Tracking A Sideswipe Snow

Good Thursday and thanks for dropping by KWC. We have a winter storm taking a swipe at the bluegrass state today and this will bring snow to parts of southeastern Kentucky. As this is taking place… our attention turns toward the weekend arctic blast and subsequent snow threats it will bring.

As I’ve talked about over the past few days, this will be a heavy snow or no type of scenario. Sure, the precipitation may start as a mix, but dynamic cooling will quickly take over. The sharp gradient to the accumulating snow is impossible to determine until we can actually see the radar later today. Here’s a rough outline on what may happen…


Those are much larger snowfall ranges from what I usually put in a snow forecast. The sharp cutoff means a wobble in either direction will greatly impact totals.

Here are some tracking toys…

I-75 MP 23
Whitley County
I-75 MP 23



I will have updates on this touch and go storm as we go throughout the day. The rest of the state will see mostly cloudy skies and temps in the 30s for highs.

The arctic express pulls into town late this weekend with the first of several fronts. Temps will come way down from Saturday into Sunday with readings going from the mid and upper 40s Saturday, into the upper 20s and low 30s Sunday.

The air will grow much colder from there and take a look at the potential snow makers dropping in next week…
Canadian Canadian 2

The Canadian Model is a good looker for snow next week and it does have supportΒ  from every model not named the GFS. I honestly wish I had a dollar for every time I said that. While the GFS has the overall setup… it just is not good enough to handle the specifics until we get closer. Just look at this week and how it didn’t catch on until a few days before.

By the way.. one of these systems diving in from the northwest is going to try to really amplify at some point next week. Perhaps, something like this…

Canadian 3

Have a great Thursday and take care.

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170 Responses to Tracking A Sideswipe Snow

  1. Cosmokramer says:

    ….and I’m predicting the Dow MAY hit 15,000, the Cats MAY get back in the top 25, and gas MAY drop to $1.99 a gallon this weekend or next week or next weekend….hey, this is easy if you keep sending it into next weekend…lol

    **Don’t think any of the above, including significant snow, are in the cards for KY. πŸ™‚

    • Jessica says:

      Well, CB does have the fact this is the middle of January going for him. Seems that the winter temperatures did return and activity weather wise did increase so far. Of course he did not guarantee snow.

      I am from Morgan County. My section had some pretty good ice the other night. It melted through the day but it was there. Went to Morehead in the afternoon and some places had received more and it was still on the trees. The oddest thing was leaving the house and seeing ice for a short distance then no ice anywhere and then the ice again. Could definitely tell where the heaviest precipitation fell. Same on the way to Morehead. And some places along the way actually had ice on one side of the road and none in others. It was neat to see really.

  2. Joey Wilson says:

    Northern clippers with really cold air can drop some nice snows. It’s good to see more than one chance so hopefully most of the state can get some winter love!

  3. Big Papa says:

    My area in SWVA is forecasted 5-10″ and is now under a Winter Storm Warning. The past three times we’ve been under a WSW though we’ve not got a thing.

  4. Bobt says:

    Southeast KY going to get hammered with the North West shift that always happens.

    Oh. I forgot. This system is going to shift to the SE. Can’t win in Kentucky. When we are in play early we get the infamous NW shift and the snow goes north, and when we are just sitting NW of the systems the thing doesn’t move or moves SE.

  5. LD says:

    I don’t see any arctic numbers in the 7 day forecast. Does another front come in after Wednesday to bring the arctic air?

    Please report where your snow is coming down today, I may drive down to see what snow looks like.

  6. Festus says:

    As of this post, Rockcastle is the first southern county to be receiving snow according to radar…. I thought this was supposed to fill in from the south? If temperatures hold today and this snow is actually hitting the ground, things could get interesting here. We shall see I guess.

  7. Wes says:

    Models are all drunk. Hope they sober up soon.

  8. Reeneyinky says:

    Why can’t we think positively? I’ve been praying for snow since October! It’ll happen, you’ll see. I sure wish I could get WKYT! I’d be watching the weather every broadcast. Chris, you are over-worked and under-paid! From this Greenup County girl, THANK YOU for your dedication even in the face of the nay-sayers! Enjoy a blessed day!

    • Mark says:

      WKYT’s website provides livestream of their news, you can watch Chris that way!

      To be sure, I like several Nashville tv mets here – especially Ron Howes and Lelan Statom on WTVF (same station/studio that produced Hee Haw back in the 1970s πŸ˜‰ ). But watch Chris from time to time as well, including last night. I’m sure I’m far from the only one outside of WKYT’s market that does this.

      • Mark says:

        Here’s a funny clip πŸ™‚ of another larger than life local met, James Spann of Birmingham being in the crosshairs of a snowball in the studio:

  9. Ready4Snow says:

    Yawnnnnn….Did someone mention snow,,,Oh yea in Mississippi and Alabama…Bring on spring…Oh i forget it’s been spring for the last 2 month’s…Hope the ground dry’s up so i can plant some peas’s this weekend…lol

    • WendyT says:

      Doesn’t that totally tick you off that it’s snowing in the deep south and that same system brings rain here. How the heck does that happen! Seems lately you can’t even trust the radar here cause it looks awesome but in reality nothing hitting the ground. We need to rename KY the Land of Virga.

  10. Wondering says:

    When will we know if it’s going to snow? I’ve got a rehearsal this afternoon in Harlan and I need to know if I need to cancel.

  11. BengalFan says:

    Here is the honest deal……It is Jan. 16, and sunday will be han 20th…I have had in Madison county …A Spit of snow! And yes, models say it looks like it will……But that is only to keep us “droolling”…Well, I’m out of drool, all dried up CHRIS. Sorry buddy. I’m turning the Station!

  12. Ready4Snow says:

    Looking at the radar it appears the snow band over Mississippi is further north than was modeled by last night’s 00Z NAM…..Hopefully the model’s are off and bring the snow train more into SE ky…See,still thinking Postive…

  13. mikew says:

    Chris could we get a twitter update on your latest radar thoughts this morning if your reading these comments?

  14. rolo says:

    MIKE W he didnt get to bed till after 3. this post not made till after 2am, so let him sleep.

    I can give u a update, TEMPS are not responding, MOSTURE breaking out but if ur not round the AUPPER level system like BAMA etc its not cold enough. as it moves EAST NORTH EAST u see the CAROLINAS etc get some good snow.

    just dont see much in KY except above 3,000 feet in in usual plcves, BLACK MT etc.

    • mikew says:

      Thanks rolo i didnt think about him gettin to bed late i guess he does have to get some sleep to.well maybe next week we’ll get a good system through here.

  15. Mark in Marion says:

    Just watching the radar, doesn’t it seem as if it’s having a northwestern shift already? — * Please note, untrained amateur eye here πŸ™‚

  16. Andy Rose says:

    Soon as Rolo opens his mouth the radar changes colors LoL

  17. rolo says:

    this is a bust by look of things even for the bordercounties, unless it switches soon the moisture be gone in faaaar SE KY, u look back to S/SW there not alot to be excited as far as mosisture either.

    • Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

      This happens all the time in the Lou & Lex area. Welcome to the new norm KY. The title of this site should be: The Model that Cried Snow

    • Big Papa says:

      It was forecast to rain this morning and change over around noon. I still think that the area is in play for snow. Maybe not the foot that you forecast last night, but several inches is possible.

  18. rolo says:

    look like knox county bout as far as mositure will get, go look at the radar page and the SE KY radar, perfect as u see were the moisture is and that as far as it is getting.

  19. rolo says:

    im sure it snowing right not on BLACK MT etc, its cool see precip arc as it is indeed rolling over the BORDER AREAS, so this forcast nailed as look at the cutoff of moisture it something.

  20. Weatherdadof2 says:

    NWS Spartanburg has western NC (Charlotte and west) now in a sleet/snow mix, as opposed to an all snow event. Could that mean storm is now shifting towards us?

  21. Andy Rose says:

    I hear freezing rain and its coooooooold in Knox this morning

  22. BengalFan says:

    Funny, radar has showed snow in Madison Co….Nothing

  23. Pamela Harris says:

    Well I’m glad that Virginia should finally see some snow. Or shall I say Central Virginia. We here in Richmond havn’t seen any snow this season! Not a flake!!! We’re excited as little kids here at work. Snow to start sometime this evening.

  24. Andy Rose says:

    water+sleet=ice on roads

  25. Dale says:

    Sleeting pretty hard in Pike County, 34 degrees.

  26. rolo says:

    just want come on north precip,amazing, u all in bell co and parts knox should be getting it right now.

    oh well us in manchester looking ahead to nezxt week CLIPPER MANIA

  27. KeavyMan says:

    Very light flurries and sleet here in Keavy right now.

    • stacyloveguru says:

      You’re just making that up to give me hope! The radar has been showing rain in London all morning…not a drop has hit the ground! I’ve tossed in the towel no snow here in the methadome…

  28. Chris Mercer says:

    I’ve noticed the forecast temps for the “arctic” outbreak from the NWS are already higher than they were yesterday. Two days of highs in the Mid to Upper 20’s and lows in the teens sounds like a nice cold spell in January, but does not qualify as an arctic outbreak.

    Just taking Lexington, here are the lowest temperatures of the year for the past several years.
    2012: 13
    2011: -2
    2010: 2
    2009: -3
    2008: 3
    2007: 1
    2006: 4
    2005: 6
    2004: -6
    2003: -7

    Notice how this and last winter are the only two winters in a row not to at least record single digits? Not surprising given these are the only two consecutive winters since the 1870’s that have been this warm.

    • WendyT says:

      I’m fine if we stay out of the single digits. We never get snow when it’s that cold anyway. And I worry about all the animals outside when it’s that cold.

      • Chris Mercer says:

        I am fine with it as well, but let’s not advertise this as an “arctic” outbreak if we are no going that low. Arctic outbreak sounds like serious, not normal cold to me.

    • Rachel says:

      And yet… we have nearly 9 weeks of THIS winter left to go. So again, it’s a little too early to say that this winter is the second winter in a row to not record temps in the single digits…

  29. Russ says:

    Another joke of a system. But, but, but, Winter is coming next week, whatever.

    • rolo says:

      what are u talking bout, the forcast was for the BORDER COUTIES, the ADVISORY was for the 4 counties, LETCHER,BELL,HARLAN etc, ur off base with that coment. those areas are already getting accumlating snow RUSS, sorry but this fircast was pretty much nailed.

      • Russ says:

        A joke of a system unless you live in SE Kentucky. I never questioned CB’s forecast. This is just typical bullcrap KY weather. I’ll say this, the upcoming arctic plunge will bring ZERO snow next week. You can bank on that. And for those of us that lived in the 80’s and 70’s when we had REAL winter weather, these “arctic” outbreaks are pathetic.

  30. rolo says:

    well this proves that when it comes to KY weather the normal trends are always out door, the N/NW trend never happen. unreal.

    1-200 miles and all SEKY be hammer time.

    its coming down in LETCHER COUNTY now, my friend said its switch to ALL SNOW.

    this one has finally busted my FAITH, I give up folks.

    now u get CLIPPER MANIA which as far as winter goes will be fun with inch here and inch there, but this one had makinghs of a BIG DADDY.

    BAILEY nailed this one with his map last nite for most part, he was to far NORTH with the precip though. but overall good work.

  31. Andy Rose says:

    Micah didn’t even put a snowfall map up during the noon news that should tell ya how things are looking

    • Russ says:

      Well, stick around. I”m sure Rolo will be “forecasting” old “skool” for next week sometime in the next four hours. There’s three things I’m used to on here (every winter)
      1. Model hugging
      2.Rolo’s fearless prognostication
      3. The infamous cold air and winter storm threat for “next week.”

      • BubbaG says:

        I think we will see much colder air next week. Just not much if any snow. Not unless the amazing Clipper comes and saves the day.

        BTW, how many more years and even this winter of old school system outlooks before people figure out old school for most of Kentucky might be closed?

  32. Todd says:

    Head for the smokie mountains if want to see a good heavy snow

  33. Joe says:

    Snowing in Williamsburg, KY

  34. Andy Rose says:

    Snow and sleet in Knox atm

  35. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Got these comments just minutes ago from old man winter: “Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  36. bob says:

    Nothing here in Knott County…. and as usual all VIRGA!!!

  37. Weatherdadof2 says:

    Snow sleet mix in Corbin.

  38. rolo says:

    the UPPER LOW in BAMA TENN is intesifing this baby big time, if ur see snow now look out its going get FUNKY, here in manchester need it get bout 50 or so miles futhere north but look like there a FENCE at the CLAY/KNOX border.

  39. rolo says:

    ANDY u should be getting PRECIP man, if not ur in a dome. talk to my biuud in PINEVILLE AND ITS COMING DOWN.

  40. Cole in McCreary says:

    Sleet and snow mix here. School out at 2:00

  41. Andy Rose says:

    Now that its turned to all snow the precip has dried up not much hitting the ground here

  42. Dale says:

    Silver dollar snowflakes in Pike County, 33 degrees.

  43. Jess says:

    snowing good in Knox County

  44. Russ says:

    Not a thing here in Laurel county. Not that I’m surprised.

  45. J. says:

    Snowing in Harlan County as I type; schools dismissed for the day around 1pm.

  46. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Been sunny in Monticello for the past 15 mintues, while neighboring McCreary County dismisses school early!!! What’s it gonna take to catch a break. πŸ™

  47. MMRP says:

    It was fun while it lasted *sigh*

  48. Todd says:

    Sunny and a balmy 39 in Frankfort

  49. Andy Rose says:

    We have our first coating of the Yr were are only 3 months behind some folks

  50. Earl says:

    London misses another. North south east west all this year

  51. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Well still nothing yet in Pikeville Dale where are you located in Pike?

  52. Dale says:

    Absolutely pouring the snow in southern Pike County, everything white, 32 degrees.

  53. Joe says:

    Snow is over for Williamsburg, just a coating of wet snow.

  54. MikeM says:

    Eventually the snow gods might have pity on the poor souls of central my. Snow in Birmingham Alabama and we get 31 degree rain Monday night, Really?.

    • WendyT says:

      ” Snow in Birmingham Alabama and we get 31 degree rain Monday night, Really?.”

      Yeah, that is what really ticks me off !

  55. BubbaG says:

    Jeepers! Over sixty comments already for an event effecting maybe twenty people in Kentucky. Now that is an impressive ratio πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  56. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Dale I will be up lol.Chris really nailed this one you will get it or you get nothing no in between,great Job Chris.

  57. bob says:

    Still doing nothing here in Topmost of Knott County

  58. Bob says:

    Still nothing at Topmost in Knott County.

  59. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    If you want to see something sad look on Radar First Alert Defender In Pikeville I am so close to the snow but so far away lol.I could reach out and touch it lol.

  60. Cole in McCreary says:

    I 75 shut down and they were not in an advisory. Nothing here at the moment, thanks Chris!

  61. Todd says:

    A heavy snow in Alabama with temps around 35 degrees, In Frankfort it still rains when it is 25??

  62. KeavyMan says:

    Nothing in Keavy. Had flurries and sleet earlier but nothing now. All brown and muddy ground. Looks wintry but nothing. We, in southern laurel County is either to far South or North. All I can say is……………………….I’m ready for the pool and warm air. Papa is needing some sun!

  63. Shanks (Laurel County) says:

    Radar has been showing that it been pouring snow for couple hours for my neck of the woods. But nothing is hitting the ground.
    Wonder when it will get here?
    Thanks Chris for all the updates

  64. Todd says:

    NWS for next week no where near as optimistic on snow chances as Chris is, they are saying coldest day Tuesday with dry weather thru the period then a slow warmup with rain coming in by late week, I know, it looks good a couple of weeks from now πŸ™‚

    8 to 14 day NOAA map has it above normal in ky for that period?

    • prelude says:

      Depending on the system’s timing for next Thursday if the low hits at night more than likely have some sort of wintery precip if it hits in the day more of a cold rain. More than likely a mix bag.

  65. prelude says:

    Harlan cam that is a pretty snow there getting its a sight for soar eyes.

  66. MMRP says:

    7 miles from Cumberland College, they have a good snow, I have nothing. Flurries I could’ve counted while they clung to my back deck, but they are all gone and so is the precip. Just very cold, cloudy, and muddy here. Interstate traffic seems to be moving along smoothly out by my house.

  67. KeavyMan says:

    Ok………… far will I have to drive to see SNOW from I-75 exit 29? Just noticed radar is starting to fill in a little bit over here in southern/western Laurel County. Not getting my hopes up for here though. Might have to drive by Andy’s and Blizzard Tims to see snow on the ground LOL Get the HOT CHOCOLATE ready…………………….LOL

  68. Big Papa says:

    Heavy, heavy snow in Southwest Virginia along with occasional thunder. It’s going to be one of the biggest snows we’ve had here in a long time. Usually the mountain tops get a lot, but here in the valley we only get ankle biters. Have about 4″ and it’s still peppering down.

  69. Anthony says:

    Wunderground radar shows most of the snow to the south or southeast of the state as of 4:00 PM.

    Also, there appears to be an Octopus attacking the Harlan webcam.

  70. rolo says:

    well glad u FEW got good snow, its just bout over now,

    this was a PERFECT STORM for snow and 96 percent of people missed out,

    just takes a MIRACLE to get it.

    I have give up, u see ROLO not mention snow etc no more because its not worth it as it always turns out sad.

    I will enjoy few CLIPPERS, but look now the advertise ARTIC AIR is not beinmg mention as 7 day oput look is 30s and upper teens, not 10s and single digits.

    • BubbaG says:

      Nope bro Rolo. Kentucky missed it, but plenty of other people in other states next to us got snow love.

      This is too uncanny all these misses for so long….. Has someone spited the snow “gods”?? Are we ALL paying for someone’s vanity!!?? πŸ˜‰

  71. Neil says:

    POURING down the sun in Lex.! πŸ˜‰ Snow is a relic of a bygone era around here, but as this wasn’t ever predicted to hit this part of the state, not really a disappointment. My wife did point out an interesting fact, though: the deep south gets the best of everything – heavy snow, and when its not snowing its sunny and warm!

    • MarkLex says:

      I don’t like it when there is a snowstorm and the followed by sunny and 40. It takes the fun out of it. More fun when it’s a three or four day event.

      If anyone wants to see a deformation zone, that area in northeast Alabama and southwest TN I’m pretty sure is a deformation zone and that may move into the Western NC, but so far, my hometown in western NC has had heavy cold rain all day, so I at least hope they get some snow later.

      The place to really be seems to be southwest VA

    • BubbaG says:

      I am going jogging now and will enjoy the sun πŸ™‚ If only shining for a few more minutes, better than nothing πŸ™‚

      Better sunny than cloudy with now snow πŸ™‚

  72. Chris Mercer says:

    An honest question for Chris Bailey or anyone else who would care to reply. Chris, John Belski, and many many other people I respect said this winter would be colder and snowier than last winter. Unless things really change in February, it isn’t going to happen, at least not for Central Kentucky. What do you make of this? Right now we are on track for the two warmest winters in a row since at least 1872.

    • Rachel says:

      Right now average temperature for January is 45 degrees… this is only 4 degrees above the norm (41). A week of cold temps — temps in the 20’s or low 30’s will easily bring that within normal range.
      I definitely agree that this winter is not, thus far, any snowier than last winter… but I don’t remember having more than a handful of days last winter that even dipped into the 30’s, so I definitely think it’s colder.

      • Chris Mercer says:

        December was one of the Top 10 warmest and January is warm so far. I don’t see any indications that February will be any different?

        • Rachel says:

          And I’m not saying it will either… but we still have NINE weeks of winter left, so I think we should maybe wait and see.

  73. Mike says:

    In Richmond –heavy and damp grey skies, that’s it. We continue to move on to the next week away storm. 8-6-24.5 (up .5 inches from an 8 year total of 24 inches) doesn’t look to be threatened to change much any time soon. Crazy stuff — north, south, east and west.

    • MarkLex says:

      Mike, Where are you getting your measurements. Are you saying that over and 8 year period it’s only snowed 26 inches in Richmond? No way

      • BubbaG says:

        We have had a few real good 5″ plus clippers and a bunch of little ankle biter two years ago. We are way past 26″ in eight years.

      • Mike says:

        That would be the case in my back yard. Lexington can get 4 to 6 and we would get 1 to 2. Compared to surrounding counties we are in a dry slot. A dry slot inside a dome????

        In my 8 years here we have never gotten more than 6 inches at any one time and can think of no snowfalls where we had more, or even as much as the media indicated.

        • Aaron C. says:

          How can you discount the proof in front of you when you yourself say “think river!” but then don’t factor it into play when what twaddle of snow we do get, is sometimes 2 or 3 inches less than what is just up the road?

          Malarkey. This no snow stuff is just malarkey.

          • MIke says:

            Don’t really understand that Aaron, I just know what my simple ruler and my back yard tell me.

          • MarkLex says:

            Aaron – that’s usually ICE, not snow. I’ve seen SEVERAL instances in the past where south Fayette and Richmond got the better snows than (where I am) in northwest Lex. We had three and south fayette had five to six, and Richmond got about the same as south Fayette. That’s happened a FEW times mostly with clippers I think. But I don’t think there’s any way that any part of Madison county has only had 26 inches of snow in 8 years.

            • BubbaG says:

              You are correct. Clippers have usually favored the southern areas and the west or southern fed systems have favored northern areas.

              Based on the last several years though, none of us have been favored much beyond 2″ events.

              • Aaron C. says:

                I’ve not seen a single snowfall over 4″ in my 4 years of living in Rich. There was a reported 8″ snowfall somewere in Rich a few years ago, but I can attest that this number was exaggerated for where I lived at the time. 8 inches down the road, 4 inches in my yard/driveway…

  74. I give up says:

    No snow in Somerset…not one single drop! I’ve checked back all day for updates…..

  75. Mike says:

    I bet the top of the ridge at Cumberland Gap is setting pretty right now. Makes mew want to head for the mountains and a winter backpacking trip!

  76. Andy Rose says:

    Wonder why Chris didn’t update?

  77. Chris Mercer says:

    LMK is now forecasting only two days with highs below freezing in the next week and both of those in the 20s. Coldest lows in the teens. Chris, you must quit hyping this as an “arctic outbreak.” I think you are great, but you are losing credibility with that kind of description. At a minimum, I think, an arctic outbreak has to feature lows below zero and highs in the teens? Otherwise, it is just a nice cold snap.

    • KRinRichmond says:

      Wow!! Don’t hold anything back!! Sure would be nice if we could get some of the snows hitting east Tn around my childhood town, Kingsport, TN.

    • Kelly in Louisville says:

      My 10 day has a high of 30 for Monday and 31 for Tuesday with the coldest low being 18, something I’ve hit twice this year. Arctic should never be used unless we are going to see temps below zero and that isn’t going to happen this winter. A more accurate description of the week ahead is a January chill.

  78. Aaron C. says:


    more boring weather. I really really really really REALLY would like for it to get up to 90 this February if it isn’t going to snow any more than 5 inches for the month.

  79. Todd says:

    Just watched Louisville mets say DRY cold Sunday thru Wendsday, then get ready for it, RAIN and 44 Thursday!

  80. BubbaG says:

    Look at positives:

    1. We dodged another ice storm from another southern fed, formerly-known-as-old-school system.

    2. Nice water table for spring

    3. I can not think of a number three

    The big negative though is if we do not have at least a week very cold temperatures in a row, this will be the second warm winter. The
    bugs and critters will be at near infestation levels this year. Word.

  81. MikeM says:

    Chris wasn’t on the news tonight so I’m guessing they’ve carted him off to the funny farm because this weather has to be driving him nuts. As for me I’m out of my NyQuil coma and now will be seeking therapy to help me cope with my ongoing snow deprivation depression. Reading the blog and continually looking ahead 7 days Doesnt help. Lucy’s a psychiatrist isn’t she?

  82. Juno99 says:

    What happened to the big arctic outbreak next week that was supposed to plunge us in the deep freeze for the rest of the month? a couple of days in the 30’s and 20’s teens for lows. then back to near 50 with rain next thursday…this is arctic??

    • BubbaG says:

      It is known as a “relative curve” arctic outbreak πŸ˜‰

      Kind of like when the highest score is a C, but that becomes an A and so a D is a B and and F is a C πŸ™‚ Me like “socialist-like” touchy feely’ grading systems πŸ™‚

  83. Tominlou says:

    I like the 1″-6″ snow forecast band. hahaha

    If I told a customer of mine their landscape work is going to be between $100 and $600, they’d laugh at me.

  84. KeavyMan says:

    What exactly did Chris Bailey do to cause all this bashing? If you are this harsh about what he says in his blog………………..why come and read it? I know it is frustrating as a snow lover to not get snow but the fact is, our climate is changing. If you don’t believe it then why are winters not like they used to be. I remember an arctic front bringing temps down to -15Β° with highs being 0Β°. Times has changed and so has the climate. Global warming…..I don’t believe in that myself. The winters back in the 70’s and 80’s were harsh and the 90’s…tings started
    Keep up the good work Chris. Not many people would go out on the limbs to warn people of what could happen. Most just sits back and waits until it is almost to late then they say something. The things about weather……GOD HAS THE CONTROL! Love reading your posts and hope you continue for years to come.

    • Bengalfan says:

      I agree bout climate change,,,I think it has and always will be changing. And no doubt god is in control. Models is what people go by to forecast what may happen.

      But I guess we need to clarify what an Aritic blast is. In my mind its cold ,,for a long time , I mean real cold,,,, I just saw wkyts 7 day..Mon.24 tues 19, we’d 24, then Thursday 38…to me this isn’t artic outbreak, but maybe it’s the new climate change way of life!

      • KeavyMan says:

        An Arctic blast to me is a period of time, loner than a couple days, with prolonged temps being very frigid. I, also, do not consider 20’s for highs as an arctic blast. But with the way the winters has been…..maybe it is the new ARCTIC BLAST. I sure hate the thoughts of not seeing -10Β° again. But I am sure in time, it will happen. I am just going to have to move to Minnesota LOL

    • Chris Mercer says:

      I am not bashing Chris! Only stating the fact that one or two days of highs in the 20s and lows in the teens is not an “arctic outbreak” that he has hyped now for weeks. It is a cold snap, yes, but not an arctic outbreak like we saw in 1996, 1994, 1989, 1985, 1983, or 1982 (just to name years I remember). Now, if the climate is really changing, and cold winters are a think of the past, this might be an arctic outbreak.

    • BubbaG says:

      What is the saying- You hurt the ones you love?

      I think it is venting and no real shots at CB. The reality is the blog’s heart is mainly with snow, so perhaps the less the snow, the darker the heart.

      The tough nut reality is the weather here is what it is.

    • Marsha says:

      You know I have asked myself the same thing why do they read Chris blog guess they like the drama….

  85. MarkLex says:

    I hope my negativity lately is not considered basing Chris. It has nothing to do with him. It’s just the IRONY of this trend. It’s like a bad nightmare that keeps getting worse. Nothing to do with Chris. I appreciate everything he does and I am totally addicted to this blog.

    • KeavyMan says:

      You know, the past couple of winters has had me feeling like I am stuck in a GROUNDHOG DAY movie. I keep waking up everyday to the same ole weather. COLD & RAIN. LOL I honestly don’t know anyone, personally, that loves snow more than me. I guess there is a lot of us on here. Bashing might have been a harsh word to use. I certainly did not mean to upset or say anything out of the way.

      Honestly, I just wish I would wake up from this nightmare myself and start seeing a real true winter. Nothing like living the same thing day after day (weather wise). LOL

  86. Smokin' Joe says:

    Chris, great job on what you do. We appreciate your time that you put towards the blog and it is just a inside tip for us weather lovers. That you do it for free is also appreciated.

    If this global warming doesn’t stop, we’re all going to freeze to death!!

  87. Chris Mercer says:

    Here are some FACTS using Lexington data…

    Average Winter Temp through 1/17: 34.9
    2011-2012 Temp Through 1/17: 39.2
    2012-2013 Temp Through 1/17: 40.7

    Chris and several other mets called for this meterological winter to be “below normal.” I just don’t see that happening at this point. It may end up “cooler” than last winter, but that wouldn’t be hard considering last year was the coolest winter since 1950.

    All this is to say, don’t get your hopes up. After a very mild December, I hoped this winter would turn out like 1984-1985, but we are running out of time. Our only real hope for a cold/snow winter is a repeat of February-March 1960.

  88. Andy Rose says:

    Its pretty sad we are missing yet another day because of rain instead of snow. Winters are more about rain than snow nowadays

  89. Brandon says:

    I just heard that next weeks arctic outbreak will be brutal and temperatures will be extremely cold, and the cold could lock into place for February.

  90. Allyson says:

    I’ve been hearing about brutal cold in Louisville for weeks. “It’s gonna get brutally cold and might last until early February”. Yesterday the 14 day trend on one local station had highs in the 20’s and 30’s for 2 WEEKS. I was thinking YAY – we’re bound to get a good snow with these temps! ONE day later the forecast is cold for Monday and Tuesday and then right back to the upper 30’s & 40’s & the 14 day trend is upper 30’s and 40’s. I know forecasting is not an exact science, but how does a trend change so dramatically in one day? At least this site tends to hold farily true to what is going to happen. I think it’s the best place for a good overview of weather in KY!

  91. MarkLex says:

    If it’s any consolation – My hometown back in Western NC got heavy heavy rain and 40 degrees. They were under a winter storm warning. Now the moisture is pretty much gone from their area and they got NO snow. I’m sure snow lovers there are totally bummed out.

  92. Dawnp007 says:

    Well….uh..nope. I’ve got nothing.

  93. gumby says:

    haha look henry margusty had me 6-12 inches and i didnt even get a flurry lol

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