may be just wet but a few feet up in trees and powerlines are ice coated.
    32* elevated freezing rain and rain now in Boyle.

  25. Tom N Lincoln says:

    Nothing but rain here. Still 30 degrees. Looking like thats all we’re gonna get here is rain, and thats fine with me, hate the freezing stuff.

  26. Miss Kate says:

    cars are starting to slow down going past my house on US 25 in south Fayette by the river. I hate ice.

  27. Chris Mercer says:

    This WSW is going to be a bust in Lawrenceburg, and I am grateful. No way we make .5 inches ice and/or sleet accumulation given the persistent dry slot over the area and marginal temps.

    • BubbaG says:

      Hopefully them there dry slots head our way 🙂

      • Chris Mercer says:

        I hope so too. The WSW should be north and/or south from where it is. We are in the persistent area of lighter sleet/freezing rain.

        On a side note, Go Cats! I’m tuning out until this one is over.

  28. Rachel says:

    Yep, definitely freezing rain in my area of Lexington now. Coating on the cars and beginning to coat the roofs/powerlines. Streets are still fine for now, but the streets are the least of the worries with ice… And it’s supposed to keep it up throughout the night? This could definitely get ugly!

  29. Wanda Robertson says:

    Ice falling in Logan County, everything covered at this point. Extremely cold out. Everyone stay safe.

  30. eyewall says:

    Ice accumulating on large trees in my front yard on Tates Creek Rd. in Lex. Power already appears to be off across the road. Fine on my side, for now. Getting the lanterns out.

  31. Ramsey says:

    Just started in Shelbyville. Temp is holding steady at 31. Precip is weirdly rain.

  32. Kelly in Louisville says:

    We started off as sleet and freezing rain at my house in Louisville but it appears to now be just plain rain. The ice that was on the fence is melting and the roads and sidewalks are just wet. Let’s hope that stays the case. Not interested in an ice storm.

    • Ramsey says:

      I don’t get the rain. It’s below freezing.

      • Kelly in Louisville says:

        The temp has gone up to 33 degrees at my house and I’m not complaining. Give me all the snow you can give me but no thanks on the ice.

      • BubbaG says:

        Warm air aloft. The rain does not get a chance to turn to snow. Every significant southern fed event we have had in the bast 15 years has been ice as a result.

        Warm air wins another. Boo!

        • Kelly in Louisville says:

          As you like to say Bubba, the trend is what it is. It’s why I’m skeptical of the arctic cold next week. My local forecast has only one day below freezing in the next 10 of course they missed today by about 10 degrees. Still, the odds are almost always with you if you bet on the over on temps and under on snow.

          • BubbaG says:

            We will probably get some pretty cold air, but probably as dry as can be while it is around.

            • Kelly in Louisville says:

              I spoke too soon…back to sleet. I’ve seen it be freezing rain at as cold as 16 degrees at the surface. I’ve also seen snow at around 37 degrees at the surface.

      • Lincoln says:

        Its caused by warm air around near the 800mbar, in which the snow melts and turns it into rain droplets. Basically warm air aloft. As it falls it hits a cooler layer, causing it to supercool… It can also be warmer than 32 and still snow.

  33. SnowDogLburg says:

    As of 7:30 in Lawrenceburg, ice forming on chain link fence….very light freezing rain, and looks like “dry slot” is filling in…..

    • Chris Mercer says:

      I wouldn’t say that. Looks like light returns coming this way, but doesn’t look to persist past midnight. Not sure we can even come close to .5 inch of ice/sleet accumulation.

  34. Chris Mercer says:

    I still say the Winter Storm Warning will bust in Lawrencuburg. We are in for a moderate period of sleet/freezing rain but at advisory criteria, not warning. Light returns heading this way. The only time we have met Warning criteria this year (four plus inches of snow) we met it but were under an advisory. Why is it so hard for media outlets and the NWS to accurately forecast winter weather in this area? And for the record–I don’t like ice.

  35. Momom says:

    Moderate freezing rain in Mercer county on Herrington Lake by the KU plant. Deck is glazed enough that the dog skid across it and elevated surfaces all glazed. Not checked the road yet or radar, but if this continues the roads will have to turn slick.

  36. Michael P. Boyle County says:

    Forgot to far .12″ of precipitation

  37. Waffles says:

    When ice is the issue, why do the issue a wsw versus an ice storm warning?

  38. Ryan says:

    Freezing rain is falling in Shelbyville and accumulating on the cars and deck.

  39. Rachel says:

    For those who know weather… where does the warning come from? I understand that we’re supposed to get some freezing rain, but it’s 31 degrees now and the overnight temps are forecast at 31, possibly drop to 30… so not much difference than right now and all we’re getting at the moment seems to be cold rain (maybe some freezing drizzle). When’s the stuff that requires the warning come into play?

  40. BGWeatherGuy says:

    Temps holding right above freezing. Currently, just having a rain event in Bowling Green.

  41. Muddy says:

    I cant help but to worry this rain will change to ice in Pine Knot!

  42. rolo says:

    RACHEL ur getting the WARNING, 32 below ur getting freezing rain, yes it seemsits raining but it be freezing on impact, especially on elevated surfaces.

    • Rachel says:

      Rolo — that’s what I thought/figured, but it had been freezing rain at a pretty decent clip, enough to get some ice on the roof next door and on the cars and then it switched back to rain and all the ice disappeared. I didn’t think it could do that at this temperature!? I guess it’s just gonna be a waiting game to see how much we get and how much damage it’ll do.

  43. mikew says:

    Why no wwa for gray ky in knox co.wkyt app just came down with the forcasted hourly temps for tonight it say 70 percent chance freezing rain and 31 all night can anyone explain why the nws doest pay attention to what is actually happening outside?

  44. Yucky says:

    This is exactly why I was completely satisfied with last weeks abnormaly warm temps…..winter is just nothing but trouble!!

  45. Tom N Lincoln says:

    Well, the ice is starting to accumulate on the higher surfaces now. My deck is really ice covered, but the roads are just wet so far, and I think they’ll stay that way unless the temps drop another 3 or 4 degrees.

  46. Matt in Richmond says:

    Just walked outside my house in the heart of Ricmond and I have a lot of ice on my truck and my fences.

  47. Todd says:

    Freezing rain and sleet glazing things in frankfort, temp 30

  48. Kelly in Louisville says:

    Now have moderate sleet/snow mix in my part of Louisville. A bit of slush on the side of the street in front of my house but for the most part it’s just wet. The back porch is a little slick.

  49. Connor says:

    North/ Northcentral KY gets the worst of this in my estimation. If you have elderly parents/neighbors. etc…..look out for them and do not let them get on their stoops tonight or tomorrow to get mail. INSTANT fall with hip fracture…….

    • Chris Mercer says:

      I agree on the location. The Winter Storm Warning needs to go north. Nothing to write home about in Central KY.!!!

      • endleswavz says:

        Chris… I’m in the Masterson Station area of Lexington and we are getting plenty of ice accumulation.

      • BubbaG says:

        Not much line, tree or bush accumulation yet in north Madison. There is some on fences, but power lines seem okay, based on the few I shined a light on. Still a lot of night left though.

        Folks south of me are reporting ice accumulation, but no seeing much here yet. Key word is “yet”.

  50. Chris Mercer says:

    Temp back UP to 32.2 in Lawrenceburg. Radar shows diminishing returns to the West. I am quite happy right now. A litle ice on my deck but the roads are wet.

  51. Snoluvr says:

    Hurstborne Ln, 64E to Blankenbaker and Blankenbaker all covered in sleet and are slick. Sleet coming down moderately hard in this part of Louisville. Traffic moving slow. Already saw one slide off.

  52. Connor says:

    the RADAR is spot-on for Eastern Jefferson County in Louisville. Heavy sleet/with some snow. Side roads becoming covered. My dogs hate to go out in a cold rain and could NOT wait to go out with current sleet!

    • Kelly in Louisville says:

      Brian Goode just said that it’s snowing at the station downtown but freezing rain in the south end. All snow now in the Highlands.

  53. Kelly in Louisville says:

    I now have moderate to heavy snow here in the Highlands. My yard and street are now snow covered. Much better than that freezing rain.

  54. Ryan says:

    Sleet/Snow is coming down pretty good in Shelbyville. The roads are covered.

  55. drummermandan says:

    NE Lexington, Ice is starting to accumulate on most things… hoping moisture moves out before too much accumulates. If not, this could get bad.

  56. Mark says:

    34 degrees in Nashville TN, just cold rain for the moment, but reports of some icing in TN counties northwest of here. The minor ice and sleet accumulations Nashville got last night and this morning melted during the day. Still could get a little glaze the next 12 hours or so. Keeping fingers crossed we will escape any big problems, even if this won’t come close to the devastation of 1994 ice storm in Nashville/Memphis/northern Mississippi, or 2003 event in Lexington.

    Just talked with my better half, she said Bowling Green was all rain earlier, now getting a little ice on elevated surfaces but ground still just wet.

  57. WendyT says:

    Thin layer of ice on everything here at the farm in Mercer Co. and 30 degrees. Man I hope this don’t get bad.

  58. katie h says:

    Thin glazing of ice on all outdoor surfaces right now. Some regular rain and ice pellets have mixed in. This could get rough if this lasts all night. 🙁

  59. spencerlady says:

    Sleeting between Louisville and Taylorsville about 30 min ago. It is getting more interesting …

    Local Lou. Met JUST said temps continue to fall with wintry mix…snow in Lou..Last few more HOURS!

  60. Russ says:

    Good ole plain rain here in Laurel county. What an old school

  61. Ramsey says:

    Crazy weird combination of sleet/rain/snow about 20 minutes ago in Shelbyville. Pretty much all sleet now. Roads are covered. I didn’t see any salt trucks out today. Bodes well for a snow day tomorrow.

  62. Connor says:

    heavy bands training across the Ohio River. I live less than two miles from that great flowing body.

  63. bob says:

    Plain ole rain here at Topmost in Knott County.

  64. Teach says:

    Snow and now ice pellets in Grant County! 🙂 hopin for a snow day!!!

  65. BubbaG says:

    Slrain falling heavier now. Sleet and rain at same time. Odd.

    • Aaron C. says:

      Plain rain on south side of Richmond. Some ice has formed in tops of trees, albeit not much. No ice to speak of in bushes, ground is soft and wet.

  66. Bobt says:

    Only rain here in Knox County. You guys can have your winter weather watch if all you are getting is freezing rain. lol I think this is one of the longest stretches into winter that I can remember without snow. Not even one of those “I wonder if it is going to stick” moments. Made it past mid-January already and nothing.

  67. Nate in Nicholasville says:

    New ice storm warnings out for Somerset, London, and vicinities…

  68. bpfire says:

    Sleet in owen county roads are covered at this time.

  69. Mrs H says:

    Just went out back with the doggies and the steps on the deck are a sheet of ice and there are icicles on the swing set and parts of the deck. Had to salt down the deck steps for the dogs to get down them. I am in Lancaster, KY. My husband went out front and checked our street. Thank goodness it isn’t iced yet, but I’m sure the potential is there…

  70. Aaron C. says:

    Going to hang it up here. Looks like there’s a bubble about 2 miles wide in all directions from here preventing anything other than rain happening. If it were wood, I’m sure there’d be ice on it. But the concrete jungle here is all wet and rather boring.

    Goodnight, folks.

  71. miss kate says:

    just had to DRAG my 100lb pup out to go potty. that was a feat in itself with a sheet of ice on the back steps. poor babe hates to get her toes wet.

  72. joe in clark co says:

    Ice is forming on trees…. and wires I hope the wind holds down

  73. Tom N Lincoln says:

    The temp has dropped to 29 now, and its almost stopped raining.

  74. Chris Mercer says:

    This might be the wimpiest Winter Storm Warning I have seen in my four years in Lawrenceburg. Just went outside and have some ice on the trash cans and other elevated surfaces but the roads are wet (and less icy than they were many other mornings were it was just plain “cold”). Given the dry slot that keeps coming over us, I seriously doubt we will make warning criteria. That being said, I am GLAD we missed the ice!

  75. Chris Mercer says:

    And just as I post, we have been downgraded to a Winter Weather Advisory. If this were a snow system, I’d be upset. With an ice system, I’m thankful. Will take a “bust” with ice anytime! Whose with me?

  76. gofigure says:

    Woodford county just downgraded from WSW to WWA.

  77. Tom N Lincoln says:

    Yeah the WSW was just cancelled for central Ky. Wimpy indeed.

  78. Joe T says:

    freezing rain northern pulaski. starting to get a thin accumulation

  79. Joyce says:

    Looks like the warning is over for central Ky.

  80. Nate in Nicholasville says:

    Not surprised the WSW was cancelled for this area. Ice is still coating well on trees and power lines, but roads seem to be holding up. Still coming down at a decent rate, but again, no ice on the ground, just on elevated surfaces. Bridges will be slick, other than that, awful weak system to issue a WSW in my opinion….

  81. Aaron C. says:

    If I recall correctly, I think this is the third or fourth winter storm warning in a row that has not met criteria. That or the warnings were eventually shifted northwest or southeast..

    • BubbaG says:

      Let us hope we see some clipper action if we get the colder air. perhaps our only chance for a decent snow. We have seen enough of these southern feds to know warm air is king.

    • pattyversailles says:

      Aaron!! Aunt Tricia here. I wonder what criteria it was we didn’t meet? It’s 30 here in Versailles and raining. Is the warm air aloft too close to the ground or what?? I guess CB will let us know at 11:00 huh?

      • Aaron C. says:

        One criteria we didn’t meet is 1/4″ of ice on everything—significant travel impacts. Those are north of us and south of us—the “warning” area looks to be the actual “hole” or “black hole” zone of the system. Only place I have heard any somewhat significant reports of ice in the area were in Jessamine Co. with some limb damage. It looks like the warm/cold air has been mixed out to its maximum and most places just don’t have a solid column of cold air..since the cold air is 2 days old, it’s starting to erode. Or, chemicals are being dropped in the air to prevent significant problems. That’s always an option, too. The strange, dumbed-down weather in winter as of late is just too fishy to be something as mere coincidence. Manmade or not, something is amiss—and we may not see a good snow again here for a very long time…guess either going to have to move to Antarctica or Florida—where the weather is a little more interesting.

  82. Lincoln says:

    This looks to be a minor rain event, that happens stick to a few things here and there.

  83. BubbaG says:

    Well, at least the right kind of storm wimped out. Power is better than miserable ice. Only good place for ice is in beverages 🙂

  84. London says:

    We are getting a pretty thick coating of ice in London.

  85. Jen in Sadieville says:

    Well we are only in the advisory and EVERYTHING is covered in ice. It was sleeting for a little while so we have some nice patches of pellets.

  86. KeavyMan says:

    902 PM EST TUE JAN 15 2013






  87. bjenks says:

    10 Days……That is when the big old skool will be here. 10 days…

    Wisconsin / Indiana what a game….

    Cold air in place with a Southern storm……OLD SCHOOL is a coming…

  88. sue(Flatwoods,KY) says:

    good thick coating of ice on the trees and bushes! Cant tell if it is sticking to anything else but the trees are really glistening in the pole light.

  89. Todd says:

    Looks like the sleet snow line moved 60 miles or so north west, snowing in Louisville, freezing rain is the dominate pricip in frankfort, snow dome lives!

  90. Lincoln says:

    Haven’t had any moisture in southern Lexington for awhile now.

  91. Joe T says:

    Wow look how close the NAM and GFS get to Ky for a pretty healthy snow for thurs/fri. To dangle that in front of snow starved KY just aint right. Seems the dome has a crappy sense of humor.

    • Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

      It would not matter if the moisture made it or not,it would end up being a cold rain. I do not think it is our year.

  92. Ben C says:

    I live in Southern Lex and freezing rain is heavy

  93. Michael P. Boyle County says:

    12:30am Rain mixed with some frozen..33*

  94. MikeM says:

    The theory used to be 33 degrees =moisture(rain) 32degrees =snow.
    So now 31 degrees = rain. At what temp do we see snow?

    • Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

      It is what it is! All the rules of winter weather in KY. goes out the window with each mythical model forecast.

      • Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

        When in doubt bet on the rain,especially if that storm is coming from the south. I seen the temp at 18 degrees and it was raining.
        Sometimes I think that we only hit this blog often is to see if this region can beat the odds. Rain is a powerful force here and its based camp is station directly over us.

  95. MarkLex says:

    I must have brought the curse when I moved here in Aug 1996! Only a year and a half living here and I witnessed the awesome storm of Feb ’98. But that was it! Other than major ice storms and a few 2 to 5 inch snows, I’ve seen nothing.

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