Winter Is Cranking Up

Good Wednesday, folks. The latest blast of winter weather across the bluegrass state is winding down early today across central and eastern Kentucky. Freezing rain and sleet really came down at a good clip and this caused some icy problems for much of the state. That mix will slowly work on out of town today, but old man winter is just now coming alive.

In addition to the mix of sleet and ice, heavy rain will continue early today across southeastern Kentucky. This could lead to high water troubles for a few areas. Things will shut off later today as clouds and cold temps continue.

We’ve been talking about the possibility of a southern storm system throwing snow into southern or southeastern Kentucky on Thursday. This storm continues to show up very well on the models and continues to suggest we need to keep an eye on it. Both the GFS and NAM bring accumulating snow to southeastern parts of the state…


It wouldn’t take much of a wobble to the north to put more of the state in line for snow. On the flip side… it wouldn’t take much of a dive to the south to take the entire state out of the game. Let’s see what the models later today have to say about it.

The arctic express pulls into town later this weekend into early next week. We will get one arctic front in here early Sunday, with another diving in on Monday. That one has a lot of “dig” to it and it looks like it could blow up into a bigger system…

CanadianThat’s the Canadian Model and that model has been on fire of late. Snow chances and arctic cold temps will dominate the weather next week.

I will have another update or two later today. Have a great Wednesday and take care.

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48 Responses to Winter Is Cranking Up

  1. MarkLex says:

    Thanks Chris———

    Now, let’s think about this! What happened several days out when the models were showing huge snows over a lot of KY, it went northwest and we got pretty much nothing. Now, since the snows are NOT forecast for most of KY, would I be surprised if those maps verified, even though it’s several days out? No, I would not! Why? Because we only get the northwest trend when we don’t want it.

    New formula-
    Maps showing snows over KY a few days out = northwest trend. Maps showing snows south,east, north, or west of KY a few days out = verify

    Is that negative enough? LOL (sorry)

  2. Manteno says:

    I see Lexington Metro getting another snow/slush mix with that one. This is one odd winter, again. Chicago has had to next to nothing so far this season, usually it’s about a foot of snow by now. I remember last January I was in downtown wearing a short sleeved shirt, that’s unspoken of in Chicago!

  3. rolo says:

    well lasty year and yeats before we always got a N/NWEST tuirn as we got ther systems,

    that be nice as EAST TENN just cross border look to get foot snow.

    this as i been saying is the setup for usd to get our big snows with the southern sytems, but once this week over our chances are gone.

    we will see snow with ALBERTA CLIPPERS over next few weeks that can pile up 1-2 inches at a time though.

    • Andy Rose says:

      Hey Rolo i believe you were just a tad off on your timing you said this rain would be over with at Midnight well its almost 6:30 am and doesn’t look like its ending soon. Thats the current conditions at my place šŸ˜‰

    • Johnny says:

      Where is the “Big One” you said this past week we we’re going to have Rolo? This winter has been horrible for snow lovers. Bring on Spring.

    • bjenks says:

      Rolo you are so correct on the N/NW movement. It happens very often. (and not just in past years) Just like yesterdays system. I think we (Lou.) had it worse than the WSW areas. Hence the N/NW movement. It also happen over Xmas/New Years. Ohio river counties where in the sweet spot until the day of. N/NW took the snow to Southern IN. on both of them storms. If trends hold true Thurs. system will move far enough to give Southern counties a decent snow event……OR NOT….

  4. nor'easter says:

    Well, another Dolly Parton storm here in Madison County last night. A big bust.

  5. Andy Rose says:

    I think it will be a miss everything else has missed why should this one be any different

  6. Weatherdadof2 says:

    Temp up to 33 in London…ice melting. What a muddy mess!

  7. sue(Flatwoods,KY) says:

    we got a good cover of ice on the trees but that was it, guess we have to go to school/work today! LOL Maybe we will get a snow day before winter is over! LOL

  8. Cosmokramer says:



  9. Pharmist says:

    I know we are VERY far out, but the GFS is placing a nice winter storm on top of us on the 28th!

  10. BengalFan says:

    This winter is a JOKE!!! TEll me who got anything that was a cause for a Winter storm warning, let alne a winter weather advisary,,and ALL THE TALK. I’m sick and tired of the BIG TALK about weather(Including the talk in my head). A little ice on the trees and bushes is NO BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!

  11. Andy Rose says:

    Its sad the 1st day of school missed is in Jan and it was because of flood waters not snow šŸ™

    • Cosmokramer says:

      Morgan County is out for the first time today due to illness.

      My dad’s favorite line is still ringing true….”I remember when it used to snow in KY.”

      Watch out weathermen, winter forecasting may become a dinosaur and transform into a fall/spring forecast.

  12. Joey Wilson says:

    Do Chris and the NWS offices look at the same models? This morning’s Paducah and Louisville NWS discussions acknowledge the arctic air but say models showing little, if any, precip and then warming up by mid-next week.

    I like Chris’ maps much better! šŸ™‚

  13. Coffeady says:

    Well parts of the state got plenty of ice. I am glad that it missed us. While I am a big snow liver, I did not want the ice. Thanks for all you do, Chris. I feel like we will get snow when we least expect it. Have a great day, everyone.

  14. Tom says:

    The NWS and the weather channel dont believe we will see any real arctic air. They have one day in mid to upper 20’s, which is not really arctic air. Then back to upper 30’s and mid 40’s by the end of next week. Im not saying they are correct, just reporting what they are forecasting.

  15. BubbaG says:

    I think a more relative description for the events so far this winter are Winter Blehs, rather than Winter Blasts.

    Once again the models show great chances- next week.

    Bring on spring šŸ™‚

  16. bjenks says:

    Chris thanks for the update….Not sure what is going on with the Artic air, but I really like the looks of the Canadian model above. That brings in some cold air along with some precip. We will see some colder temps around here through February. I see us being on the fence more often than not. Plenty of winter left to get that Trend Busting Old School storm that tears the DOME down. THINK SNOW!!!

  17. rolo says:

    yep ROSE it rain on thru thr nite, high water of her in gunchester as well.

    if we get A 100 miles jog to north/northwest SE KY be in line for a quick SMACKING of heavy wet snow. next model runs tell the tell.

  18. Nate in Nicholasville says:

    Power out to parts of Lincoln county. Highland substation malfunction. Crab Orchard, highland, and the Green River areas of the county are all affected. Inter-county RECC is working on switching power to another substation until repairs can be made…

  19. Ready4Snow says:

    Nam still showing snow for SE ky…Man if this thing could shift just a little north SE ky would be under the heaviest axis for snow…Big Big wet snow…

  20. rolo says:

    interesting to see this moisdture feed is not going anywhere, so next low develops and I think it goinbg move futher westr/NORTHW

    ohh maybe the last hurrah with the stalled out front will finally give us something to talk about.

  21. turner says:

    Ice Strom Warning expired at 9am for us in Breathitt Co. At my location @ 1328ft in SW Breathitt Co the low temp thru the night was 34. It is now 38. We had very little icing, thank the good Lord,. Still have a little bit of a mist. Breathitt CO schools were in session. The NWS in Jackson reported 0.4 in of ice but in my part of the country we did not see any accumulations. Appears we dodged a major bullet.

  22. MarkLex says:

    The forcast for today (Just last night, mind you) was for 40 and partly sunny per NWS for Lex. So in less than 24 hours, couldn’t we tell that it obviously was going to be overcast all day today?

  23. JPeezy says:

    Ready for the Arctic air. My 10 day shows 30’s and 40’s and 50’s this weekend and next week. Chris, is 30’s Arctic air or are you thinking down in the teens as highs? Thanks for your blog and snow optimism.

    • Shawon says:

      Forecast subject to change, of course, but on the 7-day outlook on the WKYT web site last night, Chris had a high temp of 19 for Tuesday the 22nd.

  24. Marie says:

    Bring on spring! I am ready.

  25. WendyT says:

    This winter has been miserable. It seems like it has done nothing but rain since the beginning of Dec. Why is it when it’s 32 in KY we get rain but anywhere else in the country it snows?

    • BubbaG says:

      I have asked that to mets for the past five years with no good answer. The usual retort is we get average snow falls some years. My retort back is yes, but takes a dozen one and two inch snows to get there.

      The big snow dome is real and only a tend buster will cave it in. Word.

  26. 3789N8436W says:

    latest tweet from Mr. Bailey: increased potential for more snow and a northern shift…..keep chugging, you can do it…be the Little Snow that Could!!!

  27. BengalFan says:

    My question ” thursday suppossed to be high of 38 or so, in CKY, but how is it going to snow in Southernd KY and WV and EastTn??? Wouldnt they be warmer than CKY?

    But yes, I understand about the wamr air-a-loft stuff, but why in the world cant it snow in Madison County….If it snows in lex, then “the river” stops it in madison co, if south eastern gets snow(secp. upslope, then madison co. is to far north, I need to shut up with the complaining I know!

  28. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Rolo I am with you in the High Water Boat over here in Pikeville. The Big Sandy is really up.Just heard on Cnn Weather the possibilty eastern Ky may get in on some Thurs Snow guess we will have to wait and see,Chad Myers was just talking about it,if I dont wash off maybe I will get some snow.

  29. Andy Rose says:

    Even TWC is forcasting highs in mid 20s tuesday

  30. dawnp007 says:

    storm moving more north!. Let’s pray it hangs tough right over us here in SE and dumps a big load!!!!!

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