Wednesday Evening Update

Good evening, gang. The models continue to show a “heavy snow or no” scenario across southeastern Kentucky tomorrow. What do I mean by that? It simply means there will be very little in the way of light snow and where it does snow it will come down hard. So… it’s either heavy snow or nothing.

A Winter Weather Advisory is out for those counties that border Virginia. I feel for the NWS in Jackson on this one because it is a tough call. My gut tells me we will see warnings going up for some areas. The GFS is even farther west and northwest with the snowfall…

GFSThe 15z SREF’s match up very well with what the GFS is showing. They may even be a tad farther north and west than that. The NAM took a dip to the east and southeast with the heaviest snows. So, you can see the issue I’m dealing with.

I want to see the late evening runs before going to an all out alert. The folks at the HPC are pretty bullish on snow across southeastern Kentucky…


I will have a more in depth call for snowfall coming up on WKYT-TV tonight at 11.

Have a great evening and take care.

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69 Responses to Wednesday Evening Update

  1. Neil says:

    Either way, it’s a big fat goose egg for CKY… πŸ™

  2. Coffeady says:

    Bring it a little more north and west and we may have a chance in Pulaski County! Hope springs eternal.

  3. Weatherdadof2 says:

    Looking better for London!!!

  4. RhondaB says:

    Thanks for the update, Mr. Bailey.

  5. KeavyMan says:

    Will sit back and wait. Keavy has been domed all season and last. Chris is doing a good job, but again…WINTER WEATHER is almost impossible to predict!


  6. Andy Rose says:

    Remember the cold front Chris talked about pushing this east once it arrives so don’t get ya hopes up

    • BubbaG says:

      But of course. Big moisture and freezing temps in most of Kentucky means ice. No ice for you?? Fine then, dry air is all your gettin’.

  7. mikew says:

    Does the evening outlook look more or less favorable for snow tomarro in knox laurel whitley co. Area?

  8. Dawnp007 says:

    Those maps hurt; Being so close to getting in on a good snow. Hoping it goes more north east for us. This Snow deprivation is for the birds. On another note, my husband went to work yesterday morning and didn’t get back home till after nine this morning helping restore power. He slept till 4:30, ate supper and right back out.

  9. RhondaB says:

    Shewwww! You guys! I’m so eternally glad that I am not depressed or I sure as heck would be, lol.

  10. rolo says:

    yep nothing to see here, the cvold front is keeping it from comingh N/NW if u watch CB on TV u saw this. once again it CANT HAPPEN, just cant we had the N/NW turn and BOOM a cold front speeds up and pushes it to the s and east.lollllllllll

    I GIVE UP.

  11. Ready4Snow says:

    Any other time this would of shifted NW…But nooooooooo…It would have mean’t a good snow for part’s of ky…Only NW shaft we get is to move snow out of ky…Heartbreaking trying to thread the needle for a good snow in ky anymore…You folks may have the dome in central ky but we have the bone in southeastern ky as in bone dry..Nothing,nada,zero…

  12. mikew says:

    So whats the next outlook on snow after thursday for eastern ky?anybody?

  13. 3789N8434W says:

    going to get two flashlights and go out in the yard and pretend the snow is an airplane and pretend direct it north so I won’t have to pretend anymore (for a while!) bring that bad baby into the gate!!

  14. Aaron C. says:

    I only see snow here when I hear helicopters overhead the same night it comes. Lol.

    Oh well. Haven’t heard those helicopters in a while.

  15. KeavyMan says:

    Now if we could Chris to come in the room

    Anyone know what time next models come out?

  16. Ready4Snow says:

    Hey rolo…Can you hook a fellow up with some good moonshine…Think i’ll just drink away the rest of this miserable winter…

  17. Chris Mercer says:

    Nothing to do with impending snow, but this might be some kind of (miserable record). According to the climate report today, as of 4:00 P.M. Lexington had recorded a low of 31 and a high of 32. I never remember a 1 degree temperature change in a day? Does anyone else? Is this a record?

  18. rolo says:

    R4SNOW yes sir, got the best in the area. just holler at me on

  19. Matt in Richmond says:

    God’s direction of the weather-105 The computer runs on the weather-1… Looks a little lopsided to me… I think somebody’s trying to tell us that they are still in control!!! Dang computers!!!

  20. bob says:

    Hey Rolo what will Knott County get from this? Can I count on a snow day and no school?

    • Goodness says:

      Meteorologist Rolo will be studying the latest models and trends. He will be issuing advisories and Warnings at a later point this evening.

  21. Upslope says:

    NAM shifting back slight northwest .. Southeast KY may get decent snow… Trend is our friend here in harlan and leslie co

    • KeavyMan says:

      Laurel, Knox, & Whitley County too?

      • Upslope says:

        To my untrained eye.. It looks as if there will be a sharp cut off for snow….those counties closest to VA border stand greatest chance to get decent snowfall..I’m afraid the further west you are from Hyden, your chances are greatly diminished. However there is still time for more NW jogs… Lets keep fingers crossed for that to happen so we can all share a good thumping!

    • Crystal In Pikeville says:

      What does it show for Pikeville Upslope?

  22. Sandman says:

    I bet a big one is coming next week…. I can feel it in my bones… They just keep coming…. 😎

  23. mikew says:

    When do the new models come out rolo?

  24. Harlan Winter says:

    Snowdancing in Harlan county! Fingers and toes crossed!

  25. DougT10 says:

    Now I am optimistically pessimistic about London’s chance of snow lol. Light rain now and 37 my Papaw used say it was warming up to snow sure hope he was right.

  26. snow princess says:

    Well, I have seen the projected forcast from 2 mets, both differ…one forcasting inches of snow for SE/Ky, the other a cold rain. Will be interesting to see who’s is closest to what actually happens.

  27. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Chris what area is the 6 inch snow and when will the latest Nam be out or Gfs Or Gps lol I dont know its the lack of No Snow????

  28. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

    I am happy for all the snowlovers in the s.east portion of the state. I hope it does not fizzle out like it does in the lou.&lex area when the models are looking great.

  29. chris g in clay county says:

    no new news on fox 56, same thing chris had at 6 on wkyt

    maybe hes waiting for update at the 11 broadcast on wkyt.

  30. Joe says:

    Better chance of winning the lottery than getting snow

  31. Upslope says:

    Both GFS and NAM show potential snowstorm for extreme southeastern KY.. All depends on how fast temps drop.. Wetbulbing could be a factor and help increase snowfall rates in those areas

  32. tommy says:

    looks like a hit for knoxville into the wise VA area

  33. Andy Rose says:

    once again such a disappointing forcast

  34. MarkLex says:

    Yea bummer!

    Anyway, it was only 32 in Lex & thick overcast today for a daytime high. The NWS forecast was for 40 and partly sunny. An 8 degree error & zero sun..

  35. Big guy says:

    So I didn’t get to see the news. Are we still expecting snow in Harlan County? Last I saw it said something about accumulation only in higher elevations. Can I expect snow?

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